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Jaclyn Smith: 'Farrah Fawcett Would Laugh At Court Fight Over Warhol Painting'

18th December 2013

Actress Jaclyn Smith is convinced her Charlie's Angels co-star Farrah Fawcett would laugh over the legal trouble her Andy Warhol portrait has caused, because she could always find humour in any situation.Fawcett's longtime partner Ryan...

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Jaclyn Smith Backs Ryan O'neal In Farrah Fawcett Portrait Dispute

17th December 2013

Actress Jaclyn Smith has waded into the dispute over the ownership of a portrait of her former Charlie's Angels co-star Farrah Fawcett.Fawcett's former boyfriend Ryan O'Neal is embroiled in a court battle with the University...

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Former Tv Star Tara Tyson Refusing To Vacate Late Husband's Property

22nd March 2013

Former Charlie's Angels actress Tara Tyson is at the centre of a legal battle after allegedly refusing to vacate her late husband's lavish New York mansion so estate executors can sell off the $25 million...

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The Things They Say: 3476195

31st January 2013

"I make major decisions using rock, paper, scissors. Like, am I gonna take the show? Rock, paper, scissors, two out of three (wins). Am I gonna eat Italian or Japanese? Rock, paper, scissors. Are you...

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Fascinating Fact: 3475568

30th January 2013

Charlie's Angels star Lucy Liu found herself with a face full of pie during an appearance on late-night Tv in America on Tuesday (29Jan13). The actress, 44, signed up for a messy game of Rock,...

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The Things They Say: 3475570

30th January 2013

"I am going to the game... My first Super Bowl ever... my first professional anything (in sport). I don't (go to sports games) because I'm not tall enough and I get trampled. After the game...

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The Things They Say 25722

16th July 2012

"People have requested physical violence against them by me. A lot of times at interviews they'll ask me to spank them, and it's on camera, and I've had people say that they named their child...

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Mcg Eyeing Lea Michele For Spring Awakening

10th February 2012

Actress Lea Michele is in talks with Charlie's Angels director Mcg to play the leading lady in his upcoming movie adaptation of hit musical Spring Awakening - the Broadway show which made her famous.The filmmaker...

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Cheryl Ladd Opens Up About Skin Cancer Battle

27th December 2011

Former Charlie's Angels star Cheryl Ladd has undergone minor surgery to remove skin cancer spots caused by her love of the beach.The actress, who replaced Farrah Fawcett on the hit show, is a health nut...

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Rachael Taylor: 'Charlie's Charlie's Angels Tv Axe Was Right Decision'

31st October 2011

Australian actress Rachael Taylor is pleased TV bosses scrapped the new Charlie's Angels series, insisting axing it was the "right choice" for the show.The remake of the action drama, also starring Minka Kelly and Annie...

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Charlie's Charlie's Angels Remake Axed

14th October 2011

TV's new Charlie's Angels has been axed, less than a month after its big U.S. premiere.The remake of the action drama, starring Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor, debuted on the Abc network on...

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The Things They Say 22979

30th September 2011

"He was my neighbour... and he would call me sometimes in the morning and say, 'Good morning angel'." Cheryl Ladd loved her breakfast calls from Charlie's Angels co-star John Forsythe, who provided the original voice...

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Spelling Buried In Family Service

27th June 2006

Late TV titan AARON SPELLING was buried in a private family service in Los Angeles on Sunday (25JUN06). The producer, who created TV hits such as CHARLIE'S ANGELS and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210, was laid to...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Spelling

26th June 2006

Actors DAVID SOUL, JACLYN SMITH and TONY CURTIS have paid tribute to late TV legend AARON SPELLING, who died on Friday (23JUN06). The Hollywood producer, who was responsible for a host of shows including CHARLIE'S...

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Aaron Spelling Passes Away

24th June 2006

TV mogul AARON SPELLING died yesterday (23JUN06) after suffering a stroke. He was 83. Spelling producing over 3,000 television episodes for his hit shows including CHARLIE'S ANGELS, DYNASTY and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210. He had been...

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Murphy Keen To Drink With Liu

22nd June 2006

Actor CILLIAN MURPHY can't wait to teach his sexy new co-star LUCY LIU about Irish drinking habits when he takes her on a boozy night out. The pair star together in upcoming romantic comedy WATCHING...

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Aaron Spelling Suffers Stroke

21st June 2006

TV mogul AARON SPELLING suffered a stroke on Sunday (18JUNE06) at his home in California. The 83-year-old Hollywood producer, who is the father of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star TORI SPELLING, was conscious and resting...

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Dukes Of Hazzard Named + Shamed As Worst Tv-to-movie Adaptation

14th June 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's DUKES OF HAZZARD movie has topped a new list of Worst-TV-to-Film Adaptations. The critically-mauled 2005 movie beat THE HONEYMOONERS and WILD WILD WEST on Us urban magazine King's new list of shame. The...

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Dietrich's Grandson Delves Into Gabin Friendship

31st May 2006

MARLENE DIETRICH's grandson is delving into the late Hollywood icon's relationship with French actor JEAN GABIN for his latest script. MICHAEL RIVA, who has worked as a production designer on a string of films, including...

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Mcg Shows Off His Kicking Skills At Football Game

3rd May 2006

Movie maker MCG showed off his sporting skills during a recent American football challenge at America's Marshall University as he wowed a sell-out spring warm-up game crowd with his kicking prowess. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS director,...

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The Nerds Fight Back Again

2nd May 2006

Cult 1980s movie THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS is set for a remake. The new film will be directed by KYLE NEWMAN and produced by CHARLIE'S ANGELS film-maker MCG, and shooting is set to get...

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Spelling To Sue Former Nurse For Breach-of-contract

19th April 2006

LATEST: US TV mogul AARON SPELLING has been told he can pursue a breach-of-contract lawsuit against his former nurse, but a Los Angeles Superior Court judge yesterday (18APR06) dismissed the defamation accusation included in legal...

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Pussycats Dolls Eye Tv Deal

19th March 2006

Girlband THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS are being lined up to star in their own television series. Hollywood production company Telepictures have tabled an idea for a forthcoming drama series which they believe is perfect for...

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Newton: 'Films Are Disposable'

28th February 2006

Zambian-born star THANDIE NEWTON insists raising a family is more important than her glittering career - even if it means turning down multi-million dollar projects. The actress, who won a BAFTA for her supporting...

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Liu Defends Marshall's Geisha Casting

22nd February 2006

LUCY LIU has attacked criticism of ROB MARSHALL's decision to cast Chinese and Malaysian in Japan-set epic MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, labelling it "anti-racism". The CHARLIE'S ANGELS actress is appalled that the movie has...

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Liu Happy To Play The Girl

20th February 2006

Actress LUCY LIU was thrilled at the chance to leave martial arts behind and just be a regular girl-next-door in her new film. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS and KILL BILL star, who shot to fame...

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Liu Laughs Off Clooney Rumours

20th February 2006

Actress LUCY LIU has laughed off rumours she enjoyed a fling with Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY in Miami, insisting she has never even been to the Florida hotspot. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS actress, who stars...

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Lost Star Returns To Big Movies In Mcconaughey Film

2nd February 2006

LATEST: LOST star MATTHEW FOX is teaming up with MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY for his first movie since 1993. The TV hunk and Texan McConaughey will play real-life football coaches who attempt to rebuild a decimated...

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Mcconaughey Teams Up With Mcg For American Football Film

31st January 2006

Actor MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY has teamed up with CHARLIE'S ANGELS director McG for a new feature film about a college American football team killed in a plane crash. THE OC producer McG will also finance...

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Spelling Sued For Harassment By Ex-nurse

27th January 2006

US TV mogul AARON SPELLING has been slapped with a harassment lawsuit by a former nurse, who claims he groped her and masturbated in her presence. CHARLENE RICHARDS claims the 82-year-old CHARLIE'S ANGELS and...

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