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Lily Collins On For Snow White Role

4th April 2011

Lily Collins is to star as Snow White in a movie version of the classic fairytale. The daughter of British musician Phil Collins is best known for her role as Sandra Bullock's daughter in sporting...

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'Queasy' Nick Cannon Worried About Birth

24th March 2011

Nick Cannon is convinced he will "faint" when wife Mariah Carey gives birth.The 30-year-old presenter admits he feels uncomfortable in hospitals and is concerned about how he will react when he is supposed to be...

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Mariah Carey Loved Unforgettable Shower

10th March 2011

Mariah Carey will "never forget" her baby shower.The singer and her husband Nick Cannon - whose twins, a boy and a girl, are due at the end of next month - celebrated their impending new...

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Julia Roberts To Star As Evil Queen In Snow White?

4th February 2011

JULIA ROBERTS is currently in negotiations to play the 'Evil Queen' in a forthcoming Snow White adaptation.JULIA ROBERTS, the 43-year-old OSCAR winning actress, is in talks to play the 'Evil Queen' in TASEM SINGH's movie...

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Casey Affleck In Tower Heist

27th October 2010

Casey Affleck has joined the cast of 'Tower Heist'.The actor will appear alongside Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Pena in the new action-comedy movie, which will be directed by Brett Ratner.The movie...

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Gabourey Sidibe To Star Alongside Ben Stiller In New Comedy

21st October 2010

GABOUREY SIDIBE, the 24-year old Oscar nominated actress, is set to star alongside BEN STILLER in the forthcoming action-comedy movie, 'Tower Heist', reports Entertainment Weekly.The film, which also features ALAN ALDA and EDDIE MURPHY, sees...

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Natalie Portman To Bring Edge To Snow White

1st October 2010

Natalie Portman is reportedly being lined up for an "adult" version of 'Snow White'.The 'Closer' actress is said to be keen to take the titular role in the upcoming film 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White', which...

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Natalie Portman Set For Edgy Snow White?

22nd September 2010

Natalie Portman is "interested" in playing an edgy Snow White.The 'Black Swan' actress is reportedly eyeing up the lead role in 'Brothers Grimm: Snow White', producer Brett Ratner's reimagining of the classic fairytale, Pajiba reports....

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Ratner Backs New York After Allen Snub

25th August 2010

Movie director BRETT RATNER has voiced his support for New York City after WOODY ALLEN sensationally snubbed his hometown by declaring it too expensive to film in.Allen, who was born and raised in New York...

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Love Almost Landed Carey On Comeback Track

2nd February 2010

MARIAH CAREY and COURTNEY LOVE almost teamed up for one of the most bizarre musical collaborations ever after meeting at moviemaker BRETT RATNER's Hollywood home.The rocker was playing her new Hole tune Samantha for Ratner...

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Justin Timberlake's Flirty Evening

10th December 2009

Justin Timberlake has been seen flirting with a string of women during a night out in New York.The 'SexyBack' singer, who has denied rumours of a split with his actress girlfriend Jessica Biel, reportedly looked...

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Fascinating Fact 8297

5th November 2009

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER has opened up his snapshot collection in his new online magazine Rat-Mag. The Rush Hour director's limited edition publication, available through the initiative, features shots of Ratner with Michael Jackson, moguls...

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Ratner Snaps Model Girlfriend Naked For Playboy

13th October 2009

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER has photgraphed his girlfriend naked for a bizarre new Playboy spread.Victoria's Secret model Alina Puscau bared all for the Rush Hour director and posed provocatively with a mannequin for a series of...

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Ratner To Release 'The Real Wrestler'

12th October 2009

Filmmaker BRETT RATNER is releasing never-before-seen footage of MICKEY ROURKE that has been dubbed "the real WRESTLER".When Rourke quit acting to pursue a boxing career in 1991, pal Ratner followed him with a camera, shooting...

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Ratner Blasts X-men Critics

12th October 2009

Director BRETT RATNER has blasted comic book fans who criticised X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and laughed off his reputation as the "geek's Anti-Christ".Die-hard fans of the Marvel series were sceptical when Ratner was chosen to...

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Ratner Puts Personal Paraplegic Sex Encounter Into New Film

26th September 2009

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER lost his virginity to a paraplegic dangling from a tree - and now he has turned the sexual encounter into a scene in his latest film.The Rush Hour director reveals his odd...

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Ratner Loses Out In Vegas

7th September 2009

RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER has been left out of pocket after losing money on a Las Vegas investment.The moviemaker invested his cash in the new Fontainebleau resort in Sin City, which is being developed...

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Fame Director Tackles Blade Runner Territory With Ratner

26th August 2009

Choreographer-turned-director KEVIN TANCHAROEN is teaming up with young movie mogul BRETT RATNER to create a new fantasy sci-fi world for the big screen.Ratner will produce the FAME director's new movie Arcana, which Tancharoen reveals will...

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Ratner: 'Pattinson Is Superhero Material'

14th August 2009

TWILIGHT star ROBERT PATTINSON has been tipped to swap his vampire fangs for a superhero cape in producer/director BRETT RATNER's upcoming movie adaptation of graphic novel YOUNGBLOOD.Ratner is still working on the script for the...

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Massacre Director To Tackle Conan Remake

12th June 2009

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE director MARCUS NISPEL has given the CONAN THE BARBARIAN remake a boost by signing on to replace BRETT RATNER.Ratner became the latest moviemaker to pass on the film after he reportedly...

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Fascinating Fact 7046

24th March 2009

RUSH HOUR director BRETT RATNER is to launch a new publishing house with three new book reprints. The 40-year-old director/producer's Rat Press will focus on Hollywood stars. The first tomes, released in America later this...

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Fascinating Fact 6323

6th November 2008

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER has designed a new Ernst Benz watch....

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Klum Dances To Cruise Tune In New Guitar Hero Ad

4th November 2008

Supermodel HEIDI KLUM has been indulging in a little RISKY BUSINESS for moviemaker BRETT RATNER - performing TOM CRUISE's famous film moves for a new Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial. Dressed in a shirt, underpants...

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Axel F Tune Will Be Back For Beverly Hills Cop Iv

11th September 2008

Composer-producer HAROLD FALTERMEYER's synth-pop BEVERLY HILLS COP anthem AXEL F is set for yet another revamp - moviemaker BRETT RATNER plans to bring the catchy tune back when he makes the fourth film in the...

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Ratner + Polanski Visit Auschwitz

2nd September 2008

Jewish filmmakers BRETT RATNER and ROMAN POLANSKI have teamed up to visit the concentration camp where the exiled director's mother was killed during World War II. Ratner thought he was just joining his friend for...

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Darren Aronofsky Confirmed To Direct Robocop Remake

25th July 2008

Robocop is to return to the streets with a reboot directed by Darren Aronofsky, it has been confirmed.MGM Studios has revealed that longstanding rumours that Aronofsky, helmer of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream,...

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The Things They Say:

21st July 2008

"I didn't think I was still relevant for a 15 year old to ask me to do her video. I thought I was an old man now, and did movies. But it was so much...

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Ratner To Tell Sinatra Valet Story With Tucker

16th July 2008

Moviemaker BRETT RATNER is set to reteam with RUSH HOUR star CHRIS TUCKER to take the story of FRANK SINATRA's valet to the big screen. Ratner will direct and produce the film adaptation of George...

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Fascinating Fact 5623

11th July 2008

Hollywood director BRETT RATNER has enlisted LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's model girlfriend BAR RAFAELI to pose in a bikini for the world's first Jewish swimsuit calendar. Ratner is serving as guest editor at Jewish magazine Heeb for...

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French Labour Laws Force Ratner's Movie Set Back To La

30th June 2008

Hollywood moviemaker BRETT RATNER ran into trouble when directing his blockbuster film RUSH HOUR 3 - because the French government enforced strict labour laws which made filming nearly impossible. Ratner chose to shoot the third...

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