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Buzz Aldrin Gives George Clooney Space Film The Thumbs Up

4th October 2013

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's new space drama Gravity has been given a big boost by the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin.The real-life astronaut tells The Hollywood Reporter that the film is "remarkable"....

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Sick Buzz Aldrin Cancels Book Signing

25th June 2013

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin cancelled a book signing in New York on Monday (24Jun13) after he was struck down with a bout of influenza.The spaceman was due to meet fans and autograph copies of his...

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Will Smith And Jaden Smith Joined By Buzz Aldrin And 50 Cent At 'After Earth' Premiere [Photos]

By Holly Williams | 30th May 2013

Will Smith and Jaden Smith at 'After Earth' New York premiereThe New York premiere of Will Smith's new action movie 'After Earth' was almost like a reunion for the actor as several old friends showed...

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Buzz Aldrin Officially Divorced From Third Wife

7th January 2013

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin is officially divorced from his third wife Lois Driggs Cannon after reaching a settlement in court.Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the moon, filed for divorce in Los...

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Neil Armstrong, 20th Century Icon, Dies 82

26th August 2012

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and the man who inspired a generation of people, has died aged 82. Armstrong, an icon of the 20th Century, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, following complications after...

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Aldrin's Wife Wants Support To Maintain 'Comfortable Lifestyle'

2nd September 2011

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin's estranged wife is demanding at least $25,000 (£15,600)-a-month from him as part of their divorce agreement.Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, split from Lois Driggs Cannon, his wife...

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Buzz Aldrin Files Suit Against Stepdaughter

5th August 2011

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin has filed a lawsuit against his stepdaughter over claims she duped him out of cash from his company.Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the moon, split from his...

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Buzz Aldrin Had No Idea Who Shia Labeouf Was At Premiere

1st July 2011

Shia Labeouf was thrilled to meet astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the red carpet at the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon premiere - until he realised the spaceman had no idea who he was.Aldrin has a...

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Aldrin Sued By Estranged Wife And Daughter

21st June 2011

Legendary astronaut-turned-reality TV star Buzz Aldrin is facing a lawsuit from his estranged wife just days after he filed for divorce.Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the Moon, has split from his...

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Buzz Aldrin Files Divorce Papers To End Third Marriage

16th June 2011

One-time man on the moon Buzz Aldrin has split from his third wife and filed for divorce.The astronaut, who was the second man to walk on the moon, married Lois Driggs Cannon on 14 February,...

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Angelina Jolie Louis Vuitton Ad Released

13th June 2011

Angelina Jolie has officially been unveiled as the new face of Louis Vuitton, with a sneak peak of the actress's first ad released today (12th June 2011). Angelina Jolie features in the 'Core Values' campaign,...

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Monaghan Smashes Buzz Aldrin's Speed Record

24th November 2010

LORD OF THE RINGS star DOMINIC MONAGHAN has shot to top of the leader board on American motor show TOP GEAR after racing round a track faster than astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN.The producers of the U.S....

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Tara Reid Back With Ex?

29th July 2010

Tara Reid is believed to have got back with her fiance.The 'American Pie' actress split from German internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann in April - just a month before they were due to get married -...

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The Things They Say 16011

6th April 2010

"I have a softness in my heart for Buzz. I kind of have a crush on him. I haven't (told him), but I just show it to him when I hug. He's just the sweetest...

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Pamela Anderson's Barmaid Dream

2nd April 2010

Pamela Anderson wants to work in a pub.The former 'Baywatch' beauty plans to learn how to pour the perfect pint of beer, so she can get a job working behind the bar if she ever...

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Fascinating Fact 7980

14th September 2009

Spaceman BUZZ ALDRIN, who inspired the MTV Video Music Awards 'Moonman' prize, announced Sunday night's (13Sep09) first honour on the red carpet before this year's prizegiving - for Breakthrough Video. Lessons Learned by Matt &...

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Fascinating Fact 7968

10th September 2009

JIMMY BUFFETT, GEORGE CLOONEY's journalist father NICK and spaceman BUZZ ALDRIN joined presidents BARACK OBAMA and BILL CLINTON and top U.S. broadcasters to pay tribute to revered newsman WALTER KRONKITE in New York on Wednesday...

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Snoop Dogg And Kweli Join Spaceman Aldrin On New Tune

24th June 2009

Rappers SNOOP DOGG and TALIB KWELI have teamed up with famed astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN to give the moon hero's new song an out-of-this world hip-hop twist.Aldrin, the second person to step foot on the moon...

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Fascinating Fact 6057

29th September 2008

History-making astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN is writing his memoirs. Magnificent Desolation: The Long Road Home from the Moon is due to be published next year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission....

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Aldrin Wants Witherspoon In His Biopic

3rd August 2008

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON has been hand-picked by former astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN to play his wife in a film version of his life. Aldrin, the second man to step foot on the moon, is in talks...

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The Boss + The Chairman Join Streep + Buzz In Hall Of Fame

5th May 2008

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, FRANK SINATRA and MERYL STREEP joined celebrated astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN as part of the first class of the New Jersey Hall of Fame on Sunday (04May08). The celebrities joined scientists Thomas Edison and...

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May Slams Bbc For Sky At Night Special

23rd January 2007

Rocker-turned-astronomer BRIAN MAY has slammed the BBC for failing to invest enough money in the forthcoming 50th anniversary edition of star-gazing show THE SKY AT NIGHT. The QUEEN guitarist studied the solar system at London's...

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Fascinating Fact 982

9th February 2006

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN will provide the voice for a sexy Russian fly in animated film FLY ME TO THE MOON. The film features three young houseflies who stow away aboard the Apollo 11...

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Buzz Aldrin Opera In Production

24th June 2005

BUZZ ALDRIN, the second man to walk on the Moon in 1969, is to be the subject of a new opera for British television network CHANNEL 4. Playwright NICHOLAS WRIGHT is determined to tell...

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