The creator of Tv hit Breaking Bad is cooking up plans to reboot the show in a spin-off series.

The popular drama, which stars Bryan Cranston as a disillusioned school chemistry teacher who turns to making drugs to pay for his cancer treatment, will come to an end later this year (13) following the conclusion of season five in the autumn (13).

However, the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, has revealed he is working on a spin-off centred on Bob Odenkirk's shifty lawyer character Saul Goodman.

Gilligan insists he hasn't agreed a deal to bring the spin-off to Tv, but he is devoting all his free time to the project.

He tells Yahoo Tv, "Nothing's written in stone, but we are working away on it. My writer and producer, Peter Gould, who created the character of Saul way back in Season 2, he and I have been talking, trying to figure out what a Saul Goodman show would look like. What would be the details of it, the particulars of it? And we're getting together to hash that out every chance we get..."

Gilligan admits they haven't yet decided whether to continue the story after the end of Breaking Bad, or create a prequel revealing the lawyer's shady background.

He adds, "We just have to figure out exactly what kind of story we're telling. Is it a story about his creation of his own character? Because Saul Goodman, as he explains in his first episode, is not his real name... Do we tell the story of his origins? We're still trying to hash that out. But there are a lot of fun possibilities."

Breaking Bad will conclude in the U.S. in September (13).