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Steve Knight Is Penning Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Sequel

By Jack de Aguilar | 29th May 2014

World War Z was just one of those success stories. Stranded in that middle ground between critical failure and acclaim, but well and truly prominent in box offices around the globe - it went on...

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Brad Pitt Attacked At Maleficent Premiere. Well, Not Really.

By Michael West | 29th May 2014

Brad Pitt attacked on the Maleficent red carpet? Say, isn't this the biggest Hollywood story of the year? Well, no, not really, because Brad Pitt wasn't attacked on the red-carpet was he? Ukrainian reporter Vitalii...

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Angelina Jolie On Motherhood, Future Collaboration With Brad Pitt & Wedding Plans

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd May 2014

Angelina Jolie has been doing the rounds promoting Maleficent this week but it's not her soon-to-be-released Disney film which has us all talking. The 38-year-old actress has revealed a great deal of personal information including...

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Angelina Jolie's Daughter, Vivienne, The Only Child Not To Cry At 'Maleficent' Costume

By Elinor Cosgrave | 21st May 2014

Angelina Jolie described the difficulties of acting alongside her 4-year-old daughter Vivienne whilst in Maleficent and how Vivienne was the only child she knew who didn’t cry when they saw her in her Maleficent costume.Jolie...

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Brad Pitt Ready To Sign Deal To Star In 'True Detective' Season 2?

By Sophie Miskiw | 19th May 2014

There’s been rumors buzzing around that Brad Pitt is set to star in True Detective season 2 since, well, True Detective season 1 ended. The show was an international success, with both Woody Harrelson and...

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Brad Pitt Throws Matthew Mcconaughey A Beer. Internet Explodes [Video]

By Michael West | 19th May 2014

Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey, two of the world's greatest actors, are hanging out in New Orleans. The pair were renting places down the same busy NOLA street, after McConaughey flew in to shoot an...

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Angelina Jolie Celebrates Love (And New Movie) With Elle Cover And Interview

By Victoria Pavlova | 8th May 2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might seem like the perfect couple now (or as close to perfect as any human couple can be anyway), but it wasn’t always so. Before the two found their little...

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Angelina Jolie In Stunning Elle Shoot As She Opens Up On Love, Children, And Fairytales

By Lauren James | 7th May 2014

Angelina Jolie is currently featured in the June issue of Elle magazine. The 38 year-old actress, filmmaker and mother not only appears in a stunning black and white shoot but also opens up in a...

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Reportedly Set To Star In New Movie Together

By Nick Hill | 6th May 2014

Hollywood's most powerful couple are set to share the big-screen once again.Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will act opposite each other in the same film for the first time since starring in 'Mr and Mrs...

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Are Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Pulling A Beyonce/jay Z Stunt With New Secret Project Together?

By Victoria Pavlova | 5th May 2014

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie news are usually a Hollywood highlight, but when the pair are about to film a new movie together, it takes the buzz to a whole new level. The power couple...

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Jason Priestley Name Checks Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Brad Pitt In Upcoming Memoir

By Victoria Pavlova | 4th May 2014

Tori Spelling’s headlong dive into unlimited publicity with her lifetime series True Tori has attracted tons of controversy in recent weeks. Now Tori and her husband Dean McDermott are facing even more heat, after Spelling’s...

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Brangelina Sharing The Screen Again, Could Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Be Teaming Up For A New Movie?

By Stephanie Chase | 3rd May 2014

Deadline is reporting that Angelina Jolie is in early talks to star with husband Brad Pitt in a movie based on an original script that she has written. The film hasn't got a distribution deal...

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Jason Priestley Dishes Dirt On Divas And Former Roomie Brad Pitt In Tell-all Memoir

By Lauren James | 2nd May 2014

Jason Priestley has released a tell-all memoir, Jason Priestley: A Memoir, which among detailing the 90210 actor's thoughts on fame and family, dishes the dirt on celebrities that he's encountered during his long career in...

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Film Rumor: Brad Pitt To Produce/star In Stanley Mcchrystal Biopic, The Operators

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th April 2014

Reports suggest that Brad Pitt is signed to produce – and even maybe star in – The Operators, a film biopic on Staney McChrystal, controversial former US General and commander of international forces in Afghanistan....

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Brad Pitt And Director David Michod Adapting Stanley Mcchrystal's Story Into "The Operators" Film

By Victoria Pavlova | 15th April 2014

Brad Pitt is keeping on with the theme of military films and, with the help of Animal Kingdom helmer David Michod, is tackling a fresh subject – the controversial Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former commanding...

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Brad Pitt Lands Role Of General Stanley Mcchrystal In Afghanistan War Movie 'The Operators'

By Nick Hill | 15th April 2014

Brad Pitt will star and produce in yet another war film.The 50 year-old is scheduled to play Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who is a former commanding general of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan.The upcoming film...

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Celebrity Engagements That Didn't Last

By Sophie Miskiw | 12th April 2014

The most shocking break up news of the week goes to Glee star Naya Rivera and now ex-fiancee Big Sean. The pair have called it quits amid rumours of infidelity and Rolex theft. Naya tweeted...

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'Draft Day' Reviews: 'Moneyball' Is Still The Underdog Sports Film To Watch

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th April 2014

The people behind ‘Draft Day’ are probably getting a little bit tired of comparisons to 'Moneyball', the Brad Pitt-starring 2011 hit, but given that the reviews have just been filed, and it seems to be...

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Scarlett Johansson Finds Nickname 'Insulting', These Other Celebs Don't Seem To Mind

By Sophie Miskiw | 10th April 2014

These days it seems as though fame is cemented when the world refers to you by your very own portmanteau. Over the past few years it’s become a way of referring to our favourite celebs,...

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Brad Pitt's Hacker Movie 'Anonymous' Could Be Special, Very Special

By Michael West | 3rd April 2014

Brad Pitt's production company Plan B Entertainment has secured the rights to Anonymous vs Steubenville - a Rolling Stone article by David Kushner about the online vigilante Deric Lostutter's role in a landmark rape...

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Brad Pitt's Plan B Acquires Rights To Rape Hacker Case 'Anonymous Vs. Steubenville'

By Nick Hill | 3rd April 2014

Brad Pitt's production company has bought the rights to a movie which is based on a true story, much like their previous critically acclaimed film '12 Years A Slave'.After their successful win for the historical...

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Lorde, Brad Pitt And Other Celebrities Who Say No To Photoshop

By Sophie Miskiw | 3rd April 2014

One of the reasons that we love Lorde so much is that she defies the usual standards of celebrity. The 17 year old has previously posted photos of herself on her Instagram account with a...

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Lorde Calls Out Airbrushing On Her Own Photo: "Remember Flaws Are Ok"

By Lauren James | 1st April 2014

Today, Lorde has tried to prove to her fans that Photoshop perfection is not something to aspire to and that "flaws are ok" in selfies and photos. To illustrate her point, the singer posted two...

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Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck: Gwyneth Paltrow's Relationships Before Chris Martin

By Stephanie Chase | 28th March 2014

We were all surprised when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their separation by way of a post on Paltrow’s Goop website on Tuesday evening. The couple, who have been married for 10 years and...

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Brad Pitt - Is A 'True Detective' Season 2 Spot Open If He Wants It?

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th March 2014

Not only did True Detective’s anthology format benefit the show’s plot – opening it and closing it within 8 episodes allowed for some succinct storytelling – but it also raises many questions about the second...

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Mila Kunis To Appear On 'Two And A Half Men', Other Celebrity Couples Who Worked Together

By Sophie Miskiw | 5th March 2014

Newly engaged Mila Kunis is set to star alongside fiancé Ashton Kutcher in his hit show Two and a Half Men. It’s not the first time that these two have appeared on screen together, having...

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New York Times Amends '12 Years A Slave' Article, 161 Years After It Was Written [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 4th March 2014

The New York Times has chosen to amend a detail from an article written 161 years ago about the memoir of Solomon Northup, the free African-American man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Steve...

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'12 Years A Slave' Dvd Released, But It's Heading Back Into Cinemas

By Michael West | 4th March 2014

Despite the fact that 12 Years a Slave is released on DVD on Tuesday (March 4, 2014), exhibiters are clamoring to book the movie back into theaters following its Best Picture win at the Oscars...

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Yep, The Oscars Pizza Guy Was Real, And He Got Tipped $1,000

By Michael West | 4th March 2014

The Oscar pizza guy who turned up at the 86th Academy Awards to deliver Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep some premium cheesy goodness walked away with a $1000 tip. Edgar,...

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After '12 Years A Slave' Oscar Win, What Are Brad Pitt's Chances At A Best Actor Award?

By Victoria Pavlova | 4th March 2014

Brad Pitt never expected to win an Oscar. He said as much during Sunday night’s Governor’s Ball. Speaking to E! News, Pitt said: “"I don't know where I'm going to put it. I never thought...

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