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The Things They Say: 4094553

3rd March 2014

"People have a tendency to put you in a box. You know - dark hair, femme fatale, whatever. But I hope people have enough imagination. Now would be the time to do a comedy. I...

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Hollywood Stunt Pilot Dies In Plane Crash

21st September 2013

A Hollywood stunt pilot who appeared in Iron Man and Bond movie Casino Royale has been killed in a plane crash.Dave Riggs has been missing since the accident in China on Tuesday (17Sep13), when the...

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Missing Casino Royale Actor Found Dead

18th July 2013

Missing Casino Royale actor Paul Bhattacharjee has been found dead in England.The body of a man matching his description was discovered on Friday (12Jul13) near the cliffs at Splash Point in East Sussex. Bhattacharjee has...

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Casino Royale Director To Helm Blake's 7 Remake

9th April 2013

Casino Royale filmmaker Martin Campbell is set to direct a reboot of cult British sci-fi Tv show Blake's 7.The hit Bbc series, about a band of renegades fighting criminals in the future, originally ran in...

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Fascinating Fact 14068

8th September 2012

Casino Royale actor Jeffrey Wright has been added to the star-studded cast of The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire. He will play Beetee, a former victorious competitor in the deadly games, and joins other franchise...

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Daniel Craig's Layer Cake Role Won Over Bond Director

9th July 2012

Actor Daniel Craig's turn in Layer Cake convinced director Martin Campbell to vote for him to play James Bond in Casino Royale over rival Henry Cavill.The stars made it to the final two to take...

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Eva Green Can't Lose British Accent She Learned For Bond

3rd May 2012

French actress Eva Green will always have a reminder of her time as a Bond girl in Casino Royale - she hasn't been able to shake the English accent she had to perfect for the...

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Craig Slips Back Into Famous Blue Trunks For Skyfall

2nd May 2012

Female fans of James Bond are in for a treat when new movie Skyfall hits cinemas later this year (12) - hunky Daniel Craig has slipped back into the tight swimming trunks he wore in...

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Fascinating Fact 12448

23rd November 2011

A first edition of Ian Fleming's debut James Bond novel Casino Royale has sold at auction in London for $22,000 (£13,750).

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Eva Green Delighted Craig Is Still James Bond

12th August 2011

Casino Royale star Eva Green is delighted the much delayed 23rd James Bond movie is finally happening - hailing Daniel Craig as "cool" and "edgy".The former Bond girl was dismayed to hear about the problems...

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Daniel Craig Hails 'Classic' Bond Script

28th July 2011

Daniel Craig has hailed the script for Bond 23 as more exciting than his critically-acclaimed 007 debut Casino Royale.The British actor first played the famous superspy in the 2006 hit, and reprised the role for...

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Daniel Craig Turned Down James Bond

22nd July 2011

Daniel Craig initially turned down the chance to play James Bond but the script for Casino Royale was too good to resist.The Brit was one of the first actors Bond producers turned to when they...

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Bond Writer Investigated By Mi5

26th August 2010

A screenwriter behind BOND films including DR. NO and the original CASINO ROYALE was investigated by Britain's real life secret service over allegations he was a Russian spy.Wolf Mankowitz, who was involved in the making...

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Daniel Craig Wants Bond Return

3rd August 2010

Daniel Craig can't wait to play James Bond again.The next instalment of the hit movie franchise - which would see the 42-year-old British actor reprise his role as the suave spy for the third time...

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Jolie Glad She Snubbed Bond

2nd August 2010

ANGELINA JOLIE is glad she turned down the chance to star opposite DANIEL CRAIG in CASINO ROYALE - because she would never have felt comfortable playing a supporting role to a male action hero.The Oscar-winner...

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Ryan Reynolds' Lantern Suit Issues

28th July 2010

Ryan Reynolds' suit in 'Green Lantern' is "the most aggravating" he has worked with.The 33-year-old actor - who plays the titular superhero in the movie - confesses he had difficulty working with the motion-capture costume...

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James Bond Producers 'Panicked' About Delay

27th July 2010

Producers on the James Bond movies are "panicked" about the delay to the 23rd movie. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson - who have worked on a number of the spy movies including 'Quantum of...

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Daniel Craig Set For Tattoo

27th July 2010

Daniel Craig has signed up for 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'. The British actor - who is best known for the role of James Bond in 'Casino Royale' and 'Quantum of Solace' - will...

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James Bond Axed

2nd July 2010

The new 'James Bond' film has been officially axed.In April, production on the 23rd movie about the suave spy - who was to be portrayed by Daniel Craig for the third time - had been...

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Extraordinary Bond Daniel Craig

3rd May 2010

David Arnold thinks Daniel Craig has made James Bond "extraordinary". The British film composer - who has created music for a number of hit movies, including five within the Bond franchise - admitted that Daniel...

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Bond 23 Suspended Indefinitely

20th April 2010

Production on the 23rd James Bond movie has been suspended.Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli - producers on the movie - claim the future of film studio MGM is halting suspension on the project, which will...

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Pierce Brosnan Never 'Nailed' Bond

13th April 2010

Pierce Brosnan never "nailed" James Bond.The 56-year-old actor, who played the British spy in four instalments of the movie franchise, feels his performances suffered because he couldn't forget how previous actors had portrayed 007.Pierce -...

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Sam Worthington Not Right For Bond

26th March 2010

Sam Worthington "wasn't right" to play James Bond.The 33-year-old actor tried out for the role - which was eventually given to Daniel Craig, who took over form Pierce Brosnan - but admits he couldn't work...

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Goldfrapp Not Macho Enough For Bond

12th March 2010

Goldfrapp were dropped from recording a James Bond theme because they weren't macho enough.The 'Rocket' hitmakers - made up of singer Alison Goldfrapp and producer Will Gregory - said they were hoping to record the...

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Green Was Forced Into Bond Role

27th July 2009

EVA GREEN wanted to turn down the role of Bond girl VESPER LYND in CASINO ROYALE - but her agent "bullied" her into accepting the part.The French actress starred opposite Daniel Craig in the 2007...

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Green Hornet Gets Australian Green Light

17th April 2009

Rarely if ever has the start of a production of a new blockbuster motion picture been announced by the leader of a country or state. However, it was Nathan Rees, the premier of the Australian...

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Casino Royale 'Best Remake Ever'

10th April 2009

DANIEL CRAIG's portrayal of superspy JAMES BOND has impressed film fans - CASINO ROYALE has been crowned the best ever movie remake in a new poll. The 2006 thriller beat Brad Pitt and George Clooney's crime...

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Stuntman's Widow Calls For Greater Controls

1st April 2009

The widow of a stunt technician who was killed during the filming of The Dark Knight in September 2007 has told an inquest in England that his death might have been prevented had the studio...

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Bond Pair Signed Up For Clash Of The Titans

1st April 2009

Bond stars Gemma Arterton and Mads Mikkelsen have been cast in upcoming epic remake Clash of the Titans.British actress Arterton, who played Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace, is to play the demi-goddess Io while...

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Spielberg Casts His Tintin

27th January 2009

Jamie Bell has been cast as Tintin in Steven Spielberg's big-screen adaptation of the long-running comic book series, with Daniel Craig starring alongside him as the film's principal villain.Craig, best known for his portrayal of...

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