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The Things They Say 5517

6th September 2007

"I think I'm the only actor who hasn't shot a film in South Africa and I'm a goddamn South African." Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON dreams of making a film in her homeland....

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Theron Stunned By Acting Soldiers

3rd September 2007

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON was stunned by the real life soldiers who starred in her new movie, after doubting whether they would be good enough to be in the film. Director Paul Haggis decided to...

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Theron: 'Soldiers Returning From Iraq Will Need Help'

3rd September 2007

Actress CHARLIZE THERON has called on the American people to do all they can to assist combat veterans when they return from serving in Iraq. Theron, whose new movie In The Valley Of Elah is...

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Iraq Haunts Venice Film Festival

2nd September 2007

Opposition to the war in Iraq took on a cinematic twist this weekend, as Venice's film festival focussed its attention on the plight of Iraqi civilians and American soldiers in the unstable country.Yesterday Paul Haggis'...

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Theron Impresses Jones With Hug

1st September 2007

CHARLIZE THERON was so eager to impress actor TOMMY LEE JONES on the set of their new movie she would give him a daily hug. The star felt so intimidated by Jones on set of their...

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Haggis: 'Theron Is Addicted To Deal Or No Deal'

31st August 2007

Filmmaker PAUL HAGGIS has discovered CHARLIZE THERON's secret addiction - U.S. game show DEAL OR NO DEAL. Haggis was amazed by how much time his fellow Oscar winner spent in her trailer playing a videogame...

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Theron Engaged?

29th August 2007

Hollywood beauty CHARLIZE THERON has sparked rumours she is to wed after she was spotted wearing an engagement ring in Los Angeles. The actress was seen sporting the diamond two days after returning from a...

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The Things They Say 5458

28th August 2007

"I quit for a while, but I'm a loser." CHARLIZE THERON fears she'll never quit smoking....

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Fascinating Fact 3691

6th August 2007

British actor JASON STATHAM has moved into every man's dream bachelor pad in Hollywood - below CHARLIZE THERON's apartment....

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Tarantino To Serve Up Spaghetti Westerns

26th July 2007

Cult film director Quentin Tarantino will present a number of Spaghetti Westerns in a special area at the Venice film festival.Over 30 of the low-budget movies will be shown, which Tarantino said would recognise some...

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Theron Sued For Watch Oversight

15th June 2007

CHARLIZE THERON is being sued for wearing the wrong watch on the red carpet. Watchmakers at Raymond Weil signed the Oscar winner as a spokesmodel for their $7,000 (GBP3,500) Shine watches, and were upset when...

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Theron To Star In L.a Confidential Sequel?

9th April 2007

CHARLIZE THERON is the frontrunner to play the lead female role in L.A CONFIDENTIAL sequel WHITE JAZZ - if director JOE CARNAHAN has his way. Carnahan wants the Oscar winner to play GLENDA BLEDSOE opposite...

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Farrell To Star In Iraq Film

17th March 2007

Irish movie star COLIN FARRELL has signed to star in a new movie about the war in Iraq. Farrell will appear alongside CHARLIZE THERON, RALPH FIENNES and WILLEM DAFOE in THE HURT LOCKER, which tells...

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Theron Offers `Make Out' Session As Cuba Interview Gets Tense

15th February 2007

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON left a US TV news anchor stunned by offering to "make out" with him in the middle of a tense interview. The MONSTER star was being interviewed by Cuban-American CNN presenter...

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Charlize Disappeared In Cuba

12th February 2007

Oscar winner CHARLIZE THERON loved shooting new hip hop documentary EAST OF HAVANA in Cuba - because no one knew who she was. The South African actress produced the new movie, about three wannabe Cuban...

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Theron Sued Over Watch Choice

6th February 2007

MONSTER star CHARLIZE THERON has been hit with a bizarre lawsuit for failing to wear the right wristwatch in public. Swiss watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL claims the actress breached a contract to wear only Weil watches...

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Theron Lands Top Legs Honour

17th January 2007

CHARLIZE THERON has got the best legs in Hollywood, according to a new US magazine poll. In Touch magazine credits the MONSTER star's ballerina background with helping shape her long legs. Theron beat GISELE BUNDCHEN...

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Mcgraw To Play Police Chief In Star-studded Movie

11th December 2006

TIM MCGRAW has joined the all-star cast of Oscar winner PAUL HAGGIS' new movie, in which he'll play a cop. The country star, who made his movie debut in football film FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, will...

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Nicole Kidman Tops Acting Rich List

30th November 2006

Nicole Kidman is currently the highest paid actress in the world, according to a list compiled by the Hollywood Reporter.Her ability to command a total of $17 million (8.7 million) per film means that she...

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Kidman Tops Hollywood Earners List

30th November 2006

Australian NICOLE KIDMAN is Hollywood's leading lady when it comes to her salary, according to trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter's annual Star Salary Top 10. The COLD MOUNTAIN actress has claimed the top spot on...

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Theron To Protest For Boyfriend's Directorial Debut

24th October 2006

CHARLIZE THERON is set to star in boyfriend STUART TOWNSEND's directorial debut - and she'll be bringing a slew of famous friends to the set The Irish actor has written the screenplay for THE...

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Brosnan Battles Gas Terminal

18th September 2006

British actor PIERCE BROSNAN has joined a host of Hollywood celebrities protesting plans to build a liquified natural gas terminal off the coast of Southern California. The $800 million (GBP425 million) terminal is being proposed...

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Aniston Named Best Dressed

13th September 2006

FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON has nabbed the top spot on American publication People's annual Best Dressed List. Aniston won in landslide, with 54 per cent of readers voting her the best-dressed, citing her "impeccable taste"...

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Townsend Defends Riots Film Against Bias

3rd September 2006

Irish actor STUART TOWNSEND has hit back at critics who say his directorial debut, BATTLE IN SEATTLE, will be one-sided in its depiction of the anti-globalisation riots of 1999. The ABOUT ADAM star insists the...

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Theron Set To Star In Boyfriend's Directorial Debut

29th August 2006

Oscar-winner CHARLIZE THERON will star in BATTLE IN SEATTLE, the directorial debut of her boyfriend, actor STUART TOWNSEND. The film is set during the 1999 World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Seattle, Washington. At the...

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Theron's Alcohol Persuasion

29th August 2006

Oscar-winning actress CHARLIZE THERON got a Hollywood director drunk to secure her coveted role in THE YARDS. Theron claims she plied film-maker JAMES GRAY with alcohol in order to win the role of ERICA STOLTZ...

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Theron To Move To Ireland?

24th August 2006

Hollywood actress CHARLIZE THERON is planning to leave Los Angeles and move to Ireland so she can break into theatre. The MONSTER star was a ballerina when she was younger and now wants to return...

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Theron: 'I Want To Give Up Acting'

22nd August 2006

Actress CHARLIZE THERON wants to give up her Hollywood career as she no longer considers acting to be a "real job". The Oscar winner took on the role of producer for new film EAST OF...

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Theron Defends Her Cuba Movie

21st August 2006

CHARLIZE THERON has hit out at claims a new documentary made by her production company shows a pro-American view of Cuba. EAST OF HAVANA tells the tale of three rappers whose music is threatened by...

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Theron Wants To Move To Scotland

21st August 2006

CHARLIZE THERON is ready to ditch her Los Angeles home and move to Scotland, after falling in love with Scotch whisky at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The actress even sipped the liquor onstage, in...

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