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Oscar Screeners 'Show Up Online'

22nd December 2005

Screeners of movies, including NORTH COUNTRY, up for Oscar consideration have already been pirated and are showing up online, according to an internet analyst. American firm BayTSP claims a number of screener DVDs are...

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Caridi Fined $300,000 For Oscar Screener Copies

24th November 2004

Movie actor CARMINE CARIDI has been fined $300,000 (GBP160,000) for sending screener tapes of OSCAR contenders to a fan, who then made them available on the internet. The GODFATHER: PART II star, 70, has...

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Caridi Case Accused Pleads Not Guilty

23rd February 2004

The man accused of pirating actor CARMINE CARIDI's "screener" copies of OSCAR-considered movies has pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and copyright infringement. Caridi, 70, star of such films as GODFATHER: PART II,...

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Oscar Chiefs Expel 'Pirate' Caridi

5th February 2004

Actor CARMINE CARIDI has become the first person in the history of the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURES, ARTS AND SCIENCES to be expelled - over claims he pirated screener copies of OSCAR contenders. The...

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Actor Sued Over Oscar Screeners Leak

29th January 2004

Veteran actor CARMINE CARIDI is being sued by film giants COLUMBIA and WARNER BROS. after admitting to lending his screener copies of this year's OSCAR contenders to a friend who put them online. The...

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Oscar Bosses Furious At Internet Leak

14th January 2004

OSCAR bosses are furious after a copy of new movie SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE they distributed has appeared on the internet. The ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES has seriously cracked down on preview...

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