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Malin Akerman And Carla Gugino Lock Lips For Charity

25th August 2014

Actresses Malin Akerman and Carla Gugino had a make-out session right before they were doused in water for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.The actresses have become the latest celebrities to take part in the viral...

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Kylie Minogue To Star In San Andreas

12th June 2014

Kylie Minogue will star in 'San Andreas'.The 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' hitmaker - who rose to fame as Charlene Robinson on Australian soap 'Neighbours' - is set to return to her acting...

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Carla Gugino Lied About Her Age To Land Film Role

27th July 2012

Sin City star Carla Gugino has confessed to lying about her age to land a film role.The sexy star told casting agents she was 14 in a bid to land a part in Shelley Long...

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Carla Gugino Lived In A Teepee While Recovering From Health Problems

24th July 2012

Sin City star Carla Gugino's mum set up home in a teepee when her daughter was young so the actress could be surrounded by nature while she recovered from a horrific kidney operation.The Watchmen star...

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Political Animals: How Does Sigourney Weaver Fare In New Show?

13th July 2012

Sigourney Weaver claims that her role in Political Animals is her best role ever. Whilst the jury is still out on that particular issue (and we reckon Ridley Scott may have a thing or two...

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Jim Carrey Talks 'Penguins' On Today Show

16th June 2011

Jim Carrey has revealed penguins calm him down. The comedic actor appeared on the 'Today' show this morning (16.06.11) to talk about his new movie 'Mr Popper's Penguins' - which stars Carla Gugino and Angela...

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Penguins Chilled Carla Gugino

6th June 2011

Sin City star Carla Gugino was freezing on the set of her new movie MR. Popper's Penguins - because her flightless co-stars couldn't perform if the temperature was over 40 degrees Fahrenheit (four degrees Celsius).The...

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The Things They Say 12813

6th July 2009

"It is bizarre, certainly in Hollywood, when you hit 23, people start to ask you, 'How does it feel to get older?' It is absolutely surreal because, as a woman, when you hit your 30s...

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Gugino Enjoys Brotherly Love

27th April 2009

Actress CARLA GUGINO had instant chemistry with her new Broadway co-star PABLO SCHREIBER - because she'd just played his brother LIEV's lover in a movie. Gugino found herself hopping out of bed with one Schreiber brother...

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Fascinating Fact 6967

7th March 2009

The make-up experts who turned BRAD PITT into an old man for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON gave actress CARLA GUGINO an aged makeover for new movie WATCHMEN, in which she plays a 67-year-old...

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Gugino 'In Love' With Racer

7th March 2009

Sexy SIN CITY star CARLA GUGINO is in love with a New York cab driver after he raced through the city in record time so she could catch a plane. The taxi firm the actress called...

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Watchmen Stars Grace Yellow Carpet For Premiere

24th February 2009

The stars of one of the most eagerly-awaited films of the year posed on a yellow carpet last night at the world premiere of Watchmen.Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino, Patrick Wilson and director Zack Snyder were...

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The Things They Say 11269

17th February 2009

"He told me that he would be getting up at 3.45am to train before shooting. I realised that my measly half hour on the treadmill at 5am wasn't so impressive." Actress CARLA GUGINO on working...

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De Niro And Pacino Turn Out For Righteous Kill UK Premiere

15th September 2008

Film fans lined the red carpet in London's West End to see Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together at the premiere of their new film Righteous Kill.The legendary actors have only shared one scene...

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Fascinating Fact 5957

9th September 2008

RACHEL HUNTER, CARLA GUGINO and ENTOURAGE stars JEREMY PIVEN and KEVIN CONNOLLY were among the stars checking out JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's first New York Fashion Week show at the Roseland Ballroom on Sunday night (07Sep08). The...

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The Things They Say 5976

29th October 2007

"I might get it recoloured. I have had it half my life, so I figure it's time." SIN CITY star CARLA GUGINO on the butterfly tattoo on her ankle.

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Fascinating Fact 3424

18th June 2007

CARLA GUGINO is to play the head coach of all-girl Pennsylvania Catholic school basketball team the Immaculata Mighty MACs, who won all college championships in America from 1972 to 1975, in a new sports film....

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Stars Line Up For Naked Spread

24th April 2007

Sexy film stars CARLA GUGINO, VANESSA WILLIAMS and R+B singer CASSIE have stripped for a sexy new photospread in women's magazine Allure. The trio joined Marley Shelton and Kristin Chenoweth for the 'What Lies Beneath'...

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The Things They Say 4373

29th March 2007

"I'm not a mom. I was way too young to have ever played that character in SPY KIDS." Sexy actress CARLA GUGINO feels she was miscast in the family film....

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Gugino Stunned By Cyberspace Superfans

29th March 2007

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO was left stunned when she Googled herself in cyberspace recently - because she discovered there's a tribute site where fans analyse her career and her body. The sexy actress thought...

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Hewitt And Gugino's Shows To Be Premiered In Cemetery

8th September 2005

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT and CARLA GUGINO's shows will be unveiled to Los Angeles fans at an unusual venue - a graveyard. Hewitt's GHOST WHISPERER and Gugino's THRESHOLD will make their debuts on US TV...

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Gugino Credits Her Odd Upbringing For Her Acting Skills

31st March 2005

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO credits her parents' extreme lives for her acting talents because she bounced from poverty-stricken vagabond to socialite week in and week out. The sexy actress' mother was a free-spirited...

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Gugino Amused By Naked Shocks

6th September 2004

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO is fascinated by theatregoers' reactions when she bares all on the New York stage. The 33-year-old actress was initially terrified to remove her clothes in her Broadway debut in...

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Gugino Takes On Parole Officer Role

1st April 2004

Sexy actress CARLA GUGINO has landed a new role after the cancellation of her acclaimed show KAREN SISCO - as a lesbian parole officer. Gugino will reteam with SPY KIDS director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ in...

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Carla Gugino's Unconventional Homes

29th January 2004

SPY KIDS actress CARLA GUGINO always appreciates the benefits of a sturdy house - because she once lived in a tepee and a van. The screen beauty has nothing but fond memories of the...

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Gugino's High-heeled Shoe Fixation

29th January 2004

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO has such an undying fixation with high-heeled shoes she's worried it's now developed into a fetish. The screen beauty admits her collection of elevating footwear has become so large,...

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Carla Gugino Defends Onscreen Nudity

29th January 2004

SPY KIDS star CARLA GUGINO has stepped out in defence of onscreen nudity - insisting it's often less damaging than movie violence. The sexy Florida-native admits she'd have no problem in shedding her clothes...

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J.lo Spin-off Show Off The Air

17th November 2003

A TV series inspired by JENNIFER LOPEZ and GEORGE CLOONEY's hit film OUT OF SIGHT has been taken off the air in America. Poor ratings cost KAREN SISCO - the show named after the...

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Gugino Takes On J.lo's Role

24th September 2003

SPY KIDS beauty CARLA GUGINO has taken on JENNIFER LOPEZ's character from the movie OUT OF SIGHT for a role in new TV show KAREN SISCO. Gugino will play the title character in the...

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