Peter Robbins, known to most as the voice of Charlie Brown in the beloved 60s Peanut cartoons, has been convicted on charges of stalking and making threats to the life of his ex-girlfriend, Shawna Kern. Robbins, 56, pleaded guilty last month on two felony counts, but tried to raise some sympathy for himself by reading a letter of apology in court, Reuters reports.

"I realize this is the first step towards becoming the fun-loving, respectful person I was and hope to be again," Robbins said in his apology. "I love Shawna and wish her my best."

Regardless of his apology, however, the judge still sentenced him to a year in jail. Taking into account his previous time served, the sentence was amended to eight months in a drug treatment facility and five years’ probation. As first steps go, this seems like quite a big one. Robbins was just nine years old when he first came into the public eye for voicing the children’s classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, based on the popular comic strip Peanuts. This was only the first of many Charlie Brown specials, of course. The actor went on to voice Charlie Brown in It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, You're In Love, Charlie Brown and A Boy Named Charlie Brown, which aired in the 1960s. Robbins was replaced in later installments.