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Five Other Script Leaks To Make Quentin Tarantino Feel Better

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd January 2014

Film headlines have been awash this week with news of Quentin Tarantino’s seemingly canned project, Hateful Eight, due to a script leak. The mercurial director has been candid in his plans to scrap the movie,...

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Bryan Cranston Owns Sag Awards With Singing Acceptance Speech [Video]

By Lauren James | 20th January 2014

If there was ever any doubt over whether Bryan Cranston was rightfully awarded the Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama award at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, those doubts...

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Breaking Bad Goes Out In Style With Golden Globe Wins

By Jack de Aguilar | 13th January 2014

Breaking Bad departed last year, leaving a slew of wanting fans in its wake. Hailed as one of the best TV shows of its generation, AMC’s meth drama continued the rise of the boxset craze,...

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'12 Years A Slave,' 'American Hustle' And 'Breaking Bad' Among The Big Winners At The 2014 Golden Globe Awards: Full Winners List

By Joe Wilde | 13th January 2014

The 2014 Golden Globes came and went on Sunday, 12 January night as the stars of Hollywood gathered for the first real awards showcase of the year. The event didn't let down, with hosts Tina...

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Golden Globes 2014: 'Breaking Bad' Awarded With 'Best Tv Series' Bryan Crayston Picks Up 'Best Actor'

By Nick Hill | 13th January 2014

AMC's 'Breaking Bad has picked up the coveted prize of 'Best TV Series' at the Golden Globes and lead man Bryan Cranston was awarded with the 'Best Actor in a Drama Series.' The crime drama,...

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A Week In Movies: 12 Years A Slave Leads The Pack, Depp Is On Set In L.a., Plus Peeks At Godzilla, Romances, Comedies And Lemurs

By Rich Cline | 10th January 2014

The big news this week is the further escalation of awards-season fever. Steve McQueen's drama 12 Years a Slave continues to lead the field as the British Academy Film Awards announced its Bafta nominations this...

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Aaron Paul And Bryan Cranston Want To Be A Part Of 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff

By Jaclyn Brandt | 10th January 2014

The end of Breaking Bad may have been the most traumatic event of 2013 for many TV fans. Not because of the actual ending, but because such a loved show would be no longer be...

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Godzilla Trailer Hits At The Dawn Of 2014, The Year Of The Action Blockbuster [Trailer]

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th January 2014

As one of the year’s most anticipated films, we’ve heard very little about Godzilla. But with the latest teaser trailer, we finally have a glimpse at the second American-produced version of the Japanese franchise, the...

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'Breaking Bad' Contest Winner Charged With Drug Possession

By Lauren James | 2nd January 2014

Breaking (Bad) News: a Floridian man who won a contest to watch the final episode of the drama Breaking Bad has been charged with drug possession, according to BBC News.A 'Breaking Bad' Fan Has Been...

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Taylor Swift Leads The Way In The List Of Charitable Stars

By Joe Wilde | 28th December 2013

On the back of arguably her most successful year as a recording artist, 2013 has also seen Taylor Swift give, give and give as she was crowned the most charitable star of 2013. In the...

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'Game Of Thrones' Crowned Most Torrented Show Of 2013

By Joe Wilde | 27th December 2013

Game of Thrones is officially the most illegally downloaded series once again, as the hit HBO drama was named the most pirated television series of 2013 by piracy site TorrentFreak. Taking into account the amount...

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Golden Globes 2014 Celebrates New Shows Over The Old As Television Nominations Are Revealed

By Joe Wilde | 13th December 2013

The nominations for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards were revealed this week and although there were few surprises in the movie nominations; in the television categories however, it's time for change in the established order...

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Chilling 'Godzilla' 2014 Trailer Just Released: The Low-down [Trailer + Pictures]

By Lauren James | 10th December 2013

The trailer for the 2014 remake of Godzilla has finally been released and yes, it does appear that they've gone for the Cloverfield technique of smoke, mirrors and swishing monster tails. However, instead of the...

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Breaking Baby Names: Amc Meth Drama Influences Parents' Naming Decisions

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd December 2013

Forget the philosophers, inventors, revolutionaries, innovators and visionaries from history, fictionalised drug dealers and their wives are the prime influences for the next generation and what we should call them. Breaking Bad’s reach seems to...

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Frankie Muniz Hit By Second Mini-stroke Of The Year

By Lauren James | 27th November 2013

Actor Frankie Muniz has been hit by a worrying second mini-stroke in under a year. The former Malcolm In The Middle star told his fans on Twitter what had happened two days ago: "Almost a...

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'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan Gives His Version Of What Life Might Be Like For Jesse Pinkman After The Finale

By Joe Wilde | 27th November 2013

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan isn't a robot, and he, like us, is just as likely to fret and wonder about the lives of the characters he created for the smash-hit AMC series after the...

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David Blaine Stuns Kanye, Cranston And Aaron Paul With Ice Pick Trick [Video]

By Michael West | 20th November 2013

Illusionist David Blaine has been buried alive, frozen, stranded on a 100ft plinth for 35 days and starved in a Plexiglas case for a month-and-a-half, but his greatest trick may well have been sneaking Michael...

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Forget Malcolm In The Middle, Three Serious 'Breaking Bad Ending' Theories

By Michael West | 18th November 2013

Ok, so we've all had a good laugh at the Breaking Bad alternate ending - Malcolm in the Middle Dad and all that - but it's worth noting that there are some serious theories concerning...

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The Breaking Bad Alternate Ending: Old Hat, But Funny

By Jack de Aguilar | 18th November 2013

If you trawl through forums, you’ll find many Breaking Bad alternate ending jokes, but the most prolific of which is Hal, from Malcolm in The Middle, waking up in the middle of the night from...

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The Alternative Ending For 'Breaking Bad' Is A Laugh Riot

By Joe Wilde | 18th November 2013

Breaking Bad came to an end just weeks ago and still the show continues to capture our attention like it did in the dying episodes of the final season. The latest bit of BB goodness...

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Hilarious 'Breaking Bad' Alternative Ending Leaks Online Ahead Of Box Set Release

By Joe Wilde | 17th November 2013

Before Breaking Bad became the biggest TV phenomenon since, well, TV started, Bryan Cranston was best known as the loveably hapless Hal, from the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Whilst he has gone on...

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Bruce Dern And Forte Snagged 'Nebraska' Roles, Ahead Of De Niro, Cranston

By Michael West | 15th November 2013

After taking it easy with the breezy yet assured The Descendants, Alexander Payne appears to have gotten back his social bite with Nebraska, his road-movie with a difference starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte.Bruce Dern...

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Walter White's Last Act: Fake Breaking Bad Funeral Raises $17k - Locals Aren't Thrilled

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st October 2013

Breaking Bad may have culminated in a thrilling finale last month, but there was one last act in Walter White’s story. Perhaps the only constant in Bryan Cranston’s whirlwind character’s life was ABQ – the...

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Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Could Both Appear In 'Breaking Bad' Spin-off

By Joe Wilde | 17th October 2013

Breaking Bad is over. This is a sad fact that many of us have finally been able to get over since the near-perfect finale was aired earlier this month. But as we already know, show...

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The Hopkins Approval: Is Bryan Cranston The Greatest Actor In The World?

By Michael West | 15th October 2013

Anthony Hopkins' gushing letter of admiration to Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston flagged up an interesting geeky question this week: could the man who stunned as meth cook Walter White be the greatest actor on the...

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Anthony Hopkins Writes A Gushing Review Of Bryan Cranston's 'Breaking Bad' Performance

By Joe Wilde | 15th October 2013

Breaking Bad has no shortage of famous fans, but Sir Anthony Hopkins might just be the biggest name to go on the record and declare out loud just how much of a boss Bryan Cranston...

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Anthony Hopkins: Bryan Cranston Is A "Truly Great Actor"

By Elinor Cosgrave | 15th October 2013

Anthony Hopkins, as well as what seems to be the rest of the world, is mourning the loss of Breaking Bad. Hopkins wrote a letter to Bryan Cranston in which he praised the actor for...

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Albequerque Residents Teaming Up For Walter White's Funeral, All In The Name Of Charity

By Victoria Pavlova | 13th October 2013

Breaking Bad ended up being such a huge success, it’s not surprising that the wake of the series isn’t over yet (“wake” being a key word here). The latest promotional stunt is to be a...

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Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus & Duck Dynasty Most Searched Halloween Costumes Of 2013

By Lauren James | 12th October 2013

In a year where television dramas have kept getting better and better, and viral videos are the fastest way of getting seen by millions, there's little wonder that Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus, Game of Thrones'...

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Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes Dominate Google Searches For 2013

By Michael West | 11th October 2013

Google searches for "Breaking Bad costumes" is unsurprisingly nearly three times higher this year. The search engine's annual list of most searched costumes tell us one thing, that Walter White is going to be at...

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