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Shia Labeouf And Charlotte Gainsbourg To Have 'Real Sex' In 'Nymphomaniac'?

17th August 2012

Shia Labeouf says he is "terrified" about starring in Lars Von Trier's new movie 'Nymphomaniac' because he will shoot "real" sex scenes. The actor - who recently stripped down for a Sigur Ros video -...

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Shia Labeouf: Nymphomaniac Will Be 'Real'

16th August 2012

Shia LaBeouf says 'Nymphomaniac' will feature real sex.The 'Transformers' actor has signed up to star in the erotic drama - which director Lars von Trier plans to make two versions of, one less explicit than...

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Shia Labeouf Set For Nymphomaniac Role

9th August 2012

Shia LaBeouf is set to star in 'Nymphomaniac'.The 'Transformers' actor is in talks to appear in the Lars von Trier-directed erotic drama alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, though it is not clear what role he would play...

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Stellan Skarsgard Feels Privileged Over Diverse Career

5th July 2012

Stellan Skarsgard feels ''extremely privileged'' to be able to make low-budget and blockbuster films.The 61-year-old actor insists he feels ''at home'' anyway so is happy to mix up small independent productions with big budget productions.He...

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Pete Doherty Heads To Rehab In Thailand

27th June 2012

Former Libertines frontman, Pete Doherty, has checked himself into a rehab clinic in Thailand in a bid to finally quit his persistent drug addiction.The singer, who has received treatment for his drug problems in the...

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Pete Doherty's Film Debut: Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Pete

22nd May 2012

Pete Doherty 's film debut has gone down like a lead balloon at the Cannes Film Festival, it would appear. Reuters reports that the Libertines singer's performance in 'Confession of a Child of the Century'...

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Pete Doherty's Gainsbourg Affair

12th April 2012

Pete Doherty enjoyed a brief affair with Charlotte Gainsbourg. The former Libertines rocker - who previously romanced Kate Moss - claims he and his 'Confessions of a Young Contemporary' co-star had a romance when they...

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Pete Doherty Confirms Charlotte Gainsbourg Romance

11th April 2012

British rocker Pete Doherty has confirmed he struck up a romance with actress Charlotte Gainsbourg after they met on the set of their new movie project.The Babyshambles star appears alongside the Antichrist actress in Confession...

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Refused To Perform On-set Sex Act

6th February 2012

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg stood her ground against Antichrist director Lars Von Trier when he asked her to perform a sex act on a porn star for the film.Gainsbourg played a woman who mutilates her own...

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Kristen Stewart To Front Balenciaga Fragrances

13th January 2012

Kristen Stewart is to become the face of Balenciaga fragrances.The 'Twilight Saga' actress - who has previously confessed to not knowing much about the fashion world - is excited to be involved with the "cool"...

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Jake Gyllenhaal And Charlotte Gainsbourg Join Berlin Film Festival Jury

20th December 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal and Charlotte Gainsbourg have been selected to sit on the jury at next year's (12) Berlin Film Festival.The Brokeback Mountain star and the Melancholia actress will join revered British director Mike Leigh, who...

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Gainsbourg Thankful For Antichrist Timing

29th November 2011

Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg had a cathartic experience filming new movie Antichrist because the project forced her to abandon her own fears about death.The star was hospitalised in 2007 after suffering a brain haemorrhage following a...

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Stuns With New Dance Video

26th August 2011

Singer/actress Charlotte Gainsbourg has become the indie music world's new Beyonce after shooting a stunning new video with a small army of dancing look-a-likes.The Jane Eyre star and her leather jacket-clad doppelgangers perform a synchronised...

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Lars Von Trier Says There's 'A Little Bit Of Nazi In Us All'

20th May 2011

Lars Von Trier, the controversial Danish filmmaker, has reacted to being banned from the Cannes Film Festival by suggesting "there's a little bit of a Nazi in us all". Lars Von Trier was declared to...

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Lars Von Trier Banned From Cannes

20th May 2011

Lars Von Trier has been expelled from the Cannes Film Festival after calling himself a "Nazi". The 55-year-old director - who was brought up as Jewish until he discovered his biological father was a German...

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Cannes Cans Von Trier

19th May 2011

The Cannes Film Festival today (Thursday) declared Danish director Lars Von Trier "persona non grata" effective immediately following his joking remarks at a news conference on Wednesday that he was a Nazi with an understanding...

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Festival To Von Trier No You Cannes't

18th May 2011

Danish director Lars Von Trier who won the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or in 2000 for Dancer in the Dark, caused as much befuddlement at a Cannes news conference today (Wednesday) as his latest movie,...

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Lars Von Trier Causes A Stir With Nazi Remarks

18th May 2011

Lars Von Trier has caused a stir in Cannes by calling himself a Nazi.The director stunned onlookers at a press conference for his latest film 'Melancholia' at the film festival in the south of France...

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Lars Von Trier Says He 'Understands' Hitler

18th May 2011

Lars Von Trier, the acclaimed Danish filmmaker currently promoting his new movie 'Melancholia' at the Cannes Film Festival, says he 'understands' and 'sympathises' with Adolf Hitler, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Lars Von Trier made...

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Emmanuelle Alt Wants Actresses For French Vogue

9th February 2011

Emmanuelle Alt will consider breaking with tradition and put actresses on the cover of French Vogue. The stylish editor-in-chief - who has recently taken over at the fashion bible from Carine Roitfeld - says she...

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Pete Doherty Is Learning To Waltz

17th December 2010

Pete Doherty is taking waltz lessons.The British rocker is set to star in French film 'Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle'- which follows the life of 19th century poet and dramatist Alfred de Musset - opposite...

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Miranda Kerr's Belenciaga Show

1st October 2010

Miranda Kerr took to the catwalk for Balenciaga yesterday (30.09.10), despite being five months pregnant.The Australian model was watched by husband Orlando Bloom at the Paris Fashion Week show, with other celebrities including Charlotte Gainsbourg...

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Cannes Festival Announces Closing Film

29th April 2010

The Cannes Film Festival announced today (Thursday) that French director Julie Bertucelli's English-language The Tree will be the closing film at the 63rd annual festival on May 23. The film, shot in Australia and starring...

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Bruni 'Axes Louvre Gig'

29th April 2010

A Paris concert which was set to feature MIKA and CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG has reportedly been axed by France's First Lady CARLA BRUNI.Organisers were said to have secured the singers, as well as rock bands Phoenix...

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Kirsten Dunst Cast In Melancholia

16th April 2010

Kirsten Dunst has been cast in new sci-fi disaster movie 'Melancholia'. The 27-year-old actress will star alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland and Udo Kier in the film, which will be directed by Lars von Trier....

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Gainsbourg Suffered After 'Intense' Antichrist Shoot

25th March 2010

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG suffered for her art while filming horror/drama ANTICHRIST - the shoot was so "intense" she struggled to adjust to "real life" after the movie wrapped.The French actress played a woman who mutilates her...

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Charlotte Gainsbourg Struggles With Dad's Legacy

29th January 2010

French actress/singer CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG is terrified of playing music on-stage - because she's convinced she'll never live up to her late father SERGE.Charlotte made her singing debut when she was just 13, duetting with her...

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Gainsbourg Feared Von Trier's Anxiety Attacks

20th July 2009

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG was terrified of taking on a role in LARS VON TRIER's horror/drama ANTICHRIST after the film-maker warned he was suffering panic attacks that could force him to quit the shoot.The actress was desperate...

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Gainsbourg's Mother Helped Her Through Antichrist

13th July 2009

CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG sent text messages to her actress mother JANE BIRKIN every day while filming horror/drama ANTICHRIST - so she could laugh about the traumatic scenes she had to shoot.Gainsbourg was terrified of her role...

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Cannes Movies The Color Of The Carpet

25th May 2009

Two films that were mostly savaged by critics at the Cannes Film Festival nevertheless earned their stars awards for their performances. Austrian actor Christoph Waltz won the prize for best actor for his role as...

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