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Peter Yates Bullitt Director Dies Aged 81

10th January 2011

PETER YATES, the acclaimed British film director responsible for such movies as 'Bullitt' starring STEVE MCQUEEN and 'Summer Holiday' featuring CLIFF RICHARD, has died aged 81, reports BBC News. According to the filmmaker's agent, he...

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Simon Cowell Receives International Emmy Award

23rd November 2010

Simon Cowell revealed his life was "boring" before he appeared on television, during his acceptance speech at the 38th International Emmy Awards.The music mogul - who first achieved TV stardom as a judge on 2001...

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Hoskins And Cowell Lead International Emmy Awards

23rd November 2010

BOB HOSKINS and SIMON COWELL were among the big winners at the International Emmy Awards in New York on Monday night (22Nov10).British actor Hoskins picked up the Best Male Actor trophy for his turn in...

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Christina Ricci's Confidence Problems

23rd October 2010

Christina Ricci has confessed she "hated" her body.The 'Sleepy Hollow' star - who battled eating disorder anorexia after she was catapulted to fame - couldn't stand seeing herself in a mirror because she had such...

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Simon Cowell To Get Special Emmy

5th October 2010

Simon Cowell is to receive a special prize at this year's 38th International Emmy Awards. The music mogul will be presented with the International Emmy Founders Award for his work on various TV talent shows,...

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British Talents Dominate Nominations For International Emmys

4th October 2010

Actors HELENA BONHAM CARTER and BOB HOSKINS will be flying the flag for the U.K. at the International Emmy Awards after helping Britain land a total of nine nominations.The Alice In Wonderland star has been...

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Roger Rabbit Sequel Perplexes Bob Hoskins

22nd September 2010

Although he has agreed to reprise his role in Robert Zemeckis's planned sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Bob Hoskins has expressed his reservations about what he says is Zemeckis's intention to use "performance capture"...

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Hoskins Signs Up For Roger Rabbit Sequel

22nd September 2010

BOB HOSKINS has signed up to star in a sequel to his hit 1988 movie WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT - but he's sceptical over plans to make the follow-up film fully animated.Last year (09) the...

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Hoskins Gets Snubbed By Snappers

21st September 2010

British actor BOB HOSKINS once suffered an embarrassing snub at the hands of the paparazzi when photographers waiting for his neighbour NOEL GALLAGHER refused to take his picture.The Long Good Friday star lived near the...

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Bob Hoskins Planning To Retire?

21st September 2010

Bob Hoskins is thinking about retiring.The 67-year-old actor - who is currently starring in British movie 'Made in Dagenham', based on the true life story of women in the 1960s striking for equal pay at...

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Hoskins Hides Awards In Closet

6th September 2010

Veteran actor BOB HOSKINS has never let fame go to his head - he hides his awards in a cupboard and insists he would refuse to accept a knighthood if it was offered.The Long Good...

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Hoskins Reveals Stabbing Scars

6th September 2010

Veteran actor BOB HOSKINS bears the scars of his tough upbringing - he was the victim of several stabbings during street fights in London.The British star was frequently involved in brawls when he was growing...

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Transmission For Bob Hoskins

1st September 2010

Bob Hoskins will star in new alien movie 'Transmission'. The 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' actor has signed up for alien invasion flick 'Transmission' along with Jason Flemying and Talulah Riley. 'Spiderman' actor Willem Defoe is...

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Gervais Rants Over Hoskins Quote

6th April 2010

Funnyman RICKY GERVAIS was left fuming after reading his recent interview with British men's magazine GQ - because the article opened with a wrongly attributed quote from BOB HOSKINS.The Office creator spent an hour being...

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Dicaprio To Play Fbi Chief?

1st April 2010

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is preparing to follow in the footsteps of stars like BILLY CRUDUP and BOB HOSKINS by playing the director of America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), according to reports.The actor is in talks...

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Rep Denies Hoskins' Retirement Claims

28th February 2010

A representative for BOB HOSKINS has contradicted the actor over his retirement plans, insisting the star is "definitely interested in working."The Who Framed Roger Rabbit star's last movie appearance came in 2009's A Christmas Carol,...

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Mystic Pop Star Will Young

19th December 2009

Will Young claims he can predict the future.The 'Leave Right Now' singer - who shot to fame after winning UK talent show 'Pop Idol' in 2002 - says he knew he would be successful in...

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Hoskins Quit Booze For Wife

10th November 2009

Movie legend BOB HOSKINS credits his wife with forcing him to quit drinking alcohol - because he would have died if he'd carried on boozing.The Mona Lisa star curbed his red wine intake when wife...

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Carrey Brings Christmas Chaos To London

4th November 2009

JIM CARREY, COLIN FIRTH and BOB HOSKINS switched on London's Christmas lights as thousands of people attempted to break the record to hold the world's biggest carol sing-a-long.The Hollywood trio - who star in a...

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Fascinating Fact 8283

3rd November 2009

JIM CARREY and his A CHRISTMAS CAROL co-stars BOB HOSKINS and COLIN FIRTH teamed up to switch on Central London's Christmas lights prior to the world premiere of their festive 3-D film on Tuesday (03Nov09).

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Hoskins: 'Roger Rabbit Drove Me Mad'

27th October 2009

British actor BOB HOSKINS was driven to the brink of insanity by his role in 1988 movie WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT - he spent months suffering hallucinations of cartoon characters from the film.The movie combined...

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Fascinating Fact 8143

13th October 2009

Stars including COLIN FIRTH, JIM CARREY and BOB HOSKINS will light up London this Christmas. All three actors, who star in a new animated version of A Christmas Carol, will take part in the ceremony...

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Hoskins' Height Dilemma

3rd July 2009

Actor BOB HOSKINS had to risk his safety and turn stunt-man in his latest TV show - after blundering bosses hired a double who was a foot taller than him.The Mrs Henderson Presents star stands...

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Mickey Rourke Set For Mona Lisa Remake

15th May 2009

He is no oil painting, but MICKEY ROURKE has signed up to star in a remake of MONA LISA. Fortunately for the rubber-lipped actor, he will not have to master an enigmatic smile as the...

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Hoskins Reads Scripts In Bathroom

23rd September 2008

Movie legend BOB HOSKINS test reads scripts for films - when he is sitting on the toilet. The Mona Lisa star decides whether or not to take a movie role depending on how engrossed he...

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Attenborough Tops Santa Poll

10th December 2007

Legendary British actor Richard Attenborough has topped a poll of filmgoers' favourite on-screen Father Christmas.Attenborough beat other rosy-cheeked, loveable Santas for his role in the 1994 remake of the classic Christmas feel-good movie Miracle on...

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The Things They Say 5759

3rd October 2007

"I'm not known for my mildness. If I wasn't an actor, I would be a bank robber or a serial killer." OUTLAW star BOB HOSKINS is grateful acting saved him from a life of crime....

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Jamie T Missed Out On A Meeting With Sick Hoskins

27th August 2007

British singer JAMIE T missed the chance the chance to meet one of his heroes, BOB HOSKINS, on the set of his SHEILA video - because he was seriously ill. The veteran actor agreed to...

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The Things They Say 5413

21st August 2007

"You don't end up looking like me if you're a tough guy. I just have a big mouth with little to back it up." BOB HOSKINS insists he's not the tough guy people think he...

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The Things They Say 5412

21st August 2007

"Remembering people's names has got me into trouble a few times. I actually forgot my own name once. Er, in fact, it happened twice." Actor BOB HOSKINS finds it tough recalling his own moniker....

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