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Twilight Star Plans Campaign For New Film

4th June 2013

Twilight star Charlie Bewley and his business partners at Astoria Entertainment are set to become the latest producers to turn...

Kristen Stewart Supported By Twilight Costars

1st November 2012

Kristen Stewart's costars have defended her affair with Rupert Sanders.The 22-year-old actress - who had a ''momentary indiscretion'' with her...

Twilight Actors Defend Kristen Stewart Following Cheating Scandal

1st November 2012

Twilight actors Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore have spoken out to defend their co-star Kristen Stewart following her summer (12)...

Fascinating Fact 9614

6th July 2010

TWILIGHT star CHARLIE BEWLEY sold stripper poles for a living before embarking on an acting career.

Bewley Taking On 100-Mile Run

6th July 2010

TWILIGHT actor CHARLIE BEWLEY is training in preparation for a gruelling 100-mile (160.9 kilometre) race in October (10).The sporty star...

Bewley Asked Twilight Fans For Audition Help

30th June 2010

CHARLIE BEWLEY has credited TWILIGHT fans with helping him land a role in the vampire franchise - because he went...

Bewley Stunned By Saucy Twilight Fans

30th June 2010

British actor CHARLIE BEWLEY is shocked by the audacity of saucy TWILIGHT fans - he's been bombarded with explicit notes...

The Things They Say 14289

19th November 2009

"The one physical commonality my girlfriends have had is that they all have disproportionately large heads. It’s kind of weird."...

Bewley Struggled With Guarded New Moon Cast

13th October 2009

TWILIGHT newcomer CHARLIE BEWLEY found it tough to make friends with the close-knit cast - insisting it took his famous...