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Darren Aronofsky Confirmed To Direct Robocop Remake

25th July 2008

Robocop is to return to the streets with a reboot directed by Darren Aronofsky, it has been confirmed.MGM Studios has revealed that longstanding rumours that Aronofsky, helmer of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream,...

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The Things They Say:

21st July 2008

"I didn't think I was still relevant for a 15 year old to ask me to do her video. I thought I was an old man now, and did movies. But it was so much...

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Ratner To Tell Sinatra Valet Story With Tucker

16th July 2008

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER is set to reteam with RUSH HOUR star CHRIS TUCKER to take the story of FRANK SINATRA's valet to the big screen. Ratner will direct and produce the film adaptation of George...

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Fascinating Fact 5623

11th July 2008

Hollywood director BRETT RATNER has enlisted LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI to pose in a bikini for the world's first Jewish swimsuit calendar. Ratner is serving as guest editor at Jewish magazine Heeb for...

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French Labour Laws Force Ratner's Movie Set Back To La

30th June 2008

Hollywood moviemaker BRETT RATNER ran into trouble when directing his blockbuster film RUSH HOUR 3 - because the French government enforced strict labour laws which made filming nearly impossible. Ratner chose to shoot the third...

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Beverly Hills Cop Set For Fourth Screen Outing

29th May 2008

Axel Foley will be returning to movie screens after Paramount Studios approved plans for a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie.Eddie Murphy is to reprise his role as the Detroit-born detective while Rush Hour director Brett...

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Ratner Plans Video Game Movies

25th May 2008

Filmmaker BRETT RATNER is planning to make a string of video-game inspired movies, after signing a deal with developer Activision. The Rush Hour director's new company, Brett Ratner Brands, has created commercials for new Activision...

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Fascinating Fact 5339

20th May 2008

BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE took time out of the Cannes Film Festival in France to enjoy a meal with celebrity pals CLINT EASTWOOD, SIR MICK JAGGER and BRETT RATNER on the Cotes d'Azur....

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The Things They Say 8222

5th May 2008

"I think he's still mad at me because I wouldn't testify at his (child molestation) trial." Hollywood director BRETT RATNER has written off his chances of working with MICHAEL JACKSON anytime soon....

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Ratner's Central Park Woes

5th May 2008

Director BRETT RATNER ran into trouble when producing his contribution for forthcoming movie NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU - because authorities in the city enforced strict rules about filming in the famous Central Park. The...

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Labeouf And Christie Sign Up For New York, I Love You

10th April 2008

Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie and John Hurt are the latest stars to sign up to appear in New York, I Love You, a collection of 12 short films set in each of the city's five...

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Kapur To Take The Helm Of Minghella's Last Project

26th March 2008

Acclaimed director SHEKHAR KAPIR is to take over directing duties on the late ANTHONY MINGHELLA's last project.The ELIZABETH director will take charge of Minghella's segment of the upcoming film NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU...

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The Things They Say 7253

20th February 2008

"This is like when THRILLER came out - the anticipation is ridiculous." Moviemaker BRETT RATNER on MARIAH CAREY's new video TOUCH MY BODY, which he directs.

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Ratner Stunned By Carey's Hot Body

19th February 2008

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER can't wait to release MARIAH CAREY's new TOUCH MY BODY video next week (beg25Feb08) - because he's convinced the world will wow over the sexy singer's toned new look. Ratner directs the...

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Chan Planning To Produce U.s. Films In China

20th November 2007

Jackie Chan disclosed Monday that he and his Rush Hour director Brett Ratner are setting up a Chinese-based film company that will make films for release to the American market. Writing in his blog, Chan...

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Marsden In The Box

2nd November 2007

James Marsden's career resurgence is to continue with a starring role in upcoming horror movie The Box, it has emerged.After his character Cyclops was tossed aside without a blink in Brett Ratner's disappointing X Men...

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Butler Escapes New York

31st October 2007

Gerard Butler has quit the upcoming remake of Escape from New York over 'creative differences', reports claim.The 300 star signed up to follow in Kurt Russell's footsteps as Snake Plissken in the New Line remake...

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Rush Hour Pair Team Up For Sinatra Story

20th September 2007

CHRIS TUCKER is to play FRANK SINATRA's longtime valet GEORGE JACOBS in a new movie by his RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER. Tucker has been spending time with Jacobs in Las Vegas to prepare for...

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The Things They Say 5508

5th September 2007

"BRETT RATNER's directing, BRIAN GRAZER is producing. They've talked about HUGH JACKMAN to play me." Playboy boss HUGH HEFNER on plans for a new movie about his life....

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Ratner Recreates Newton's Iconic Newton-john Pose

30th August 2007

Director BRETT RATNER has conjured up late photographer HELMUT NEWTON's iconic topless image of OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN holding a riding crop for a new advertising campaign. The Rush Hour director shot photos of supermodel HEIDI KLUM...

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Paris Problems For Ratner

27th August 2007

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER has warned his peers about shooting films in Paris, France after falling foul of the country's strict union laws while making RUSH HOUR 3. The director reveals producers were forced to pay...

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The Things They Say 5380

15th August 2007

"I'm a pretty normal guy. I'm very serious about my work. I do have a disco in my basement, but I didn't put it there. It was in the house when I bought it." Moviemaker...

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Ratner's Cash Woes?

15th August 2007

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER is demanding a $10 million (GBP5 million) fee to direct a movie after "running low" on money, according to reports. The director made a reported $ 7 million (GBP3.5million) for his work...

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Traffic Slows For Rush Hour 3

14th August 2007

Ordinarily a film that grosses $49.1 million in its opening weekend is considered a probable moneymsker, but some box-office analysts are suggesting that the results for Rush Hour 3 are not only disappointing but probably...

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Rush Hour Tops U.k Box Office

14th August 2007

BRETT RATNER's new movie RUSH HOUR 3 has raced to the top the U.K and Ireland box office. The action adventure, which stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, earned GBP2.73 million ($5.46 million) in its...

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Ratner Plans All-black Ocean's Eleven

13th August 2007

RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER is set to revisit Rat Pack classic OCEAN'S ELEVEN - with EDDIE MURPHY, CHRIS TUCKER and CHRIS ROCK fronting an all-black cast. Unlike the original and George Clooney and Brad...

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Ratner Chooses Paris For Rush Hour 3 To Appease Battling Stars

13th August 2007

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER moved the location to RUSH HOUR 3 to Paris, France because his stars didn't want to shoot the film on their native continents. Film star Jackie Chan admits he was all set...

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The Things They Say 5352

9th August 2007

"It took 20 years to build the pyramids, 13 years to build Mount Rushmore, 13 years to lose my virginity, and it took CHRIS TUCKER six years to get on a plane to Paris." RUSH...

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Ratner's Transvestite Experience

7th August 2007

Director BRETT RATNER has confessed he based a scene in his upcoming movie RUSH HOUR 3 on a sexual encounter he once had with a transvestite. The filmmaker claims a scene where Chris Tucker's...

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Ratner's Gay Experience

6th August 2007

One of director BRETT RATNER's first sexual experiences was with a man dressed in drag - who he initially thought was a woman. Ratner insists he isn't ashamed of the experience and has written it...

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