A Bolshoi ballet dancer has admitted to being the person behind an acid attack on the company’s director in a quite bizarre story that will probably make for an excellent film down the line.

According to The Guardian, the dancer Pavel Dmitrichenko was arrested on Tuesday (March 5, 2013) for an attack on the director of the Bolshoi, Sergei Filin. In January the director had sulphuric acid thrown at him, subsequently causing serious burns to his face and leaving him struggling to keep his eyesight. Two statements have been made, one by Dmitrichenko himself, and one by a getaway driver who assisted him in the deed.

"Yes, I organised this attack, but not to the extent that it occurred," said the dancer on national television. His driver meanwhile, Andrei Lipatov, commented "Yes, I was there at the time [of the attack]. I drove someone. I didn't see how it happened. I just drove him, waited, and drove him away. I was asked to do it, without explanation."

Filin has reportedly always suspected someone from his work to have been the person behind the attack, given that he has clashed with several dancers in his time as director at the Bolshoi. Dmitrichenko, meanwhile, has been at the theatre since 2002. Police offered no explanation as to the motive for the attack however.