German Dj Boys Noize was hit especially hard by the death of top producer Romanthony as the pair recently teamed up for a house music collaboration.

Romanthony, real name Anthony Moore, passed away at his home in Texas on 7 May (13), and Boys Noize was devastated when he heard the news as he and the 46 year old were in the process of recording together.

Boys Noize took to his page to share his grief with followers, writing, "Rest In Peace Romanthony... It is so sad. Romanthony and me were working on such an amazing song together. He said it was the best song he had ever written.

"Romanthony was a big inspiration for many djs... His voice was the most touching in house music. I can't believe it."

Romanthony, who provided the vocals to Daft Punk's hit song One More Time, died of complications of kidney disease, his family has confirmed to Spin.

Hip-hop stars The Cataracs have also tweeted a tribute to the late legend, writing, "R.I.P. to Romanthony... The man who sang what is probably the biggest dance song ever, One More Time."