Charges against punk rocker Harley Flanagan have been dropped following an alleged altercation with his former Cro-Mags bandmates.

The hardcore stars were preparing to take the stage at Manhattan's Webster Hall as part of the CBGB Festival on 6 July (12) when ex-bassist Flanagan reportedly burst into their dressing room.

A fight broke out and bandmates William Berario and Michael Couls were left with knife wounds, while Flanagan was arrested by police on suspicion of second degree felony assault and weapons possession charges.

The rocker immediately claimed self-defence and now he has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

He tells local publication, "I am very glad to have this all behind me, it wasn't until I was in the hospital that I even realised that I was the one who was getting charged with attacking them, which was kind of a surprise to me.

"I thought we were all gonna get charged with having a fight or whatever. I didn't see how it could make any sense that one person would attack a room full of people, it made no sense then, it makes no sense now... and that's basically why I'm getting off."