The wife of dying U.S. broadcaster Casey Kasem has filed legal papers demanding her hospitalised husband be fed.

The America's Top 40 host's daughter Kerri, who won a battle with her stepmother Jean to become her father's caretaker in his final days, was granted permission to withhold medication, food and drink to Kasem earlier this week (ends13Jun14) after a Los Angeles judge agreed the radio legend was in too much pain to digest anything.

Jean Kasem stormed out of court when the ruling was announced and angrily told reporters that her husband's kids and the judge had "blood on their hands".

Late on Friday (13Jun13), Jean filed legal documents requesting an order requiring doctors to provide her fragile husband with nourishment so he won't die.

She is asking California Court of Appeal officials to reverse the judge's order allowing Casey's daughter to remove all life support, according to

In the documents, Jean insists her 82-year-old husband, who is battling sepsis, dementia and Parkinson's disease, is not close to death, adding she believes he could actually return home if he receives proper, aggressive care.

She also claims the radio and Tv personality is a follower of the Druze religion, and suggests a lack of treatment would go against his faith.