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Newsy Week Helps Nightly Newscasts

18th February 2010

Ratings for all three network nightly newscasts shot up last week thanks to the Vancouver Olympics (and the earlier tragic accident that took the life of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili), the East Coast snowstorm, and...

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Grammys Shine In Ratings

3rd February 2010

The Grammy Awards were back in the spotlight last week as 25.87 million viewers tuned in to CBS's Sunday-night telecast, up 35 percent from last year, when the telecast attracted 19 million, according to Nielsen...

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Fox Crushes Rivals With Football, Idol

27th January 2010

Scoring the highest ratings for a non-Super Bowl NFL telecast in 28 years, Sunday's telecast of the NFC Championship Game between Minnesota and New Orleans easily beat everything else on television last week as it...

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Saturday Night Lives

20th January 2010

Conventional thinking in the front offices of the television networks that few people are willing to spend Saturdays in front of their TV sets was dealt a blow last week when CBS coverage of the...

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Nbc Again Has No. 1 Telecast -- But What Now?

6th January 2010

NBC's coverage of the final NFL game of the regular season was the most-watched telecast of the week as it attracted 16.3 million viewers, but it did little to lift NBC out of the weekly...

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Football Is Nbc's Biggest Xmas Present

30th December 2009

During a typical week of pre-Christmas reruns, the broadcast networks last week saw a huge drop in viewers, save for the football telecasts. Some 19.04 million viewers tuned for NBC's telecast of the Dallas-Washington Sunday...

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Ratings Cbs Swamps The Competition

23rd December 2009

CBS made it almost a clean sweep in last week's ratings competition. Of the top 15 entertainment shows, CBS accounted for 14 of them. Its Monday-night Big Bang Theory and its Tuesday-night The Good Wife...

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Football Fans Control The Remote

9th December 2009

Sunday Night Football on NBC continued to trounce every other program on network TV last week as coverage of the Minnesota Vikings/Arizona Cardinals game attracted 20.89 million viewers. By contrast, the No. 2 show, CBS's...

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How Will Comcast Deal Affect Nbc News?

8th December 2009

Former Hard Copy host Barry Nolan, who became an anchor for Comcast Cable's CN8 channel -- and was fired by Comcast after protesting a local Emmy award to Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly -- has...

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Larry King To Interview Alleged Gate-crashers

27th November 2009

CNN's Larry King has landed an interview with the Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, who managed to slip through security on November 24 to attend President Obama's first state dinner without an invitation. They...

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Nbc's Brian Williams Praises Daily Show 'S Jon Stewart

20th November 2009

Writing in Newsweek, NBC' anchor Brian Williams suggests that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show have had a profound influence on television news in general and his own newscast in particular. "On occasion, when we've...

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World Series Nabs Top Ratings Score

11th November 2009

The World Series made a surprise comeback last week, drawing an average of 19.4 million viewers and peaking in Game 6 with 22.3 million, according to final figures released this week by Nielsen Research. Last...

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Sawyer Interview Draws 8.2 Million Viewers

9th November 2009

Diane Sawyer's interview with Rhianna, in which the pop singer spoke for the first time about being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, drew over 8.2 million viewers Friday night, making it the second-highest-rated show...

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Baseball Dominates Ratings

4th November 2009

The national pastime dominated the national primetime last week as Fox's coverage of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies scored strongly with viewers. In USA Today, writer Michael Hiestand,...

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Cbs Looks Down Again On Its Rivals

21st October 2009

CBS continued to dominate the ratings last week among both overall households and younger viewers, with its NCIS holding the top spot for the fourth week in a row and the spin-off, NCIS Los Angeles...

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In Latest Ratings, Cbs Remains Powerful; Nbc, Weak

14th October 2009

CBS's long-running NCIS and its spin-off NCIS Los Angeles dealt a powerful one-two punch to their competition last week. Together with The Good Wife , they captured every half hour of primetime last Tuesday night...

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Nbc Thrown For A Loss In New Season

7th October 2009

NBC, which showed off some muscle during the summer and then made a grand entrance into the new season with its new Jay Leno Show, Sunday Night Football, and the wind-up of America's Got Talent,...

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Nbc's Peacock Flies Again

16th September 2009

It was just like the old days of "Must See TV" last week as NBC dominated the top of the Nielsen ratings list with seven of the top ten shows. Those shows were either episodes...

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Ratings Remain In Gutter As Summer Season Draws To An End

10th September 2009

The broadcast networks are ending their summer season on a low note. In fact ratings for some shows were so low last week that they were easily bested by some cable fare. Once again, NBC's...

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Even With Top Three Shows, Nbc Can't Beat Cbs

2nd September 2009

NBC took the top three spots in the Nielsen ratings last week, with two episodes of America's Got Talent , followed by pre-season football. But it was all CBS after that among the top ten...

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News Reports Remain Aligned As Before

19th August 2009

Among the evening newscasts, the results were little changed with NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams retaining the lead with 7.35 million viewers. ABC World News With Charles Gibson placed second with 6.74 million, while...

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News Ratings Outshine Primetime

12th August 2009

Among the nightly newscasts, the lineup remained fairly static. NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams once again wound up in the lead with 7.57 million viewers, well ahead of most leading primetime programs on any...

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Leno "I'm Not Here To Save Nbc"

6th August 2009

Jay Leno won't be trying to replicate the Tonight show when his nightly variety show begins airing next month, he told the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena Wednesday. Most obvious his desk will...

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Nbc At Top Of Nielsens, But Cbs Wins Week

5th August 2009

NBC returned to the head of the class last week as America's Got Talent occupied the first, second and ninth positions on Nielsen Research's weekly network ratings chart. The network fared less well with the...

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News Rankings Stay The Same

29th July 2009

Among the evening newscasts, NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams continued to lead with an average of 7.64 million viewers. ABC World News with Charles Gibson remained in second place with 6.68 million viewers, while...

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Fox Tops Nielsens; Loses Viewers

22nd July 2009

Fox posted terrific ratings for its telecast of Major League Baseball's All-Star Game last week, but overall, its audience for the week shrank 13 percent from the comparable week a year ago. In fact, all...

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Viewers Fleeing Broadcast Networks

17th July 2009

If the broadcast networks are experiencing a distressing drop in ad sales, they cannot blame the problem entirely on the recession, the latest Nielsen ratings indicate. While three of the four -- CBS was the...

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Couric Draws Smallest Audience Yet

10th June 2009

Among the nightly newscasts, NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams took a strong lead, capturing an average of 8 million viewers a night, far better than most primetime programs on any network. ABC's World News...

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News Special Gives Nbc Rare Win

4th June 2009

Aside from its Law & Order franchise, NBC's scripted programming continues to be whipped by the competition. News is another matter, however, with NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams regularly pulling audiences that are larger...

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Nbc Narrowly Wins Nightly News Race

13th May 2009

The number of viewers who tuned in to the network nightly newscasts last week fell sharply from the previous week, but NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams continued to lead ABC World News With Charles...

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