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Hucknall: 'I Have No Problem Committing To A Woman'

22nd June 2006

SIMPLY RED star MICK HUCKNALL has rubbished his reputation as a promiscuous ladies' man, despite having dated a succession of famous beauties. The 46-year-old is currently in a longterm relationship, but famously romanced CATHERINE ZETA-JONES,...

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Fascinating Fact 1678

21st June 2006

Hollywood star MICHAEL DOUGLAS picked up an honorary degree from Scotland's St Andrews University today for his contribution to British film. The 61-year-old was accompanied at the ceremony by his wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES.

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Douglas: 'No More Babies For Me'

21st June 2006

Veteran actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS has ruled out having any more children with wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. The 61-year-old BASIC INSTINCT star is happy looking after the couple's two young kids: DYLAN, five, and CARYS, three. He...

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Zeta-jones Opens Children's Hospital

20th June 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has returned to her native Wales to officially open a national Children's Hospital in Cardiff. The CHICAGO star, who has two children of her own, unveiled a plaque and comforted patients in her...

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Catherine Zeta-jones Slated To Play Stage Mum In Gypsy

14th June 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is set to dust off her dancing shoes to play another great stage diva, MAMA ROSE. The Welsh actress, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of murderess VELMA KELLY...

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Princes Join Cooper On The Golf Course

2nd June 2006

British royals PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCE HARRY have been approached to play golf alongside rock hellraiser ALICE COOPER in this year's (06) Pro-Am celebrity tournament. Last year (05), golf fanatics CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ROBBIE...

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Berry's New Craze

27th May 2006

Hollywood actress HALLE BERRY has a new hobby - golf. The Ohio-born star said requests from fellow actors SAMUEL L JACKSON and MICHAEL DOUGLAS for her to join them in competitions convinced her to start...

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Michael Douglas' Groin Injury

14th May 2006

Hollywood actress CATHERINE ZETA JONES may have to pursue her golf hobby alone in future, because husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS' body is struggling to cope with the sport. The Welsh-born star developed a passion for golf...

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Zeta-jones Saves Filming

7th May 2006

Hollywood actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has saved independent British film DEATH DEFYING ACTS from being scrapped, by agreeing to take a paycut to star in it. The MASK OF ZORRO star, who can command fees of...

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Zeta-jones To Star In Houdini Movie

4th May 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES and GUY PEARCE are being courted to play original escape artist HARRY HOUDINI and his psychic lover in a new movie. Indie film DEATH DEFYING ACTS will chart Houdini's rise to fame alongside...

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Longoria Idolises Zeta-jones

28th April 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES beauty EVA LONGORIA has hailed CATHERINE ZETA-JONES her acting icon - despite admitting her knowledge of the Welsh star is limited. The pair, who recently met on the set of action movie THE...

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Douglas: 'Catherine Is A Useless Cook'

24th April 2006

Veteran actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS claims his Oscar-winning wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES' latest role as a chef will be her toughest yet - because she is useless in the kitchen. The FATAL ATTRACTION star insists her role...

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Zeta-jones Stalker Freed

23rd April 2006

Actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is stepping up her home security after a woman convicted of stalking her was freed from jail last month (22MAR06) after serving just eight months behind bars. DAWNETTE KNIGHT harboured an obsessive...

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The Things They Say 1891

22nd April 2006

"It's probably her greatest performance ever because she's playing a chef and she can't boil water." MICHAEL DOUGLAS is amazed his wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is playing a cook in her new film.

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Zeta-jones Tops Ad Millions List

22nd April 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES has topped a list of the highest-earning product endorsing celebrities, after netting $20 million (GBP11 million) to advertise UK telecommunications giant T-Mobile. Zeta-Jones, the only Brit in the list, has beaten out competition...

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Douglas Awarded Degree From St Andrews University

19th April 2006

Hollywood star MICHAEL DOUGLAS is set to receive an honorary degree from Scotland's St Andrews University. The oldest university in Scotland, which last year (05) saw British royal PRINCE WILLIAM graduate, want to honour the...

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Bean Glad To Escape British Stereotype

17th April 2006

British actor SEAN BEAN credits his move to Hollywood with saving him from being typecast. The 47-year-old struggled to secure roles after completing his breakthrough run starring as soldier RICHARD SHARPE on British TV. And...

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Douglas And Zeta-jones: Good Cop, Bad Cop Parents

14th April 2006

Hollywood couple MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES take a 'good cop, bad cop' approach to parenting, with the Oscar-winning actor always taking the 'bad dad' disciplinarian role. The 61-year-old WALL STREET star gets frustrated with...

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Douglas: 'I'd Rather Be A Good Dad Than Movie Star'

13th April 2006

Hollywood star MICHAEL DOUGLAS is more concerned about being a good dad to his two children than landing big budget movie roles. The 61-year-old BASIC INSTINCT star, who has a five-year-old son DYLAN and two-year-old...

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Douglas Likes Romantic Role Play

12th April 2006

WALL STREET star MICHAEL DOUGLAS likes to spice things up in the bedroom with wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES by pretending he's actor RICHARD BURTON. The BASIC INSTINCT star is sporting a full beard for his next...

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Eckhart Cooks Up A Treat In Zeta-jones Film

9th April 2006

ERIN BROCKOVICH star AARON ECKHART has developed a handful of cooking skills thanks to his new movie with CATHERINE ZETA-JONES. The actor admits he wasn't the greatest cook before he signed up to play a...

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Douglas Eyes Zeta-jones Success

29th March 2006

Screen veteran MICHAEL DOUGLAS is enjoying watching his wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES' career skyrocket, as he remembers what it was like to be the toast of Hollywood. Douglas had huge box-office hits including ROMANCING THE STONE,...

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Oceans Thirteen Set In Motion

27th March 2006

SEA OF LOVE star ELLEN BARKIN has signed on as the latest leading lady for the second sequel to hit 2001 movie OCEAN'S ELEVEN. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, a follow-up to 2004 sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE will begin...

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Collins Chooses Zeta-jones To Play Her

22nd March 2006

Veteran British actress JOAN COLLINS names Welsh star CATHERINE ZETA-JONES as the perfect person to play her in a hypothetical film of her life. The 72-year-old DYNASTY star is a huge fan of the 36-year-old...

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Crane: 'Miller Is Spitting Image Of My Mother'

22nd March 2006

LANA TURNER's daughter CHERYL CRANE is so amazed by the striking resemblance between actress SIENNA MILLER and her late mother, she thinks the LAYER CAKE star should play Turner in an upcoming biopic. However, LEGEND...

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Johansson Named Top Natural Beauty

14th March 2006

Actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON has been named Hollywood's most natural beauty by a new survey of make-up artists. The 21-year-old MATCH POINT star was praised for her luminous skin and luscious pout. TITANIC star KATE WINSLET...

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Zeta-jones And Douglas Feud Over Fashion

10th March 2006

Hollywood beauty CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is embarrassed to bring husband MICHAEL DOUGLAS shopping because he doesn't understand fashion. Although BASIC INSTINCT star Douglas admired his wife's swelling body during pregnancy, he has little time for her...

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Zeta-jones Cooks Up A Storm In Restaurant

9th March 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES baffled guests at a New York restaurant when she waited on their tables as research for her latest film role. The multi-talented Welsh actress even tried her hand in the kitchen of Manhattan's...

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Zeta-jones The Plant Whisperer

9th March 2006

Hollywood actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is such an enthusiastic gardener, she talks to her plants to help them grow. The MASK OF ZORRO star loves to garden in her spare time, and will even fix other...

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Zeta's Wedding Suit Nightmare

5th March 2006

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES insisted MICHAEL DOUGLAS change his wedding suit three days before they walked up the aisle - as it was an old outfit he had worn in A PERFECT MURDER two years previously. The...

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