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Dench To Travel With Bond

24th November 2005

DAME JUDI DENCH can't wait to start shooting the new JAMES BOND movie, because she is finally getting the opportunity to travel. The British actress - who plays Bond's boss M - has complained...

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Miller: 'Craig Will Make A Brilliant Bond'

23rd November 2005

British beauty SIENNA MILLER has dismissed doubts about DANIEL CRAIG's appointment as the new JAMES BOND, insisting he'll do a "brilliant job" as the slick superspy. The 23-year-old actress, who reportedly had a brief...

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Poirot To Play Bond Baddie?

1st November 2005

Revered British actor DAVID SUCHET is in negotiations to play JAMES BOND's foe LE CHIFFRE in CASINO ROYALE. The thespian, who is famous for playing AGATHA CHRISTIE's Belgian detective HERCULE POIROT on the small...

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Brosnan Still Bitter He Won't Be Back As Bond

27th October 2005

Movie star PIERCE BROSNAN wanted to return for a fifth and final JAMES BOND movie - because he was "just getting the hang of" the role. Brosnan was dumped as 007 last year (04),...

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Craig Was No Bond Fan, Says His Mum

21st October 2005

DANIEL CRAIG showed little interest in the JAMES BOND movies during their 1970s heyday - his mother says he was more interested in high brow theatre. Craig, who was named as PIERCE BROSNAN's successor...

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Travolta: 'I Turned Down Bond'

19th October 2005

JOHN TRAVOLTA's cousin RIKKI LEE TRAVOLTA has revealed he was producers' first choice to play superspy JAMES BOND - but he turned the role down. The 30-year-old says Bond bosses took so long to...

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Bond Hailed By Composer

19th October 2005

New JAMES BOND star DANIEL CRAIG has been supported by Bond composer DAVID ARNOLD amid a barrage of criticism over the blond actor's casting. Arnold, who was behind the soundtracks for recent 007 movies...

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Allen Loved Gambling With Marvin, Savalas And Bronson

18th October 2005

Veteran comedian WOODY ALLEN loved making JAMES BOND spoof CASINO ROYALE in 1960s London, because he spent his time gambling with a posse of screen tough guys. Allen found he had a lot of...

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Miss Moneypenny Delighted About Craig Bond Role

17th October 2005

The actress who played MISS MONEYPENNY in the last four JAMES BOND movies is delighted DANIEL CRAIG has been named as the new suave superspy - even though see has been axed from the film...

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Moneypenny Axed From Casino Royale

16th October 2005

Producers of the forthcoming JAMES BOND movie CASINO ROYALE have axed the legendary MISS MONEYPENNY character. Moneypenny, who has waved the suave superspy off on some of his most perilous missions, been written out...

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Craig Was First Choice Bond

14th October 2005

DANIEL CRAIG was the producers' first choice to replace PIERCE BROSNAN as JAMES BOND, dispelling reports that the prestigious role had been turned down by other actors during the protracted selection process. Producer MICHAEL...

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Daniel Craig Named As New Bond

14th October 2005

English actor DANIEL CRAIG has been chosen to replace PIERCE BROSNAN as the next JAMES BOND. Craig, who is the first blond Bond, will take on the iconic superspy when filming for CASINO ROYALE...

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Craig Is Bond, Says His Mother

14th October 2005

The mother of DANIEL CRAIG has unveiled her son as the new JAMES BOND, hours before movie bosses officially reveal the identity of the latest actor to play the spy. Proud CAROL BLOND is...

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Bond Fans Discover New 007 Tomorrow

13th October 2005

The identity of the new JAMES BOND will be revealed at a press conference tomorrow (14OCT05), ending more than a year of speculation. PIERCE BROSNAN was told a year ago (SEP04) he would not...

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Austin Powers Goes Back In Time

10th October 2005

The brains behind the AUSTIN POWERS movie franchise are racing to shoot a fourth film to coincide with the 2006 release of the new JAMES BOND movie CASINO ROYALE. The planned new project would...

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Lumley Has Sights Set On Bond Role

6th October 2005

Veteran Bond girl JOANNA LUMLEY is desperate to get her hands on the coveted role of MISS MONEYPENNY in the next installment of the superspy series. The blonde actress starred alongside GEORGE LAZENBY in...

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Campbell: 'Forget About Brosnan As Bond'

5th October 2005

LATEST: PIERCE BROSNAN's JAMES BOND days are well and truly over if director MARTIN CAMPBELL is to be believed. Despite reports the actor will return as 007 in new film CASINO ROYALE, the New...

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Bond Baddie Revealed

4th October 2005

Bollywood star GULSHAN GROVER has confirmed he'll be the latest BOND baddie when 007 returns in CASINO ROYALE. The MY BOLLYWOOD BRIDE star revealed all to newspaper The Times of India, but insisted he,...

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Brosnan Suspects Bond Publicity Stunt

26th September 2005

LATEST: PIERCE BROSNAN suspects JAMES BOND movie makers are using the mystery surrounding the identity of the next 007 as a publicity stunt. Brosnan was dropped from the role after the last movie DIE...

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Brook Fights Miller For Bond Role

26th September 2005

British model/actress KELLY BROOK will compete with SIENNA MILLER for the chance to become a JAMES BOND girl in the next 007 movie. Last week (ends23SEP05) it was reported JUDE LAW's girlfriend Miller was...

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Brosnan Has "Unfinished Business" As Bond

24th September 2005

LATEST: PIERCE BROSNAN has added his name back on the JAMES BOND shortlist after claiming he has "unfinished business" with the superspy. Brosnan insisted he wouldn't be returning as 007 in new film CASINO...

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Craig Delivers Bond Clue

14th September 2005

British actor DANIEL CRAIG has reentered the race to become the next JAMES BOND - after being spotted enquiring about a rare copy of the novel the next 007 movie will be based on....

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Roger Moore Joins Mcgregor Bond Camp

13th September 2005

Former JAMES BOND icon ROGER MOORE has joined PIERCE BROSNAN in calling for EWAN McGREGOR to take over the role of the suave superspy. Brosnan, who starred as 007 from 1995 until 2002's DIE...

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Haggis Gets 007 Writing Role

30th August 2005

British screenwriter PAUL HAGGIS has been chosen to adapt IAN FLEMING's CASINO ROYALE for the big screen. The MILLION DOLLAR BABY writer will pen the script for the new JAMES BOND film even before...

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Brosnan: 'I'm Too Old To Play Bond'

19th June 2005

PIERCE BROSNAN has no plans to reprise his role as JAMES BOND, because he feels too old to play the suave superspy. The 52-year-old Irish actor has ruled out a return, despite DAME...

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Weaving Blasts Rumours Eucalyptus Script Was Poor

12th June 2005

THE MATRIX star HUGO WEAVING has blasted reports circulated by RUSSELL CROWE that a poor script led to the cancellation of Australia-based movie EUCALYPTUS - he insists it was great. The film, starring Crowe,...

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Mcmahon Insists He's Still In The Race For 007

9th June 2005

Australian actor JULIAN McMAHON is refusing to give up the fight to play the next JAMES BOND, even though director MARTIN CAMPBELL seems to favour ER doctor GORAN VISNJIC. The NIP/TUCK star has been...

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Kylie Set For Bond Treat

2nd June 2005

KYLIE MINOGUE has received some good news as she recovers from breast cancer surgery - she's set to become a BOND girl. According to Internet reports, the ailing Aussie is in negotiations to play...

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His Name Is Visnjic, Goran Visnjic

27th May 2005

TV doctor GORAN VISNJIC (corr) is the latest actor being courted as the next JAMES BOND after meeting with CASINO ROYALE director MARTIN CAMPBELL three times recently. According to movie website MOVIEHOLE.NET, the ER...

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Cooper Begs For Bond Villain Role

16th May 2005

Rocker ALICE COOPER has begged movie bosses to cast him as superspy JAMES BOND's arch enemy in upcoming 007 movie CASINO ROYALE. The SCHOOL'S OUT star doesn't care whether PIERCE BROSNAN, DANIEL CRAIG or...

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