Bluegrass fiddler Charlie Stamper is set to release his first album at the age of 84.

Art Stamper's brother has enjoyed a long career in the music genre, but has never laid down his own tracks for an album.

Stamper has now teamed up with Legendary Shack Shakers frontman J.D. Wilkes and is preparing for the launch of Glory to the Meeting House.

Wilkes tells Rolling Stone Country, "Charlie Stamper is the kind of treasure that was always hiding in plain sight.

"Although his brother is in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, Charlie has always been content to play at the local jamboree down the road and give lessons to the neighbourhood kids."

Wilkes explains Stamper also wanted to release an album as part of his bucket list and as a tribute to his brother.

He continues, "He's too humble to assert himself into the trending old time scene. Only now has he allowed June Appal Records and me to spread word of his secret royalty."

Art Stamper passed away in 2005.