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Dancing With The Stars: Sneak Peak At Week 6

By Joe Wilde | 29th October 2012

For Halloween week Dancing With The Stars has the chance to go full on OTT and get away with it, however the actual result isn't as scary as you may have imagined, with the remaining...

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'White Powder' Sent To Dwts For Bristol Palin

By Joe Wilde | 20th October 2012

After her elimination on last weeks episode, Bristol Palin is still at the centre of the attention for the show after it was revealed that a mysterious packed, described only as a kind of 'white...

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Jimmy Kimmel “Not Sorry” For Bristol Palin Mum Jokes

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th October 2012

Jimmy Kimmel offered up an empty apology to Bristol Palin after describing her as “bold” for coming on his show after her elimination from Dancing With The Stars.Palin jigged on stage in a fair approximation...

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Weight Loss Book: Is Sarah Palin Jealous Of Daughter Bristol?

By Hayley Avron | 11th October 2012

Is Sarah Palin getting jealous of her daughter’s time in the limelight? Or is she simply trying to capitalise on it for her own gain? Either way, Sarah Palin is writing a fitness book. Yes....

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‘Stop Being On Tv’: Anderson Cooper Not Convinced By Bristol Palin ‘Meltdown’

By Hayley Avron | 10th October 2012

Anderson Cooper is not convinced by Bristol Palin’s ‘meltdown’ on Dancing With the Stars. Bristol was shown having an argument with her dance partner Mark Ballas, accusing him of not wanting her as his dance...

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Dwts Bust-up: Are Mark Ballas And Bristol Palin Really Friends Again?

By Hayley Avron | 9th October 2012

Have Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas really put their bust-up behind them? Or are the smiles all for show? Mark Ballas has been pretty chivalrous, as he spoke to the press about falling out with...

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Mark Ballas On Bristol Palin’S Dancing With The Stars Meltdown

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th October 2012

It was a bad week for Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars. The 21-year old posted the lowest scores of the night and had a bit of a tantrum. Mark Ballas, who was on...

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Note Sent To 'Dancing With The Stars': Remove Bristol Palin, Or Else

By Michael West | 8th October 2012

The FBI and LAPD have been called in after Dancing With The Stars contestant Bristol Palin - the daughter of Sarah - received a 'suspicious package' at the CBS studio lot in West Hollywood last...

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Mysterious Package Sent To Bristol Palin Being Treated Seriously By Officials

By Contributor | 8th October 2012

Bristol Palin's appearance on Dancing With The Stars took on sinister undertones last week when a parcel was delivered to the daughter of Presidential candidate running mate Sarah Palin containing a mysterious substance and also...

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Dancing With The Stars Update: Joey Fatone Out!

By Michael West | 3rd October 2012

Joey Fatone is the latest of the Dancing With The Stars contestants to bite the dust, as the ex-N Sync boy-bander was voted off the show, reports The Washington Post. He didn’t seem too perturbed,...

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First ‘9’ On Dancing With The Stars, Courtesy Of Sabrina Bryan

By Hayley Avron | 2nd October 2012

Dancing With The Stars Season 15 had its first ‘9’ score last night (October 1, 2012), courtesy of girl band singer Sabrina Bryan. Her routine, with Louis Van Amstel, had the judges in rapture, especially...

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Season 15 Of Dancing With The Star Stars Monday With Special Guest Justin Bieber

By Joe Wilde | 22nd September 2012

The fifteenth season of Dancing With the Stars will begin on Monday 24th 2012, the first series consisting of 'All Stars' - that is, they are contestants who have appeared on the show before.Among some...

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