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Pharrell Williams Watches Cartoons Before Work

30th September 2013

Pharrell Williams watches cartoons every morning before he starts work.The 'Blurred Lines' hitmaker has a routine he follows every morning which involves him having breakfast while watching the news and then viewing classic 'Looney Tunes'...

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Disney Rabbit Racist? "Rabbit Wouldn't Hug My Child"

By Lorna Greville  | 7th February 2013

A family has filed a lawsuit against Disney after an employee dressed as the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland allegedly refused to hug the family's black children. The family are claiming the employee is...

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Chris Evans Preferred Bugs Bunny To Superheroes

12th April 2012

Chris Evans preferred Bugs Bunny to superhero comics when he was a child.The 30-year-old actor is reprising his role as Captain America in superhero blockbuster 'Avengers Assemble' but although he loves playing Steve Rogers and...

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The Muppets Get Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

21st March 2012

The Muppets have received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Jim Henson-created puppet group - made up of characters Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear among many others - turned...

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Porky, Bugs, Road Runner, Et Al Returning To Tv

20th May 2010

In the face of numerous unsuccessful attempts in recent years to update Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes characters, the studio is planning to debut a new half-hour Looney Tunes Show on its sibling Cartoon Network in...

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Ebert's Voice Returns -- Via Computer

1st March 2010

Film critic Roger Ebert is scheduled to return to television on Tuesday using a voice synthesizer developed by Dr. Matthew Aylett, chief technical officer of Scotland-based CereProc that used old Ebert recordings to produce a...

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Eminem: Rabbit In Rehab

20th May 2009

Eminem felt like Bugs Bunny during his stint in rehab.The 'We Made You' rapper admits his worldwide fame left him feeling like the iconic cartoon character when he checked into a centre in 2005 to...

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Eminem: Spell In Rehab Meant Me Feel Like Bugs Bunny

19th May 2009

Rapper Eminem has revealed his spell in a rehabilitation clinic made him feel like Bugs Bunny due to other patients' treatment of him.The Stan star, whose new album Relapse was released on Monday (May 19th),...

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Izzard's Bugs Bunny Inspiration

12th February 2008

British comedian EDDIE IZZARD has an unusual role model - the actor takes inspiration from cartoon character BUGS BUNNY. The Riches star is a big fan of the Looney Toons rabbit and compares his acting...

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Basic Instinct 2 Leads Way At Razzies

22nd January 2007

Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct 2 and Little Man have led the way in nominations at the Razzies  Hollywood's alternative to the Oscars.Created in 1980 by critic John Wilson, the Golden Raspberry awards pick out...

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Simpsons Voted Top Cartoon

28th February 2005

Animated TV series THE SIMPSONS has beaten 99 TV shows and movies to top the UK's greatest cartoon poll. The long-running comedy show - now in its 16th year - topped the list of...

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Mickey Mouse Is Number One

13th November 2003

Beloved cartoon MICKEY MOUSE has been voted the number one kids' character in a poll of mums and dads. The DISNEY mascot won nearly a quarter in the votes in the survey, conducted by...

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