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James Corden To Present 'The Late Late Show' In The Us

By Ed Biggs | 7th August 2014

British comedy star and presenter James Corden is set to host an American chat show.The 35 year old will replace Scottish-born Craig Ferguson as the host of CBS’ ‘The Late Late Show’, which airs nightly...

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James Corden Set To Make U.s Plunge With 'The Late Late Show' Gig

By Lenny Barksdale | 6th August 2014

James Corden is replacing Craig Ferguson as host on CBS’ The Late Late Show, according to various reports. The British actor/comedian will be filling the vacancy announced earlier this year.James Corden will replace Craig Ferguson...

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Robert Redford & Cate Blanchett In Talks With 'Rathergate' Producers To Play Don Rather & Mary Mapes

By Elinor Cosgrave | 11th July 2014

It's only been ten years since Don Rather reported on a CBS news programme about the Killian documents, which supposedly showed how former President George W. Bush managed to avoid serving his National Service in...

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Cbs Stands By 'The Mentalist' - But What's The Show All About?

By Michael West | 11th May 2014

CBS is the latest network to make tough calls for its 2014/2015 season, picking up six new shows, scrapping one high profile comedy and standing by one of its signature dramas. The good news is...

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Major Broadcasters Try To Take Aereo Streamer Down

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd April 2014

The Internet TV start-up Aereo is facing what the business’ founder Chaitanya "Chet" Kanojia calls “the end” should the supreme court side with the myriad broadcasting companies accusing him and his company of copyright infringement.The...

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'How I Met Your Mother' Nearly Got Cancelled - Britney Spears Saved The Day

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th February 2014

How I Met Your Mother is a phenomenal success in sitcom terms. To get one season is a dream; to get two is teetering on the unthinkable. To get nine – well you’re in ‘Friends’...

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Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Moves Over To Cbs For New Detective Drama

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th September 2013

Having created the most popular, talked about and possibly best TV show of a generation, Vince Gilligan’s presence behind the scenes is highly sought after, making CBS’s acquisition of him and his new show all...

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How A Glimpse Turned Into 'Sumbitch' Cookies On A Train: How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Kicks Off

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th September 2013

We got a glimpse of the titular and enigmatic mother from How I Met Your Mother at the end of season eight: a woman yielding a yellow umbrella. But it wasn’t until the very end...

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Why Big Brother, And Spencer Clawson, Should Pack Up And Leave

By Michael West | 8th August 2013

It's time that Big Brother packed its bags and left the television schedules for good. You've been evicted Big Brother - now you must leave.The fifteenth series has quickly earned the tag of the most...

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Cote De Pablo Still Leaving Ncis Despite Being Offered 'A Lot Of Money'?

By Jack de Aguilar | 31st July 2013

CBS' presentation at the Television Critics Association centred around one thing, and one thing only: the exit of Cote de Pablo from their hit show NCIS. de Pablo plays Ziva David in the fast...

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Who Will Play Charlie Sheen's Gay Daughter On 'Two And A Half Men'?

By Michael West | 11th July 2013

CBS are on the hunt for a young actress to play Charlie Sheen's lesbian daughter on Two and a Half Men. Ok, so Sheen left the show some time ago, but the comedy will introduce...

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The Crazy One: Robin Williams Stuns Cbs Advertisers With Cocaine Jokes

By Michael West | 17th May 2013

Robin Williams plays an unhinged advertising genius in the new CBS comedy The Crazy Ones, with co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the veteran comedian certainly arrived at the network with a bang this week. After...

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What Were Bob Newhart's Two Conditions For Joining 'The Big Bang Theory'?

By Michael West | 2nd May 2013

Comedy legend Bob Newhart makes his debut on The Big Bang Theory on Thursday (May 2, 2013) with a role that has been a long-time coming for both Newhart and producer Chuck Lorre. The co-creator...

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Networks To Announce Fall Line-ups, Will 'Csi:ny,' 'Touch' And 'Go On' Survive?

By Michael West | 29th April 2013

Crime drama CSI NY, Matthew Perry's 'Go On' and Fox's 'Touch,' starring Kiefer Sutherland are amongst the television shows in danger of being cancelled when the networks announce their fall line-ups in the coming weeks....

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Who Won The Final Of 'Big Brother 14'?

By Contributor | 20th September 2012

Though its global appeal may be fading, Big Brother is still strong in the USA, and though it was sad to say goodbye to the final contestants of the 14th season of the reality show,...

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