The 81-year-old star, who hosted iconic children's TV show Blue Peter, failed to return from a walk near his home in Andratx, Majorca, leading to his wife Vicky alerting police and putting out an appeal for information.

His spouse confirmed he has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for several years.

She voiced her concern that Noakes was not carrying water on what is believed to be the hottest day of the year in Spain, does not have identification, and cannot speak Spanish.

Vicky says, "I'm just about to talk to the police again and I understand a bigger search is going to start soon with the Guardia Civil taking over from the local police... My concern is that because it's extremely hot here today and he's got no water he'll get dehydrated. I'm concerned that maybe he's had a fall somewhere where someone hasn't been able to find him. If he'd fallen in a street someone would have picked him up and that wouldn't have been a problem. But between where we live and Andratx it's quite rural."

A local police official adds, "He's not been formally reported missing but we are searching for him along with Civil Guard officers. We've been told he's suffering Alzheimer's and disappeared from his home about a mile from Andratx around 8.30am this morning."