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21st May 2010

"I've spent a great many years being deeply, deeply in love with Princess Leia. There's still a part of my heart that is quite deeply in love with her, both as a character and an...

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Fisher Embroiled In Broadway Dispute

18th February 2010

CARRIE FISHER has become embroiled in a dispute with the producer of her Broadway show - accusing the theatre mogul of owing her money and failing to fulfil his contractual obligations.The Star Wars actress recently...

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Reynolds Joins Fisher's Broadway Show

17th December 2009

DEBBIE REYNOLDS surprised fans watching her daughter CARRIE FISHER's Broadway play on Tuesday (15Dec09) - by jumping on stage to sing a duet with the star.The Star Wars actress took her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking,...

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Grant Helped Fisher With Acid Problem

28th November 2009

CARRIE FISHER's actress mother DEBBIE REYNOLDS called in celebrity pal CARY GRANT to counsel the star about her drug addiction when she was a troubled teen.The 53-year-old Star Wars actress has publicly disclosed her acid...

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Fisher Finds Ex Simon's Songs 'Trippy'

27th November 2009

CARRIE FISHER is baffled by her ex-husband PAUL SIMON's songs about their failed marriage - insisting it's "trippy" to hear the rocker complain about what went wrong.The Star Wars actress, who was married to the...

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The Things They Say 13948

30th October 2009

"I almost could have made a career out of giving GEORGE LUCAS awards!" STAR WARS actress CARRIE FISHER was the choice awards presenter for the legendary director for many years after starring as PRINCESS LEIA...

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Princess Leia Reigns On Broadway

6th October 2009

Carrie Fisher has brought a lifetime of personal gossip about her and her family -- her mother is '50s movie star Debbie Reynolds; her father is '50s singing idol Eddie Fisher -- to the Broadway...

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The Things They Say 13624

30th September 2009

"I now get awards for being mentally ill. I think it's because there's no swimsuit portion of the competition. It's better than being bad at being mentally ill - I'm great at it." Actress CARRIE...

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Fisher Disgusted By Weight Gain

29th September 2009

Actress CARRIE FISHER is so disgusted by her weight gain she can't bare to watch herself perform on camera.The former child star became a sex symbol in the 1970s after portraying Princess Leia in the...

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Fisher Sets Up Fonda With New Love

24th July 2009

JANE FONDA has CARRIE FISHER to thank for a newfound romance - the actress set her up on a date with new beau RICHARD PERRY.Fonda, whose marriage to TV mogul Ted Turner ended in 2001,...

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Jackson's Christmas With Star Wars' Fisher

9th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON spent his last Christmas with CARRIE FISHER after inviting the STAR WARS actress over to his Los Angeles home as a surprise for his three children.The Thriller hitmaker's kids - Prince Michael, 12,...

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Carrie Fisher's New Film Beau Sick After Sex Scene

24th June 2009

A naked sex scene with STAR WARS star CARRIE FISHER literally made the actress' WHITE LIGHTNIN' co-star sick - because he'd drank so much champagne.Edward Hogg, who plays real-life alcoholic dancer Jesco White in the...

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Fisher Brings One-woman Play To Broadway

1st May 2009

STAR WARS actress CARRIE FISHER is taking her one-woman play WISHFUL DRINKING to Broadway - almost three decades after making her New York stage debut. The 52-year-old star, who also wrote the screenplay, first showcased the...

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Fascinating Fact 6730

29th January 2009

STAR WARS alumni CARRIE FISHER and EWAN MCGREGOR teamed up on Monday night (26Jan09) to host a pre-Oscar party at the actress' Los Angeles area home for SEAN PENN's hit film MILK. Guests included MICK...

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Fisher Cured By Electro Therapy

11th December 2008

Actress CARRIE FISHER credits drastic electric shock therapy with helping her beat depression. After years of battling an addiction to alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, Fisher suffered severe bouts of depression, that no course of...

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The Things They Say 10388

30th November 2008

"I went to a fat farm but I'd have to lose 12 million pounds to have cheekbones." Actress CARRIE FISHER on how she slimmed down to play PRINCESS LEIA in the original STAR WARS trilogy....

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Fisher's Embarrassing Parents

25th November 2008

Actress CARRIE FISHER had a string of embarrassing run-ins with her parents when she was younger - because her family called in their celebrity friends to help in her battle with drugs. Fisher has publicly...

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The Things They Say 9940

20th October 2008

"He told me later that I had turned him gay... by taking codeine again. And I said, 'You know, I never read that warning on the label'. I thought it said 'heavy machinery', not homosexuality...

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Hamill Jealous Of Ford's Success

29th April 2008

MARK HAMILL was jealous when his STAR WARS co-star HARRISON FORD went on to carve out a more successful film career, according to fellow castmate CARRIE FISHER. Hamill played lead character Luke Skywalker in the...

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Fisher 'Taped Into' Star Wars Bikini

29th April 2008

Actress CARRIE FISHER had to be taped into the famous gold bikini she wore in 1983's STAR WARS epic RETURN OF THE JEDI - to stop her suffering an embarrassing costume malfunction. Producers on the...

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Fisher Considered Ford Affair

29th April 2008

Actress CARRIE FISHER insists she considered having an affair while filming the iconic STAR WARS movies with co-star HARRISON FORD. The pair are long rumoured to have been romantically involved while shooting the classic movies...

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Fisher Dating Rushdie?

22nd December 2007

Former STAR WARS actress CARRIE FISHER has sparked rumours of a romance with British author SALMAN RUSHDIE, after they were spotted in London enjoying a cosy meal together. The odd couple recently dined together at...

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Joely Fisher Survives Car Wreck

30th November 2007

CARRIE FISHER's actress half-sister JOELY is counting her blessings after surviving a horrific car wreck. The 40-year-old was travelling with her daughter at the time and the crash left them both in fits of tears....

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Lily Allen To Make Acting Debut

3rd October 2007

Lily Allen will make her feature film acting debut in a new spoof version of Pride and Prejudice.The singer will star as Lydia Bennett in the adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel, while tabloid favourite...

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Midler + Fisher Join Jagger's Women

20th September 2007

BETTE MIDLER and CARRIE FISHER have joined the cast of MICK JAGGER's THE WOMEN remake. The two stars will join Meg Ryan, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes and Candice Bergen in the film, which...

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The Things They Say 5538

10th September 2007

"I had a framed picture of her as LEIA next to my bed from '80 to '84. I retired it when I went to high school and started kissing real girls." Director KEVIN SMITH on...

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Fisher Nearly Rejected Leia Role

29th April 2007

Actress CARRIE FISHER nearly turned down her famed role Princess Leia in STAR WARS, because she wanted to play Han Solo instead. The actress was undecided about accepting the Princess Leia part, because she wanted...

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Fisher, Ratner + Marshall Join Spielberg On The Lot

25th April 2007

STAR WARS icon CARRIE FISHER and movie moguls GARRY MARSHALL and BRETT RATNER will serve as judges on STEVEN SPIELBERG's new reality TV contest ON THE LOT. The trio will join director Jon Avnet as...

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Fascinating Fact 3102

12th April 2007

British comic JUSTIN LEE COLLINS is set to scour America on BRING BACK STAR WARS, a TV special attempting to reunite Star Wars veterans HARRISON FORD, CARRIE FISHER and MARK HAMILL for a celebration of...

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