Everybody already knew The Book of Mormon was a hit, but you may be surprised at just how big of a hit it was.

After opening on the West End in London, The Book Of Mormon pulled in 2,107,972 pounds ($3,210,441). That’s more than double the sales it had on Broadway (not that those weren’t pretty impressive). In New York, The Book grossed $1,519,201 in day-after sales. Both of these numbers break the records for initial sales. The show has gone through four weeks of previews on the West End and, following Thursday’s premiere, 150 000 additional tickets have been made available for purchase. The show fared spectacularly in the US, where it made between $200 and $250 million and is currently playing in three cities across the country, which puts it safely in the category of “smash success”.

Stone, Parker, South Park Party

Matt Stone and Tray Parker - creators of South Park and The Book of Mormon

The show pokes fun at some of the more extreme beliefs of Mormonism about female circumcision and the spread of AIDS, among others and, despite being extremely successful in the US, producer Scott Rudin was afraid that the specific humor wouldn’t translate to international audiences. “A lot of American musicals haven’t succeeded in London that were big hits and really well loved here,” he said for The Wall Street Journal. “You never know what fate is going to befall your show.” Well, looks like Rudin needn’t have worried, because The Book of Mormon is already set to become a staple not only on Broadway, but on the West End as well.