A 29-year-old man has reportedly been arrested on charges of breaking and entering into the car of Breaking Bad star Brian Cranston and stealing a script for the show.

Wow, we know Breaking Bad is good, but that good? Well, the thief also took Cranston’s iPad, but we assume the script would have fetched a heftier price on the TV script black market (or, you know, ebay). Xavier McAfee won’t get to enjoy the cash from behind bars though. That’s assuming he’s found guilty, of course.

The man reportedly broke into Cranston’s car in late December last year, while the vehicle was left in a parking lot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Unfortunately neither the script, nor any of the other stolen items have been recovered thus far. The list includes the iPad, Cranston’s shoulder bag and “miscellaneous personal items”. Hopefully those were refundable though, and now all that’s left to worry about are possible Breaking Bad spoilers hitting the web. Now that would be a tragedy.

Brian Cranston, Directors Guild Awards
Cranston had his car broken into in December 2012

 The show is back for its fifth and final season this fall and its legions of loyal fans probably wouldn’t be too happy, if the plot got leaked early on. AMC officials still haven’t commented on the theft or the arrest.