Rapper Gunplay has had armed robbery charges against him dropped after his alleged victim refused to co-operate with police.

Rick Ross' Triple C's bandmate, real name Richard Morales, Jr., was arrested in October (12) in connection with the May (12) robbery of his accountant, Turron Woodside, at an office in Miami, Florida, where the rising star is said to have pulled a gun on him.

Detectives obtained surveillance video featuring the incident, which prosecutors had hoped to use as key evidence against Gunplay, but their case fell apart after Woodside declined to authenticate the footage.

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office says, "Video alone is not enough to convict an individual of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt."

Charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon were subsequently dismissed on Monday (25Feb13) and Gunplay is planning to celebrate by indulging in a little marijuana.

He tells Tmz.com, "Today I am grateful and blessed that the case was dismissed... The first thing I am going to do today is smoke a joint, relax, play video games, and just be with my loved ones."