Peter Robbins, the former voice of Peanuts cartoon character Charlie Brown, has pleaded not guilty to charges that he threatened his girlfriend and a surgeon who carried out her breast enhancement surgery.

In allegations far removed from the mellow, often philosophical cartoon that once employed him, Robbins appears to have quite the hot head. Reuters reports that the 56 year-old faces two counts of stalking and 10 counts of criminal threats, the conviction of which could land him with up to nine years in prison. Deputy District Attorney Elizabeth McClutchey said that on December 31, 2013, Robbins threatened Dr Lori Saltz, the surgeon he paid to perform breast surgery on Shawna Kern, his girlfriend.

Kern was also apparently the recipient of several threatening telephone messages, including "You better hide Shawna, I'm coming for you ... and I'm going to kill you." In another show of rage, Robbins apparently threatened to kill a police officer after he was arrested for refusing to pay a restaurant bill in San Diego. In relatiations, Robbins defence lawyer reckoned that the charges were excessive and pointed out that his client had no previous criminal record to his name. It has to be said, in the league of one-time child stars, Robbins has managed to keep it together for longer than most; though it would appear he too looks to finally be going the way of Macauley Culkin et al if these allegations are proved.