Branson Donates Billions To Battle Global Warming

British tycoon SIR RICHARD BRANSON is to donate circa $4.3 billion (GBP2.4 billion) to fight climate change. The Virgin boss yesterday (20SEP06) confirmed he plans to divert all profits from the company's air and train businesses over the next decade towards finding alternative energy methods to coal and oil. Speaking to an audience, including former US President BILL CLINTON, at a Global Initiative summit in New York, he said, "Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents, and they from their parents. "We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment."


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You know what, you can take or leave the Brangelinas of this world, the way they use their fake beneficiaries to salve their guilty shame over their appalling immoral behaviour in their real lives. But it's THIS right here that shows TRUE magnanimity; the kind those fake tabloid tarts use to sweeten their assinine pots.I have developed a newfound respect for a true patriot, a true benefactor, a true human being. Thank you, Mr Branson.
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MY COMMENT.SOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING AND MY UNDERSTANDING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. I understand that global warming is the problem of the graduatrise in temprature in the earth atmosphere,it happend because camicals have come into use and fined there way into our atmosphere like carbon dioxide and other gas.An example of this is motor vehicles it made travel quicker and easier in other hand have contributed a host of problems that affect mutiple areas of life. True is the statement of the human development. SCIENTISTS BELIEVEScientists belived that higher temperatures will result in incresed precipitation, with a greater frequency to extreme weather.some fell that severe stroms like the one that took 90 lives and ruined 270 million tress in France in 1999 are just precursor of things to come.Others fell that climate changes will result in the spread of diseases and shorten our life spern. STATE OF WORLD POPULATION 2001 REPORTS.The State of world population 2001 reports that air polluton killes an estimated 2.7 millon people every year. it add that out door air pollution harms more than 1.1 billion people as specific example it reports that fine particulate pollution is responsible for up to 10 percent of respiratory infection in European children. SOLUTION TO GLOBAL WARMING.An INTERNATIONAL SUMIT took place in Japan in 1997.NATIONS haggled and disputed over terms of treaty to reduce emisions that are said to cause global warming.Eventually, to the surprise of many an agreement was reached.This agreement came to be called the kyoto protocol. Developed regions, such as the United State,would cut emissions by an average of 5.2 percent by 2012 it sounded good. However,in early 2001,the u.S goverment indicated that it was abandoning the Kyoto protocol. This has raised many eyebrows, since the United State, with less than 5 percentof World's population,produces about one fourth of the emission. Additionally, other goverments have been slow to ratify the treaty. True is the Michael Harvey/Panos Pictures. MY OPINION/SOLUTION. If the agreement of kyoto stated above can be invented, on by our goverment it will decress 70 percent of Emission. Than with individuals help, for example, SIR RICHARD BRENSON. Help will eliminet highl risk of global warming.SIR RICHARD BRANSON has invented by his effort on donating 4.3billion to fight climate change he said our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents, and they from their parents.we must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the enviroment. MY TECHNICAL REFRENCEI belived trees takes much responsibilities in controling carbon emission if we can be able to plant as much trees as posible in our enviroment it we help in reduction of global warming. Trees brights in carbon. Additionaly if we should be able to event a meachanized substance with a large capacity that can purify our atmosphere enviroment like attificial ran fall and then fillterd the water. i belive it will help to slove our global warming problem becaus it will purifiles the carbon emission in the atmosphere. then industries will cut there carbon dioxide emission by precipitation method.Truly by Wisdom Nnawuihe28 Rotibi Street OwerriImo State,Nigeria.
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