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Angelina Jolie "Absolutely" Plans To Give Up Acting

By Elinor Cosgrave | 23rd November 2014

Angelina Jolie has confirmed her plans to retire from acting.Angelina Jolie has confirmed she plans to retire from acting.Read More:Angelina Jolie Pays Tribute to Louis Zamperini at Unbroken Movie Opening.Jolie, in a recent interview with...

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Is Angelina Jolie Ready To Quit Acting?

By Charlotte Court | 20th November 2014

Despite the fact that Angelina Jolie famously met her husband, Brad Pitt, on a movie set in which she was one of the lead characters, it would seem that the actress that brought Lara Croft...

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Angelina Jolie Opens Up To Vanity Fair About Marriage And The Possibility Of Entering Politics

By Stephanie Chase | 4th November 2014

Angelina Jolie is the cover star of Vanity Fair's December issue, with a stunning portrait by famed photographer Mario Testino. But as enchanting as the cover image is, it’s what the Oscar winning actress reveals...

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Despite A Great Round For "Nightcrawler", The Halloween Office Is Scary...Ly Bad

By Victoria Pavlova | 2nd November 2014

With Halloween weekend almost over, Ouija has been dethroned. The new box office champion is Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler, which is already being lauded as one of the best films of the year. So, after all...

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"Ouija" Brings Scares To The Box Office Ahead Of Halloween

By Victoria Pavlova | 26th October 2014

Clearly, moviegoers are already getting into the Halloween spirit this weekend and the not-so-highly rated horror flick Ouija reigns supreme at the box office. After a highly contested weekend, the film about a group of...

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A Week In Movies: Premieres With Brad Pitt And Daniel Radcliffe In London, Maggie Smith And Toby Jones On Set, Trailers For A Vampire Comedy And Two Big Franchise Sequels

By Rich Cline | 24th October 2014

The London Film Festival wrapped up this week with Brad Pitt leading a charge through Leicester Square for the red carpet premiere of his World War II tank thriller Fury, accompanied by his crewmates Shia...

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Brad Pitt And Co Head Back To Wwii With 'Fury'

By Rich Cline | 24th October 2014

Now storming through cinemas worldwide after claiming the US box office crown last weekend, the World War II tank-crew thriller 'Fury' is an old-school war movie that attempts to update the genre with a more...

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Is Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Too Violent?

By Michael West | 20th October 2014

It was undoubtedly the star pulling power of Brad Pitt that helped David Ayer's World War II drama Fury accelerate past Gone Girl to the top of the box-office this weekend. Pitt and his tank...

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Brad Pitt: 'War Is Hell'

By Stephen Caswell | 20th October 2014

With the recent news that 'Fury' has topped the box-office over the course of it's opening weekend, Brad Pitt - the film's star - talks about what went into the creation of this hit film....

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Box Office Report: "Fury" Storms In To Knock "Gone Girl" Off The Throne

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th October 2014

Ok, it’s time to talk box office stats again. Unlike the past 2 weeks, however, there are actually some interesting new contenders this week. David Fincher’s smash hit Gone Girl has finally been dethroned. Predictably,...

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David Ayer's Gory Portrayal Of Wwii Psychosis "Fury" Is Making A Killing In Reviews

By Victoria Pavlova | 17th October 2014

It’s a mixed bag for Brad Pitt’s latest production, Fury, after the tense war movie went on the chopping block of reviewers. The WWII historical drama currently holds a 76% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes...

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It's No Classic, But Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Should Top Box-office

By Michael West | 16th October 2014

It's safe to assume we all imagined Fury would probably be better than it is. Brad Pitt - playing a sort of version of his Inglorious Basterds character - teaming up with David Ayer, one...

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Brad Pitt Admits, "I Was Given A Gun In Kindergarten"

By Michael West | 15th October 2014

Brad Pitt may be regarded as a liberal, gun-control supporting democratic, but it appears the Missouri born actor has a deeper history with firearms than we first assumed. The actor - who stars in new...

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Brad Pitt Confesses He Has Owned A Gun Since Kindergarten

By Nick Hill | 15th October 2014

Over his illustrious movie career, Brad Pitt has shown why he is one of Hollywood's most talented stars by playing a variety of characters from good guys to bad, but whenever it came to portraying...

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Arise Dame Angelina! Jolie Rewarded With Honorary Title By Queen At Buckingham Palace

By Stephanie Chase | 11th October 2014

Some might have already called Angelina Jolie Hollywood royalty, but now the actress has officially been made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth II, during a visit to Buckingham Palace. As Jolie is an American the...

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Brad Pitt Opens Up About Marrying Angelina Jolie, And Starring Alongside Shia Lebouf In 'Fury'

By Nick Hill | 30th September 2014

Only one months has passed since Brad Pitt tied the knot for a second time to his longtime partner, and mother to their six children, Angelina Jolie, and he already can feel how marriage has...

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George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin Have Tied The Knot!

By Hannah Woodhead | 27th September 2014

After months of the media reporting every move to do with their wedding, George Clooney and his fiancée Amal Alamuddin have married in Venice, Italy.The happy couple pictured in Florence together earlier this monthAccording to...

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Kim Kardashian Targeted By Red Carpet Prankster Vitalii Sediuk At Paris Fashion Week

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th September 2014

Serial red carpet prankster Vitalii Sediuk has struck again! The Ukranian media personality, who gained fame earlier this year when he accosted Brad Pitt at the premiere of Maleficent, chose Kim Kardashian as his latest...

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De Niro, Pitt And Dicaprio Set For Martin Scorsese Short Film

By Michael West | 1st September 2014

In what may well be the most star-studded short movie of all time, Martin Scorsese will direct a campaign video for Melco-Crown Entertainment (MCE) starring Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.Leonardo DiCaprio [L]...

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So, Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Are Married. Here's What They're Doing Career-wise

By Victoria Pavlova | 31st August 2014

In celebrity news you should definitely care about, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now officially, legally married. It’s been kind of a public secret for the past few days, but Pitt seemed to put...

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Brangelina Marry: Hollywood's First Couple Tie The Knot!

By Hannah Woodhead | 29th August 2014

The tabloids will have to find another couple to speculate over; Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have at last tied the knot after a two year engagement and years of media speculation about their partnership....

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Dicaprio, Johansson, Laurie: A Sneak Peak At Celebrity Auditions

By Charlotte Court | 19th August 2014

TV and film superstars often don’t seem like real people. They live on a screen in our front room, or occasionally on a bigger screen in a bigger room if it’s a special occasion. They...

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Brad Pitt's Oscar-tipped 'Fury' To Close London Film Festival 2014

By Michael West | 15th August 2014

Brad Pitt'sOscar tipped World War II dramaFuryis to close the 2014 London Film Festival. Pitt will attend the screening - which will also serve as the movie's premiere - on October 19, along with director...

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It's Official: Chuck Palahniuk Is Working On 'Fight Club 2'

By Michael West | 22nd July 2014

18 years since Fight Club ripped up the rule book for modern day American fiction, Chuck Palahniuk has confirmed he is working on a sequel that will be published in May 2015, as a 10-issue...

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The Jolie-pitt Clan To Act In Upcoming Blockbuster "Cleopatra". Yes, All Of Them.

By Victoria Pavlova | 20th July 2014

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children might be the biggest family in cinema – in more ways than one – so we kind of love it when they all do things together. Well,...

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Angelina Jolie To Direct Brad Pitt In 'By The Sea'

By Michael West | 19th July 2014

Angelina Jolie will direct her partner Brad Pitt in 'By the Sea', a new drama written by the actress for Universal Pictures. The pair will also co-produce the movie, which was announced on Friday (July...

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Brad Pitt, Filming 'World War Z' Sequel, Enjoys Culinary Delights Of. Wimpy?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 10th July 2014

There are times when everyone, no matter how rich, famous or beautiful they are, needs a burger. Whether you've had a little too much to drink, are in the middle of a long motorway journey...

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Twitter Explodes Over Ryan Gosling's Baby News: Five Other Celebrity Crushes You Have No Chance With

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th July 2014

Hey girl, did you know that Ryan Gosling is about to be a dad? Neither did anyone else until this week, but when he and girlfriend Eva Mendes broke the news, the internet exploded with...

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Like Madonna, Do All Celebrities Just Get Out Of Jury Service?

By Stephanie Chase | 8th July 2014

On Monday Madonna reported to a Manhattan courthouse to fulfil her civic responsibilities, yes the queen of pop was summoned for jury duty. But it seems when Madonna does jury duty it’s not really the...

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Shia Labeouf's Rep Confirms Actor Is Not In Rehab & "Receiving Treatment" For Alcoholism

By Elinor Cosgrave | 3rd July 2014

We suspected what might be behind Shia LaBeouf's bizarre behaviour in New York last week and now his representative has confirmed the 28-year-old actor is battling alcoholism. However, contrary to reports, the Transformers actor has...

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