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Chris Pratt For Magnificent Seven?

5th December 2014

Chris Pratt is in talks to star in 'Magnificent Seven'.The 35-year-old actor is in early talks with MGM about taking on a leading role in the upcoming Antoine Fuqua remake of the 1960 western directed...

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Michael Winner Dies

21st January 2013

Michael Winner has died. The film director, producer and food critic has passed away aged 77 after a long battle with liver disease.He is survived by his wife, Geraldine Lynton-Edwards, who he married in 2011...

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Tom Cruise To Star In Magnificent Seven

22nd May 2012

Tom Cruise is attached to the 'Magnificent Seven' remake.The 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' actor is said to have been interested in the project - a remake of the 1960 movie - for some time,...

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Carnahan Confirms His Death Wish

1st February 2012

Charles Bronson's classic action movie Death Wish is heading back to the big screen with Joe Carnahan as director.The A-Team moviemaker has confirmed he has signed on to remake Michael Winner's cult 1974 film. In...

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James Garner Labels Steve Mcqueen 'A Poseur' In New Memoir

1st November 2011

Esteemed actor James Garner has written a new memoir in which he promises to hold nothing back. The 83 year-old has had one the more glittering careers in film and television since making a splash...

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Tom Hardy Recalls Bronson 'Mess'

25th September 2011

Tom Hardy was a "mess" after filming 'Bronson'.The actor had to gain a lot of weight to portray serial killer Charles Bronson in the 2008 and while he had fun doing it, he admits he...

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Charles Bronson Estate Suing Over Unpaid Movie Profits

27th May 2011

The executors of Charles Bronson's estate are taking legal action against studio bosses at Warner Bros. and Mgm over allegations of unpaid profits.Representatives for the legendary The Great Escape actor filed suit in Los Angeles...

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Movie Reviews The Mechanic

28th January 2011

CBS Films simply can't win for trying. The wannabe contender has produced a string of flops since it was launched early last year, and its latest release, The Mechanic , seems destined to join them....

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Nicolas Cage's Movie Make-over

6th April 2010

Nicolas Cage planned to "tattoo his scalp" for his latest movie role.The actor has lightened his hair for new film 'Drive Angry' because bosses turned down his original request for a radically different look.He explained:...

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Confident Star Gemma Arterton

31st March 2010

Gemma Arterton knows her upcoming films are good.The 24-year-old actress, who began her movie career in 2007 comic caper 'St Trinian's', admits she is excited about her upcoming films 'Clash of the Titans' and 'Prince...

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Sam Worthington's Good Titans Message

30th March 2010

Sam Worthington thought the original 'Clash of the Titans' was bad for children.The actor, who plays demi-God Perseus in the 2010 version of the film, admits the message of the original film did not sit...

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Fascinating Fact 7235

23rd April 2009

JASON STATHAM is in talks to bring 1972 action movie THE MECHANIC back to the big screen. The Transporter star is the frontrunner to play Arthur Bishop in the remake. CHARLES BRONSON played hitman Bishop...

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Bronson Victim Speaks Out Over Film

12th March 2009

A victim of violent British criminal CHARLES BRONSON has slammed moviemakers for producing a "distressing" new film about his life. Bronson - starring Tom Hardy - is based on the life of the notorious convict, who...

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The Things They Say 7048

6th February 2008

"I heard that CHARLES BRONSON was making a million dollars a movie. That was a very big deal to an immigrant - a million dollars a movie. So I went to see a Charles Bronson...

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Stallone Has A Death Wish

6th November 2007

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone is reportedly in talks to step into Charles Bronson's shoes in a remake of 1974 revenge flick Death Wish.According to Variety, the Rambo actor is in talks to direct and star...

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Stallone To Channel Bronson In Death Wish Remake

5th November 2007

SYLVESTER STALLONE is set to direct and star in a remake of CHARLES BRONSON's 1974 vigilante classic DEATH WISH. Stallone is finalising talks to play a man who vows to clean criminals off the streets...

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Movie Reviews: The Brave One

14th September 2007

Jodie Foster is inevitably being described as a female Charles Bronson in her role as Erica Bain, a New York woman bent on killing the men who brutally attacked her and murdered her fiance in...

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Sunderland Blasts Dirty Dozen Remake

4th May 2006

Veteran actor DONALD SUTHERLAND has slammed Hollywood's plans to remake his classic 1967 anti-war movie THE DIRTY DOZEN. Sutherland credits the film, directed by ROBERT ALDRICH and featuring a galaxy of stars including LEE MARVIN...

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Allen Loved Gambling With Marvin, Savalas And Bronson

18th October 2005

Veteran comedian WOODY ALLEN loved making JAMES BOND spoof CASINO ROYALE in 1960s London, because he spent his time gambling with a posse of screen tough guys. Allen found he had a lot of...

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Winner In Talks For Death Wish: The Musical

22nd September 2004

Veteran director MICHAEL WINNER is in talks to turn his 1974 vigilante classic DEATH WISH into a stage musical. The 68-year-old film-maker is hoping he can persuade lyricist DON BLACK, who won an OSCAR...

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Bronson's Home Goes Up For Sale

17th May 2004

Late actor CHARLES BRONSON's former home has been placed on the market for $6 million (GBP3.3 million) by his widow KIM. The luxury house, which sits in California's gated Serra Retreat area, has six...

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Charles Bronson's Family Were Brought Into Conflict Over His Will

By Steven Williams | 21st September 2003

The family of Charles Bronson, the star of 'Death Wish', are fighting over his 48 million USD will. The family were summoned to Bronson's lawyer's office to hear the will being read, following the star's...

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Locals Debate Bronson Memorial

8th September 2003

Local residents at the birthplace of CHARLES BRONSON are debating whether they should name a street in memory of the movie tough guy - with many objecting to the idea. The DEATH WISH star...

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Charles Bronson Dies

1st September 2003

Legendary actor CHARLES BRONSON has died at the age of 81 after losing his battle with pneumonia. The Hollywood veteran - star of films such as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN and the DEATH WISH series...

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Bronson 'On His Deathbed'

14th August 2003

The family and friends of legendary actor CHARLES BRONSON are gathering together after THE DIRTY DOZEN star was given only days to live. DEATH WISH star Brosnan has been fighting Alzheimer's Disease for the...

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