Brian Dowling, the Irish television presenter and former Big Brother star, was robbed at knifepoint by "hoodies" on Thursday night (March 25, 2012). Dowling, 33, was approached by the group just yards from his flat - they took his wallet, phone and some cash, reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
The shaken presenter is currently recovering from the incident, saying, "They emptied the contents of my wallet, went through my pockets and took my phone.I was terrified. I live in a lovely area, it was only nine at night and was only 30 seconds from my apartment". Dowling said he didn't expect to be mugged given that he lives on a "quiet residential street". Reliving the shocking incident, the presenter said he first thought the perpetrators were holding a gun to his throat, before noticing the blade, saying, "All I could think of was, 'Are they going to stab me?" Though he noticed passers-by on the opposite side of the street, Brian said he was too terrified to yell for help, so let the muggers flee with the contents of his pockets. He then staggered to his flat in South West London, saying, "I felt physically sick when I got home".