Rockers Blink-182 "barely spoke" during the recording of their sixth studio album Neighborhoods last year (11).

The All the Small Things hitmakers split in February, 2005, and each member of the band went on to pursue their own side or solo careers.

After a five-year hiatus, the group reunited to begin working on a new project, but guitarist Tom DeLonge admits the recording process was anything but smooth.

He tells, "We weren't even in the same room. We were barely talking; we were in different studios. No one really commented on each other's parts, no one pressed anyone's buttons. Everyone was on eggshells."

The pop-punk trio is set to release its new Ep, Dogs Eating Dogs, next week (18Dec12) and DeLonge insists it was a much better experience for everyone involved: "We're connecting and laughing and making jokes and making fun of each other. There was no laughing on Neighbourhoods."