Bonnie Franklin, a former Emmy and Golden Globes nominated actress and star of One Day At A Time, has sadly passed away aged just 69.

Franklin had a distinguished career but will be best remembered for her role as Ann Romano, a divorced mom raising two teenage girls in the sitcom One Day At A Time. A huge success for CBS, the show struck a chord with many, its realism meaning that many took it close to their hearts, the program subsequently ran for nine years between December 1975 and May 1984. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franklin had recognized its empathetic qualities from the off, saying once “As soon as we went on the air, we started receiving a lot of letters. The letters were saying: ‘This is my life. This is what I’m going through. This is what my mother is like.’ And so we pretty quickly got the idea that we were touching something.”

After leaving One Day At A Time, Franklin never quite recaptured attention from the American audiences in quite the same way, with a smattering of episodes in various shows like Burke’s Law, Almost Perfect and Touched By An Angel over the next two decades. Her final appearance was a cameo in The Young And Relentless last year. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September of last year, which was what ultimately killed her.