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Teaser For Final Season Of 'Sons Of Anarchy' Unveiled

By Ed Biggs | 28th July 2014

Details of the seventh and final season of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ have been coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con. At the last of the show’s panels at the convention over the weekend, its creator...

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"Sons Of Anarchy" Creator Stays Vague About Final Season At Hall H Panel

By Victoria Pavlova | 28th July 2014

Unlike a lot of the other panels at SDCC this year, Sons of Anarchy was mostly show and very little tell. That is, fans, who snagged a seat in Hall H, got treated to a...

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Fifty Shades Of Grey Diehards Finally Get Full Trailer

By Victoria Pavlova | 25th July 2014

This is your moment Fifty Shades of Grey fans – the trailer for Sam Taylor-Johnson’s steamy adaptation finally dropped on Thursday. This should ease any doubts about stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, who both...

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Sons Of Anarchy Final Season: Charlie Hunnam Spills Details

By Hannah Woodhead | 23rd July 2014

Speaking at the Television Critics Association preview night on Monday, lead actor Charlie Hunnam told reporters that "Jax is in a very schizophrenic state, he's obviously very sad and vulnerable and broken with this huge...

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Despite Being Re-cast, Charlie Hunnam Is Still Rooting For "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

By Victoria Pavlova | 21st July 2014

In case you’re not interested in Fifty Shades of Grey news, look away now. Actually, you may want to disconnect from the internet for the next week or so. Between Beyonce’s recent Instagram teaser and...

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'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Preview Is More 'Vanilla' Than Books Would Suggest

By Elinor Cosgrave | 27th March 2014

In a trilogy of books in which spanking and sex contracts are the norm, audiences will be surprised to hear there's little sex in the preview of Fifty Shades of Grey. Whilst fans are busy...

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They're No Chris Hemsworth! Other Actors Considered For The Role Of 'Thor'

By Sophie Miskiw | 26th February 2014

After owning the role in two hit movies, it’s hard to imagine any one other than gorgeous blond man-mountain, Chris Hemsworth, playing Marvel Comics superhero, Thor. You can’t even hear the word “Thor” without Chris...

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'Sons Of Anarchy' Season Six Finale: Marijuana, Fork Stabbing And Death

By Michael West | 11th December 2013

The Sons of Anarchy season six finale was some showstopper. Completely at odds with the subtle beauty of Breaking Bad's wrap-up episode, the FX drama went the whole hog and we had a drowning, a...

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'Sons Of Anarchy' Creator Answers Questions Raised By Season Six's Shocking Finale

By Joe Wilde | 11th December 2013

The finale of Sons of Anarchy's sixth season left fans with their jaws wide open as it came to a heartfelt close last night (10 Dec.) - SPOILERS AHEAD - as Tara (Maggie Siff) laid...

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Rita Ora To Star In 'Fifty Shades Of Grey,' Fans Predictably Furious

By Victoria Pavlova | 3rd December 2013

Previous casting troubles are apparently over for Fifty Shades of Grey, as Rita Ora is the latest celebrity to be selected for the film. The British singer is primarily known for her music, having kick...

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Universal Announces Postponed Release Date For "Fifty Shades" Film

By Victoria Pavlova | 13th November 2013

In a new twist, the constant bumps in the road for the Fifty Shades of Grey project may have resulted in the release date being postponed for 2015. Reuters reports that Universal Pictures made the...

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Jamie Dornan: Who Is He And Why Is He The Best Choice To Play Christian Grey?

By Joe Wilde | 25th October 2013

Jamie Dornan, now heres a name that doesn't really exude familiarity or instant recognition. That was until he was chosen for the lead male role in the Universal and Focus Features adaptation of 50 Shades...

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'50 Shades Of Grey' Casts Jamie Dornan As Christian Grey, Right Decision?

By Joe Wilde | 24th October 2013

Jamie Dornan is officially the new Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movie. The actor was revealed as the successor to Charlie Hunnam, who left the 50 Shades of Grey project amidst reports...

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Charlie Hunnam Finally Responds To '50 Shades Of Grey' Departure

By Nick Hill | 23rd October 2013

Charlie Hunnam went from a relatively private actor in a television series to becoming the center of a media frenzy in a very short period of time.The British star received a large amount of negative...

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Charlie Hunnam Heading Back To England After 'Fifty Shades' Nightmare

By Michael West | 22nd October 2013

Charlie Hunnam has spoken publicaly for the first time since dropping out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie - apparently because of a dispute over the script. The Sons of Anarchy star walked away...

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Scott Eastwood Circling '50 Shades' Role? Does Anyone Still Care?

By Lauren James | 22nd October 2013

Scott Eastwood, the son of Western movie star Clint Eastwood, is the latest in a long line of names to be associated with the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming, ill-fated film adaptation of...

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A Week In News: '50 Shades' Kerfuffle, Sad 'Glee' Announcement, & The Loss Of Ed Lauter

By Lauren James | 18th October 2013

'50 Shades' of Shambles: Where do we begin? Leading man Charlie Hunnam AKA Christian Grey, walks out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, citing "an immersive schedule," Dakota Johnson starts feeling uneasy and Irish...

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50 Shades Of Grey Movie: Charlie Hunnam Offered Just $125,000 For Christian Grey

By Michael West | 17th October 2013

Further details regarding the departure of Charlie Hunnam from the 50 Shades of Grey movie cast are beginning to come to light, all but confirming that scheduling conflicts played no part in the British actor's...

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Jamie Dornan Set To Become Christian Grey In '50 Shades Of Grey'?

By Lauren James | 17th October 2013

Actor Jamie Dornan is the latest in a long line of rumored successors to the role of Christian Grey after Charlie Hunnam walked away from the adaptation of author EL James' erotic trilogy. The Irish...

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One Christian Grey To Rule Them All - Jamie Dornan Is The Latest Actor To Be Considered

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th October 2013

Charlie Hunnam quit the Fifty Shades of Grey project a few days ago, but the ripples of his exit are still being felt throughout the internet. This is mostly because, as of today, there is...

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Cold Feet? Dakota Johnson Couldfollow Charlie Hunnam In 'Fifty Shades' Exit

By Lauren James | 16th October 2013

It was going rather well for the Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her team: after what seemed like ages they'd managed to pull off a great casting decision, choosing two actors on...

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Charlie Hunnam "Relieved" That His '50 Shades Of Grey' Commitment Is Over

By Joe Wilde | 16th October 2013

Charlie Hunnam has revealed his "relief" at no longer being involved in the 50 Shades of Grey movie adaptation. Universal Pictures confirmed on Saturday, 12 October, that the actor had walked from the project, confirming...

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'50 Shades Of Grey' Movie Cast In Turmoil After Charlie Hunnam's Exit

By Michael West | 15th October 2013

UPDATE: British pop star Rita Ora has been cast as the adopted sister of Christian Grey, who will now be played by Irish actor Jamie Dornan. The 50 Shades of Grey movie appears to be...

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Is Little Known Actor Jamie Dornan The New Christian Grey?

By Michael West | 15th October 2013

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie appears to be in turmoil. With now just 17 days until the first day of filming in Vancouver, the project - headed by Sam Taylor-Johnson - is without a...

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Alexander Skarsgard & Matt Bomer Emerge As Favorites In The Hunt For Christian Grey

By Joe Wilde | 15th October 2013

Charlie Hunnam is out! The actor sensationally left behind his role as Christian Grey in the upcoming FiftyShades of Grey movie adaptation following varied reports stating his schedule was too packed up already and that...

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Could Dakota Johnson Be Heading For A '50 Shades' Exit Too?

By Joe Wilde | 15th October 2013

Dakota Johnson is feeling apprehensive about her part on the upcoming movie adaptation of EL James' 50 Shades of Grey. Like her former co-star Charlie Hunnam, the immense pressure that comes with the coveted role...

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E.l. James Wishes Charlie Hunnam "All The Best" After He Leaves 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 15th October 2013

Charlie Hunnam may have left his role as Christian Grey in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, yet author E.L. James is not harbouring any resentment. The author of the bestselling trilogy...

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Charlie Hunnam Backs Out Of '50 Shades': Who Will "Whip" To The Rescue?

By Lauren James | 14th October 2013

As soon as Charlie Hunnam announced his departure from the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the internet began to buzz with rumours about why the actor had decided to call it quits and who...

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Did Charlie Hunnam Simply Realise The Fifty Shades Movie Will Probably Be Rubbish?

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th October 2013

There are a lot of theories abounding regarding Charlie Hunnam’s abrupt Fifty Shades movie exit. The official line is: he can’t find the time in his schedule to properly prepare for the role. The unofficial...

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20 Days Before Filming, Charlie Hunnam Quits 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie

By Michael West | 14th October 2013

Matt Bomer had probably the best weekend of his young life after The Hollywood Reporter dropped the news that Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam had gotten cold feet and would no longer be starring...

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