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Russell Brand To Star In Own Documentary

27th August 2014

Russell Brand is to the star of his own documentary 'BRAND The Film'.The comedian-and-actor granted a film company access to his work and personal life for the past five years and now the footage is...

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Ricky Martin Finally Sells Florida Mansion

23rd April 2012

Ricky Martin has finally sold his Miami Beach mansion, almost five years after putting it on the market. The 'Livin' La Vida Loca' singer bought the 10,000 sq ft Florida property for $10 million in...

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Demian Bichir An Outside Bet For Best Actor Oscar

25th January 2012

Demian Bichir is just the latest in a long line of Oscar nominees who've bucked the trend, the traditional prestige movie awards often going against the grain of awards season and finding outside candidates to...

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Kimberly Stewart, "Daughter Looks Like Father Del Toro"

24th October 2011

Kimberly Stewart has revealed Hollywood star Benicio Del Toro has a special bond with the pair's daughter Delilah, despite speculation about how involved the actor would be with the child. The pair stunned fans after...

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Steven Soderbergh Announces Retirement

11th March 2011

Steven Soderbergh has announced his retirement. The Oscar winning director has said his next two projects, 'Liberace' and 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' will be his last.He told website "I just need to step out....

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Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries Pal Dead At 88

8th March 2011

The Argentine adventurer who was immortalised as revolutionary Che Guevara's sidekick on a motorbike trip across Latin America has died, aged 1988.Biochemist Alberto Granado appeared in Guevara's memoirs and was portrayed onscreen by actor Rodrigo...

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Fascinating Fact 7759

31st July 2009

BENICIO DEL TORO has been honoured for his big screen achievements in Havana, Cuba. The star - who played Cuban activist CHE GUEVARA in two films last year (08) - was handed the Tomas Gutierrez...

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Fascinating Fact 7567

21st June 2009

Revolutionary CHE GUEVARA's granddaughter, LYDIA GUEVARA, has stripped to promote vegetarianism. Wearing a bandoleer of carrots, the pretty Latina is the poster girl for PETA's new animal rights new campaign, 'Join the Vegetarian Revolution'.

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Penn: 'I Should Be Competing For An Oscar With Del Toro'

7th February 2009

SEAN PENN is stunned pal BENICIO DEL TORO hasn't been recognised for his portrayal of revolutionary CHE GUEVARA in biopic CHE.Penn singled out Del Toro as one name the film award organisations had overlooked during...

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Che Cut In Half

10th December 2008

STEVEN SODERBERGH's four-hour CHE GUEVARA epic is to be slashed in half for European and Australian movie audiences. The filmmaker has refused to cut his biopic about the Latino revolutionary, prompting cinema chains in the...

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Santoro To Play Castro In Che Guevara Biopic

13th May 2008

300 star RODRIGO SANTORO will portray Cuban President RAUL CASTRO in moviemaker STEVEN SODERBERGH's CHE GUEVARA biopic. The 32-year-old Brazilian actor will star opposite Benicio Del Toro, who plays the legendary revolutionary in Che. The...

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Del Toro Visits Bolivian Leader

5th December 2007

Movie star BENICIO DEL TORO met with Bolivian President EVO MORALES on Monday (03Dec07) to discuss upcoming films about revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. The Oscar winner paid a visit to the presidential palace, where the two...

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The Things They Say 5969

26th October 2007

"BENICIO DEL TORO sends his apologies. He'd like to be here but he's making two or three films about CHE GUEVARA in Cuba or Mexico or somewhere like that." Director SAM MENDES jokes about BENICIO...

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Fascinating Fact 4017

28th September 2007

An intimate biography of iconic revolutionary CHE GUEVARA's homelife has been written by his widow....

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Moreno Gets Fighting Fit For Guevara Film

10th September 2007

Sexy Colombian CATALINA SANDINO MORENO is taking self-defence classes to prepare for her role as CHE GUEVARA's wife. The Maria Full Of Grace actress doesn't have to battle in the new film, which stars Benicio...

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Furtado Has Eyes On Bernal

28th November 2006

Pop star NELLY FURTADO is lusting after GAEL GARCIA BERNAL even though the Mexican actor is dating STAR WARS beauty NATALIE PORTMAN. The MANEATER hitmaker fell for Bernal after seeing his portrayal of CHE GUEVARA...

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Soderbergh To Direct Back-to-back Che Biopics

31st October 2006

OCEAN'S ELEVEN director STEVEN SODERBERGH is set to shoot two back-to-back films about Latin American revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. Soderbergh and BENICIO DEL TORO, who will play Guevara, have been working on the movies since they...

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Bernal Dreams Of Hollywood Roles

2nd May 2006

Mexican actor GAEL GARCIA BERNAL would love to star in a Hollywood blockbuster, but he has yet to receive any English-language movie offers. The 27-year-old gained international acclaim for his portrayal of the young CHE...

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Del Toro To Play Wolf Man

15th March 2006

Oscar-winner BENICIO DEL TORO is set to play a classic movie monster in the big screen remake of THE WOLF MAN. The SIN CITY actor will star in and co-produce the new version of the...

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Cannes Embraces Comedy This Year

21st April 2004

The CANNES FILM FESTIVAL is embracing comedy films this year (04), by featuring SHREK 2, THE LADYKILLERS and THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS. Festival organiser THIERRY FREMAUX is keen to emphasise the...

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Soderbergh Takes Over Che Movie

2nd April 2004

TRAFFIC OSCAR-winner BENICIO DEL TORO and director STEVEN SODERBERGH have teamed up again on a new biopic about Cuban revolutionary CHE GUEVARA. The movie maker will replace TERRENCE MALICK as the project's director....

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