Charlie Sheen - Charlie Sheen Wants To Impress Mila Kunis

Charlie Sheen is reportedly trying to impress Mila Kunis.

The 'Anger Management' actor - who has been married three times - would love to date the young star, and has reportedly asked his agent to try and make introductions for him.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: ''Charlie's got a major crush on Mila and would do anything to date her. He thinks she's one of the hottest, most talented women in Hollywood.''

However, Mila, 28, is close friends with Ashton Kutcher - who replaced Charlie, 46, as the lead character in 'Two and a Half Men' after he was fired last year - and while there are no hard feelings between the two actors, Ashton has reportedly advised the 'Friends With Benefits' actress to be wary of her suitor.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: ''He's heard through the grapevine that Ashton is behind Mila's cold feet. But that hasn't deterred Charlie, in fact it's made him more eager than ever to get Mila to go out with him. He likes a challenge, and thinks she'll eventually come round.''

Charlie's second wife, Denise - with whom he has daughters Sam, eight, and Lola, seven - has recently ruled out any chance of them rekindling their romance, as she feels ''too old'' for him.

When asked if she would go back to him, she replied: ''I don't think so, I'm way too old for him. He likes 20 year olds.''


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