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Charisma Carpenter Opens Up About Rape Ordeal In Tv Drama

29th August 2013

Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Charisma Carpenter has relived her 1991 attack at the hands of a former police officer for her new Tv series, in which real-life victims re-enact their creepy, near-death experiences.The...

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Charisma Carpenter Contacts Police Over 'Hit-and-run'

13th October 2011

Actress Charisma Carpenter has contacted police over allegations a hit-and-run driver crashed into her car and fled the scene of the accident.The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star claims she was driving through Los Angeles...

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Wonder Woman Fans Pick Baccarin

18th April 2006

WONDER WOMAN's internet fans have waded into the ongoing casting debate about who should play the big screen superheroine as director JOSS WHEDON prepares to make his announcement. Amid reports that CHARISMA CARPENTER is the...

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Wonder Woman Guru Urges Producers To Find A New Star

7th April 2006

Movie mogul RON SAMUELS is challenging the producers of the much anticipated new WONDER WOMAN film to find an unknown to play the lead - or risk another CATWOMAN debacle. A former top Tinseltown agent,...

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Beckinsale Joins Wonder Woman Race

4th April 2006

LATEST: KATE BECKINSALE has reportedly joined the race to play WONDER WOMAN in BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON's upcoming comic book movie. The British actress is in negotiations with Whedon, according to movie...

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Carpenter Competes With Lohan For Wonder Woman

29th March 2006

Former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star CHARISMA CARPENTER is making no secret of the fact she wants to steal the role of WONDER WOMAN from front-runner LINDSAY LOHAN. The superheroine movie is being written and...

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Dushku Adds Her Name To Wonder Woman List

3rd October 2005

LATEST: Sexy ELIZA DUSHKU has come from nowhere to lead the race for the new WONDER WOMAN movie. After months of speculation, the actress has declared she wants the superheroine role - and experts...

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Wonder Woman Role Not For Pals, Says Director

24th March 2005

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER creator JOSS WHEDON has ruled out the possibility of SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR donning WONDER WOMAN's outfit for his upcoming movie adaptation, after insisting the film won't be a project for his...

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Rodriguez Wants Wonder Woman Role

17th February 2005

SWAT star MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ has entered the race to play WONDER WOMAN on the big screen - but she's only interested if the powers that be make the character more sassy. Former BUFFY THE...

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Canadian Model Leads Wonder Woman Race

9th February 2005

A little-known model and heavy metal guitarist has become the shock frontrunner in the race to land the coveted WONDER WOMAN role, according to WARNER BROTHERS studio sources. Former MUCHMUSIC USA presenter SATU RAUTAHARJU...

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Buffy Stars Battle Over Wonder Woman Role

17th December 2004

Ex-BUFFY stars SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and CHARISMA CARPENTER are allegedly competing for the lead role in forthcoming superhero movie WONDER WOMAN. The actresses - who played BUFFY SUMMERS and CORDELIA CHASE in the hit...

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Charisma Poses For Playboy

11th March 2004

Former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star CHARISMA CARPENTER has picked a public way to celebrate her newly svelte figure after giving birth - posing nude in men's magazine PLAYBOY. The stunning actress, 33, and...

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Angel Star Quits

13th May 2003

ANGEL beauty CHARISMA CARPENTER has quit the hit TV show. The sexy star - who played rich girl CORDELIA CHASE in both Angel and original series BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - wants to spend...

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