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Palma And Film Boss Argue At Festival

11th October 2007

Maverick director BRIAN DE PALMA shocked film fans after he became embroiled in a public war of words with the boss of his new movie. The Carrie filmmaker is furious photos of real life G.I.s...

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Tarantino Brands De Palma 'Commercial Cop-out'

19th September 2007

Moviemaker QUENTIN TARANTINO has branded fellow Hollywood heavyweight BRIAN DE PALMA "desperate" for his bid to appeal to mass audiences. The Pulp Fiction director believes De Palma, whose credits include Scarface and The Untouchables,...

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Ang Lee's Den Of Lions

10th September 2007

For the second time in three years, a film by Taiwanese director Ang Lee has won the top Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival. His controversial Chinese-language drama Lust, Caution, which drew an...

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De Palma's Film Ignites Praise, Comdemnation

3rd September 2007

Director Brian De Palma's latest film, based on the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi teenager by U.S. troops and the slaughter of her family, has received widespread admiration from critics attending the Venice...

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Cage Joins Untouchables Prequel

14th May 2007

Actor NICOLAS CAGE has signed up to star as Al Capone in filmmaker BRIAN DE PALMA's prequel to THE UNTOUCHABLES. Cage, reuniting with his Snake Eyes director, will play the real-life crime boss in The...

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Fascinating Fact 2321

28th October 2006

The 1973 ultra-violent, cult thriller that launched the careers of director BRIAN DE PALMA and SUPERMAN star MARGOT KIDDER is in the middle of a remake, starring CHLOE SEVIGNY. Producer EDWARD R PRESSMAN has returned...

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Sony Gangs Up On Rivals

19th September 2006

It may only have taken in $14.4 million, but like a football game won by a single field goal, Gridiron Gang became the 10th Sony film of the year to reach No. 1 at the...

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De Palma Defends Movie Violence

19th September 2006

Veteran director BRIAN DE PALMA has hit back at critics who claim his movies feature too much violence. THE BLACK DAHLIA film-maker insists audiences have wrongly come to expect extreme violence from his films ever...

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Movie Reviews: The Black Dahlia

15th September 2006

One thing about the Black Dahlia that critics seem to agree on: it's stylish. Brian De Palma gets credit for that, along with production designer Dante Ferretti and cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond. But most of them...

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Johansson: 'Love Scenes With Hartnett Were Awkward'

12th September 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON's screen sex scenes with boyfriend JOSH HARTNETT were less than romantic - she insists they were like "organised boxing matches". The curvy actress found shooting raunchy moments with Hartnett in new film THE...

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De Palma Slams 'Simple' Tv

8th September 2006

Hollywood director BRIAN DE PALMA has lashed out at movies and TV shows that simplify complex crimes to attract a mainstream audience. The movie-maker's latest film, THE BLACK DAHLIA, follows two detectives investigating the real...

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Ellroy Approves Dahlia Adaptation

5th September 2006

American novelist JAMES ELLROY is delighted with BRIAN DE PALMA's big screen adaptation of his best-selling novel THE BLACK DAHLIA. Ellroy, whose books LA CONFIDENTIAL and WONDER BOYS have also been turned into movies, is...

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Controversy Dogs Opening Of Venice Film Festival

31st August 2006

The Venice Film Festival appeared awash in controversy Wednesday as it kicked off with the world premiere of Brian De Palma's The Black Dahlia, starring Scarlett Johansson. Organizers of Rome's film festival, scheduled for Oct....

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Johansson: 'Sexiness Doesn't Distract'

30th August 2006

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has angrily dismissed claims her steamy sex scene in new movie THE BLACK DAHLIA is an unnecessary distraction. The 21-year-old beauty plays the woman caught between cops JOSH HARTNETT and AARON ECKHART, who...

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Black Dahlia Legend Continues To Grow

25th August 2006

The mysterious death of actress ELIZABETH SHORT is to feature in yet another Hollywood movie after New Line studio bosses bought up the rights to former Los Angeles detective STEVE HODEL's recollection of the case....

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History-based Movies To Premiere At Venice Film Festival

27th July 2006

Movies based on historical events will take front and center at this year's Venice Film Festival -- and the stars that appear in them will be on hand for the screenings, festival officials indicated today...

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Fascinating Fact 1846

26th July 2006

Veteran director BRIAN DE PALMA' forthcoming film THE BLACK DAHLIA, which stars SCARLETT JOHANSSON, JOSH HARTNETT and HILARY SWANK, has been selected to open the Venice Film Festival in Italy next month (AUG06).

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De Palma Movie Set For Remake

14th April 2006

Veteran film director BRIAN DE PALMA's 1973 movie SISTERS is set for a remade, with film-maker DOUGLAS BUCK claiming he will fill his project with both "style and substance". The remake will star French actress...

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Johansson Moves In With Hartnett

20th December 2005

Hollywood beauty SCARLETT JOHANSSON's relationship with JOSH HARTNETT is going so well, she's reportedly moved into his New York City apartment. The sexy couple began dating in April (05) after meeting on the set...

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Connery To Be Awarded Top Afi Honour

11th November 2005

Veteran actor SIR SEAN CONNERY is to be awarded the American Film Institute's (AFI) Life Achievement Award to honour his outstanding contribution to film. Scottish Connery is most famous for his role as superspy...

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Johansson Speaks Of 'Lovely' Hartnett

22nd August 2005

Hollywood star SCARLETT JOHANSSON has broken her silence over her budding relationship with JOSH HARTNETT, declaring the heart-throb "lovely". The LOST IN TRANSLATION actress, 20, and Harnett, 27, began dating in April (05) after...

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De Palma To Retouch The Untouchables

28th June 2005

Movie mogul BRIAN DE PALMA is revisiting his epic gangster film THE UNTOUCHABLES almost 20 years after it became a huge hit. The filmmaker is keen to make prequel THE UNTOUCHABLES: CAPONE RISING in...

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Pacino Stars In Scarface Video Game

22nd April 2005

Hollywood veteran AL PACINO is returning to his legendary gangster role as TONY MONTANA - for a computer game. The 64-year-old screen icon will be reprising his villainous SCARFACE persona in the game based...

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Ellroy: 'Johansson Is A Stupid Kid'

24th March 2005

Writer JAMES ELLROY has slammed Hollywood actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON, insisting she is too young to portray the femme fatale lead in a new screen version of his 1940s based novel THE BLACK DAHLIA. The...

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Penn's Hair From Hell

8th March 2005

Volatile screen hunk SEAN PENN is still bitter about his shocking haircut, as he played DAVID KLEINFELD in 1993 cult movie CARLITO'S WAY. Director BRIAN DE PALMA insisted that Penn, who played a corrupt...

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De Palma In Trouble Over Auditions

10th February 2005

Movie-maker BRIAN DE PALMA has sparked outrage by sending out a casting call inviting a teen actress to appear in explicit sex scenes - as a 13-year-old. The UNTOUCHABLES director and producer ART LINSON...

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Hartnett And Wahlberg Sign Up For Thriller

14th January 2005

Hollywood hunks JOSH HARTNETT and MARK WAHLBERG will uncover the dark side of LA in new film THE BLACK DAHLIA. The twosome have signed up to play boxers-turned-cops in the movie, which is based...

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Combs Wins Carlito's Way Role Without Auditioning

28th October 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS secured his co-starring role in prequel CARLITO'S WAY: THE BEGINNING without even having to audition for the part. Entrepreneur Combs recently wowed New York audiences with his performance...

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Combs In Talks For Carlito's Way Prequel

19th October 2004

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is in negotiations to co-star in CARLITO'S WAY: THE BEGINNING, the prequel to director BRIAN DE PALMA's 1993 drama CARLITO'S WAY. The story focuses on the early drug-dealing...

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De Niro Gets Untouchable Again

5th July 2004

Movie legend ROBERT DE NIRO is reprising his role as gangster AL CAPONE in a spin-off of 1987 film THE UNTOUCHABLES. De Niro will appear alongside KEVIN COSTNER - reprising his role as policeman...

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