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Dukes Of Hazzard Star Fears Jackson Tragedy Sparked Husband's Suicide

25th July 2013

Former Dukes Of Hazzard star Catherine Bach fears Michael Jackson's death in 2009 prompted her lawyer husband to take his life - but she still cannot figure out why.Peter Lopez shot himself as the first...

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Catherine Bach Blew Her Bond Girl Chance With Barbara Broccoli Mix-up

16th October 2012

Former Dukes Of Hazzard pin-up Catherine Bach blew her chance to be cast as a Bond girl after mocking 007 producer Barbara Broccoli during a cringeworthy meeting.The actress was approached by Bond boss Broccoli at...

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Catherine Bach Created Daisy Duke Image To Avoid Looking Like Dolly

8th February 2012

Actress Catherine Bach created her own iconic Daisy Duke look for hit TV show The Dukes Of Hazzard because she didn't want to be seen as a Dolly Parton knock-off.The sexy star has revealed she...

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Bach Thanks Grief Counsellors For Helping Her Get Past Husband's Suicide

8th February 2012

The Dukes Of Hazzard star Catherine Bach has credited grief therapy sessions for helping her get over the 2010 death of her lawyer husband Peter Lopez.The actress, who created the iconic TV role of Daisy...

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Daisy Duke Goes Brunette Again

12th June 2006

LATEST: DAISY DUKE is going brunette again in the prequel to last year's (05) DUKES OF HAZZARD movie. Maxim model APRIL SCOTT will step into blonde JESSICA SIMPSON's cowboy boots to play the sexy country...

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Dukes Of Hazzard Fans Swarm Reunion

7th June 2006

More than 100,000 DUKES OF HAZZARD fans turned out to see a rare reunion of the TV show cast at the annual DukesFest in Tennessee over the weekend (03-04JUN06). JOHN SCHNEIDER, TOM WOPAT, CATHERINE BACH...

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Daisy Duke Hits Out At Movie Remake

21st August 2005

CATHERINE BACH, who played DAISY DUKE in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD television series, has blasted movie bosses for failing to give her a cameo in the big screen remake. The 50-year-old, who has...

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Original Daisy Duke To Launch Daisy Dukes

14th January 2005

Former DUKES OF HAZZARD star CATHERINE BACH is set to launch a line of DAISY DUKE shorts. The 51-year-old actress, who shot to popularity as hot pants fan Daisy Duke in the 1970s show,...

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Original Daisy Duke Gives Jessica The Ok

20th September 2004

The original DAISY DUKE has nothing but praise for JESSICA SIMPSON, who landed the coveted DUKES OF HAZZARD part last week (ends17SEP04), but she assures the pop star she'll have to get into shape for...

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Fans Flock To Celebrate Dukes Of Hazzard Anniversary

2nd August 2004

Fans of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD travelled from as far afield as Australia to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic TV show's first season. Hundreds of people showed up in Bristol, Tennessee, on...

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Simpson Beats Spears To Daisy Duke Role

21st May 2004

BRITNEY SPEARS's hopes of landing the role of DAISY DUKE in the forthcoming movie version of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD have been dashed - after bosses handed it to JESSICA SIMPSON. While TOXIC star...

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