The UK hit crime-drama Broadchurch, which provided start-of-the-week gossip and flooded social media during its run, is set to clog up the Facebook pages of Americans, reports Reuters.

That's right, Fox are set to adapt the British crime thriller, and if it does anywhere near as well as Downton Abbey - another UK export - Fox could be onto a real winner.

Like the British version, Broadchurch will take place in a sleepy seaside town, suddenly woken by the murder of a young boy. As the flawed police detective (David Tennant) begins to investigate, a web of intrigue stands in the way of justice - classic TV crime thriller fare, sure, but since when did we get bored of that?

No casting decisions have been made yet, but a significant move has been made behind the scenes: Chris Chibnall - the creator of the British series - will be an executive producer and write the first episode, Fox said.

This means it won't lose the bleak hardiness that made the original such a riveting watch. Chibnall is a British TV hero after working on Dr. Who and its spinoff Torchwood.

Watch the UK Broadchurch trailer:

Given the success of Downton, it would appear UK exports to the U.S are as ripe as they'll ever be. The regal period drama has gone down a storm in America, with critical acclaim, record viewing figures and Emmy nominations everywhere.

The show is so popular, P- Diddy expressed a desire to be on it, even mocking up an episode with him as the star!

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