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Mcgregor's Bike Buddy Has Cancer Surgery

28th February 2010

EWAN MCGREGOR's round-the-world travelling companion CHARLEY BOORMAN has undergone surgery after a testicular cancer scare.Boorman, son of Deliverance director John Boorman, teamed up with the Trainspotting star for a marathon motorcycle trip from London to...

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Fascinating Fact 5974

15th September 2008

The lightweight jackets actor pals EWAN MCGRGEOR and CHARLEY BOORMAN wore for their 2007 motorcycle trek through Europe and Africa, Long Way Down, were specially made for them by coat tailors Belstaff....

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Mcgregor Takes Time Out Of Biking For Charity Work

5th July 2007

Scots actor EWAN MCGREGOR and his actor pal CHARLEY BOORMAN have taken time out of their epic motorcycle journey to visit a United Nation Children's Fund charity project in Ethiopia. The pair are travelling the...

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Wife To Join Mcgregor On Bike Trek

12th January 2007

Hollywood star EWAN MCGREGOR will be joined by his wife on his upcoming second televised motorbike trip documentary. The Scottish actor and pal CHARLEY BOORMAN filmed their biking exploits from London to New York, via...

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Mcgregor Plans Third And Final Bike Trek

18th December 2006

LATEST: Hollywood adventurer EWAN MCGREGOR is already planning his third and final televised bike trip documentary - months before he sets off on his second. The Scottish actor and pal CHARLEY BOORMAN filmed their biking...

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Mcgregor And Boorman Are 'Brothers'

15th November 2005

EWAN McGREGOR and British actor CHARLEY BOORMAN became so close during their famed motorbike world tour - they now call each other brother. The motorbike fanatics embarked on a 32,200 kilometre (20,000 mile) journey...

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Mcgregor Gets Back On Bike

13th November 2005

Globetrotting actor EWAN McGREGOR is set to embark on another epic motorcycle journey, travelling from the tip of Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa. The TRAINSPOTTING star is to be accompanied by his friend...

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Mcgregor Demands Bike Shed

31st May 2005

Hollywood star EWAN McGREGOR has demanded a secure shed is built for his beloved motorbike during his time performing London stage show GUYS AND DOLLS. The 33-year-old Scottish actor - who competed a motorcycle...

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Mcgregor Wants To Motorcycle Through Africa

6th February 2005

EWAN McGREGOR is to embark on another long-trek motorcycle journey - this time through Africa. The TRAINSPOTTING actor and friend CHARLEY BOORMAN want to ride across the continent - six months after their...

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Johansson Quizzes Mcgregor On His Travels

21st December 2004

SCARLETT JOHANSSON fears she's annoying movie co-star EWAN McGREGOR with her constant probing into his charity round-the-world bike trek. The LOST IN TRANSLATION babe - who's currently shooting THE ISLAND with McGregor - was...

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Mcgregor Finances Mongolian Orphan

28th November 2004

Scottish actor EWAN McGREGOR is funding a three-year-old Mongolian orphan he met during his recent round-the-world motorcycle ride. The STAR WARS star tried to adopt parentless JAMIYANTSETSEG, but was rejected because of complicated Mongolian...

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Mcgreggor Thanks Trek Partner For Meningitis Support

29th October 2004

TRAINSPOTTING star EWAN McGREGGOR has credited his partner in US reality show AMERICAN CHOPPER with helping him through his daughter's battle with meningitis. McGregor's child CLARA became seriously ill with the disease shortly after...

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Moore Wants Mcgregor For Bond

21st October 2004

Former JAMES BOND star SIR ROGER MOORE is backing EWAN McGREGOR to succeed PIERCE BROSNAN as the suave superspy. The troubled 21st Bond installment's release date has been postponed until 2006 to allow MGM...

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Mcgregor Almost Quit Bike Trek

20th October 2004

EWAN McGREGOR and pal CHARLEY BOORMAN almost parked up their motorbikes halfway through their round-the-world trek and called the adventure off - because they were missing their families. The actors admit their wives urged...

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Ewan's Chopper Embarrassment

19th October 2004

Movie star EWAN McGREGOR's round-the-world motorbike trek was almost a costly affair when the actor backed a $70,000 (GBP38,900) chopper into a wall. The actor and pal CHARLEY BOORMAN were concluding their three-month adventure...

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Mcgregor Sobbed As He Completed Bike Trek

18th October 2004

EWAN McGREGOR was glad his face was covered by a helmet as helicopter crews filmed the end of his historic 20,000-mile (32,187-kilometre) round-the-world motorbike trek - because he was "crying like a baby". The...

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Ewan's Bike Trek Almost Ended In Disaster

18th October 2004

EWAN McGREGOR's recent round-the-world motorbike trek almost ended in tragedy when he was hit by a car on the last leg of the three-month adventure in Calgary, Canada. The actor and pal CHARLEY BOORMAN...

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Mcgregor In Mafia Bar Shooting

13th August 2004

MOULIN ROUGE! actor EWAN McGREGOR was terrified after witnessing a shooting in Russian mafia bar on his epic motorcycle journey. The Scottish movie hunk roared safely into New York city at the end of...

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Mcgregor's Beard Trauma

3rd August 2004

EWAN McGREGOR's wife has ordered him to shave off the shaggy beard he grew during his round the world motorbike trek - because it's scaring their kids. McGregor returned from the 20,000 mile (32,186...

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Mcgregor Roars Into Nyc

30th July 2004

LATEST: Scottish movie hunk EWAN McGREGOR roared into New York city on Thursday (29JUL04) after completing his "very, very long" motorcycle journey around the world. The MOULIN ROUGE! actor, 33, and his actor pal...

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Mcgregor Finishes Bike Trek Tonight

29th July 2004

Hollywood star EWAN McGREGOR will complete his epic round-the-world motorcycle journey when he arrives in New York tonight (29JUL04). The MOULIN ROUGE star and travelling pal CHARLEY BOORMAN have spent four months trekking through...

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Mcgregor Ready For Round The World Trip

13th April 2004

Hollywood superstar EWAN McGREGOR has announced plans to travel around the world with his actor pal CHARLEY BOORMAN on a motorbike. The BIG FISH actor plans to cross harsh environments - including Siberia, Kazakhstan...

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Mcgregor To Ditch Acting And Ride Around The World

30th January 2004

TRAINSPOTTING star EWAN McGREGOR is temporarily ditching acting to pursue his lifelong dream of riding a motorbike around the world. The Scottish actor plans to ride with his best pal CHARLEY BOORMAN for 15...

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Ewan's Bike Trek

25th November 2003

EWAN McGREGOR is turning his back on home comforts next year (04) to take a motorbike hike through Europe, Russia, Mongolia and China to Alaska. The Scottish movie hunk is teaming...

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