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Axl Rose Reunited With Duff

15th October 2010

Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose was reunited with former bandmate Duff McKagan onstage last night (14.10.10).The band's original bass player, Duff, joined singer Axl onstage halfway through the band's show at the O2 arena...

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Chris Moyles Back With Monday Fun

8th October 2010

Chris Moyles has vowed to make Mondays fun with a new series of his 'Quiz Night'.The DJ-and-TV star is set to return to Channel 4 in the next few months for the third series of...

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Tv Documentary Imagines Prince Harry Kidnapped By Taliban

7th October 2010

Plans by Britain's Channel 4 to air what was described as a "dramatized documentary" On Oct. 21 about what might happen if Prince Harry were ever kidnapped by Arab terrorists have touched off an angry...

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Simon Cowell To Get Special Emmy

5th October 2010

Simon Cowell is to receive a special prize at this year's 38th International Emmy Awards. The music mogul will be presented with the International Emmy Founders Award for his work on various TV talent shows,...

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Former Tabloid Exec Says Editor Listened To Illegal Phone Hacks

4th October 2010

Britain's hackergate scandal took a new twist today with the revelation that former editor Andy Coulson not only was aware that his News of the World reporters were listening to the voice mail of politicians...

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Nadia Almada Blames Davina For Hate

14th September 2010

Davina McCall has made 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemate Nadia Almada "hate" herself.The Portuguese transsexual - who was evicted after just one week on the show following numerous arguments with fellow contestants Coolio and Ulrika Jonsson...

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Michael Jackson Trusted Bubbles

13th September 2010

Michael Jackson relied on his pet chimpanzee Bubbles because he didn't trust anyone. Michael's sister La Toya admitted her late brother became more and more dependent on the ape as his fame reached unmanageable levels...

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Big Brother House To Stay

13th September 2010

'Big Brother' bosses want to keep the house open until 2013. According to planning documents submitted to Hertsmere Council - which covers the area where the 'Big Brother' house is situated in Elstree Studios -...

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Housemates Mourn Big Brother

10th September 2010

Housemates have attended the funeral of 'Big Brother'.Dressed in iconic fancy dress costumes from throughout the 11 series of the Channel 4 reality show, the contestants read out eulogies in front of acting priest and...

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Big Brother's Funeral

9th September 2010

The remaining 'Ultimate Big Brother' contestants are to attend a funeral service this afternoon (09.09.10).Housemates Chantelle, Preston, Nikki, Brian, Ulrika, Victor and Nick are to attend the service - which will be hosted by Marcus...

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Davina Mccall's Ubb Secret Task

8th September 2010

Davina McCall has entered the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house - and has been set a secret task.The reality show host entered the compound earlier today (08.09.10) to pay a visit to the housemates, and was...

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Ubb Learn Flawless Dance Moves

7th September 2010

The 'Ultimate Big Brother' housemates are learning a synchronised street dance routine.The contestants have been set the task of teaming up with dance act Flawless - who rose to fame on reality show 'Britain's Got...

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Davina Mccall Sad About Bb End

7th September 2010

Davina McCall is "really sad" about 'Big Brother' coming to an end.The television presenter - who has hosted the reality show since it began in 2000 - admitted she has been "in denial" about the...

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Nadia 'Ruined' By 'Big Brother'

5th September 2010

Nadia claims returning to the Big Brother house has "ruined" her life and left her suicidal.The transgender former winner of the reality TV show said she has received abuse from members of the public since...

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Makosi And Nadia Evicted From Ubb

4th September 2010

Makosi and Nadia were evicted from the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house last night (03.09.10) as Vanessa Feltz joined as a new housemate. Makosi was the first to leave and despite being greeted by boos, the...

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Chantelle Uses Ubb To Move From Preston

1st September 2010

Chantelle claims being on 'Ultimate Big Brother' has helped her get over her split from Preston.The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' winner - who fell in love with the Ordinary Boys singer on the show in...

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Craig Phillips Enters Ubb For Prank

31st August 2010

Craig Phillips entered 'Ultimate Big Brother' last night (30.08.10) to pull a prank on the contestants.The Liverpudlian builder - who won the first series of the reality series back in 2000 - took part in...

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John Mccririck Evicted

28th August 2010

John McCririck has become the first housemate to be evicted from the 'Ultimate Big Brother' house.The horseracing pundit - who had been begging the public to evict him ever since he entered the house on...

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Lily Allen's Fashion Show

26th April 2010

Lily Allen is to get her own fashion TV show.The 'Smile' singer - who recently revealed she was taking a break from music to set up a clothes store with her sister - has signed...

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Alex Reid Loves Reading About Reid

17th April 2010

Alex Reid loves reading about himself.The cage fighter - who is married to glamour model Katie Price - admits he can't resist searching for himself on the internet to find out if people like him...

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Blur Prepare For 'Fools Day'

15th April 2010

Blur's Record Day single will be called 'Fools Day'.The four-piece band announced the name of the first track they have recorded together since 2003's 'Battery in Your Leg' for their 'Think Tank' album yesterday (14.05.10)....

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Study Women In Tv Population Don't Reflect Women In General Population

8th March 2010

Although women slightly outnumber men in the overall population, a new British study has discovered that they are outnumbered on television by more than 2-1. As reported by Britain's Guardian newspaper, the study, commissioned by...

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Beyonce Knowles Shows Lohan Speedy Exit

28th September 2009

Beyonce Knowles reportedly had Lindsay Lohan thrown out of her own dressing room because the singer wanted it for herself.The former Destiny's Child star was performing at the F1 Rocks concert in Singapore over the...

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Bbc May Sell Part Of Bbc Worldwide

14th September 2009

The BBC is considering selling off at least part of its commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, BBC director Mark Thompson has disclosed. In an interview with Britain's Guardian newspaper, Thompson said that the financially strapped, publicly...

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Robbie Williams Backs David

4th September 2009

Robbie Williams wants David to win 'Big Brother'.The 35-year-old musician is a huge fan of the reality TV show, and is so desperate for the camp clothes sorter to triumph he has even voted for...

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Sophie Too 'Normal' For Glamour?

2nd September 2009

David and Siavash can't imagine Sophie naked. The 'Big Brother' pair told their 30GG chested housemate they can't picture her posing topless for glamour magazine shoots, with David saying he thinks she would better suit...

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Housemate Davina Mccall

28th August 2009

Davina McCall is set to enter the 'Big Brother' house.The presenter, who has hosted the Channel 4 reality show since it started in 2000, is devastated it is coming to an end next year and...

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U.k.'S Channel 4 To Use Big Brother Money For Dramas

27th August 2009

Britain's Channel 4, which announced on Wednesday that it plans to shut down its long-running reality series Big Brother at the end of next season said that it will use the $75 million thus saved...

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Siavash's Clothes Ultimatum

27th August 2009

Siavash can win some of the 'Big Brother' prize money back if he gives up all his possessions.The fashion-obsessed party planner has the chance to increase the winner's cash prize from zero to £10,000 if...

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Cellphone Footage Of Atrocities Smuggled Out Of Sri Lanka

26th August 2009

Britain's Channel 4 has broadcast footage of members of the Sri Lankan Army summarily killing bound and naked prisoners in their final surge against the Tamil Tiger rebels. Today's (Wednesday) London Times reported that the...

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