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Debbie Harry: 'My Biggest Regret Is Turning Down Blade Runner'

16th June 2014

Debbie Harry regrets turning down a role in Sir Ridley Scott's 1982 blockbuster Blade Runner.The Blondie star was the first choice to play rebellious humanoid Pris in the sci-fi classic, but she was forced to...

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Harrison Ford Offered Blade Runner Sequel Role

15th May 2014

Harrison Ford has been asked to reprise his role in a sequel to his 1982 film Blade Runner.The Raiders of the Lost Ark star played Rick Deckard, a retired police officer tasked with tracking down...

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Harrison Ford In Talks For Blade Runner Sequel

8th October 2013

Harrison Ford is reportedly in talks to reprise his Rick Deckard character for a Blade Runner sequel.The 1992 movie gave its leading man a huge career boost and became a cult favourite, and now director...

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Movie Reviews Total Recall

3rd August 2012

A remake of a movie titled Total Recall practically begs for puns. And the critics have obliged with an outpouring of groaners. Ty Burr in the Boston Globe quips "In the end, here's the worst...

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Michael Fassbender Inspired By Diver

20th July 2012

Michael Fassbender based his 'Prometheus' character on champion diver Greg Louganis.The 35-year-old actor portrayed android David in the science-fiction film and studied the sportsman for inspiration because of the ''mesmerising'' way he moved.Asked about his...

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Historic Movie Studio Saved From Wrecking Ball

18th July 2012

Britain's famed Twickenham Studios has been saved. Twickenham -- where such films as the Beatles' Help and A Hard Day's Night were filmed (as well as such classics as The Private Life of Henry VIII,...

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Blade Runner Star Morgan Paull Dead At 67

18th July 2012

Blade Runner star Morgan Paull has died, aged 67.The veteran actor passed away on Tuesday (17Jul12). Details of his death have not been released, but Paull was diagnosed with stomach cancer earlier this year (12)....

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Harrison Ford To Appear In Blade Runner Sequel?

28th May 2012

Harrison Ford looks set to appear in the 'Blade Runner' sequel. The 69-year-old star - who is well known for his titular role in 'Indiana Jones' and portrayal of Han Solo in the original 'Star...

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Sir Scott Reteams With Blade Runner Writer For Sequel

18th May 2012

Director Sir Ridley Scott is teaming up with writer Hampton Fancher for a sequel to his sci-fi classic Blade Runner.The duo is reuniting to make a follow-up which will be set "some years after the...

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Michael Fassbender Didn't Watch Alien Before Prometheus

7th May 2012

Michael Fassbender didn't watch 'Alien' before appearing in 'Prometheus'.The actor has a role in Sir Ridley Scott's forthcoming movie and though it is a prequel to the classic 1979 sci-fi film, he opted instead to...

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Ridley Scott Says Hollywood Has Exhausted Sci-fi

15th April 2012

Ridley Scott says Hollywood has exhausted the science-fiction genre.The 74-year-old director has returned to space for his latest movie 'Prometheus', a prequel to his iconic 1979 movie 'Alien', but admits he has avoided other-worldly films...

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Ridley Scott 'Baffled' By Alien Offer

9th April 2012

Sir Ridley Scott was ''baffled'' when he was first asked to direct a sci-fi movie. The 74-year-old helmer was surprised when he was offered the chance to take charge of 1979 movie 'Alien' as his...

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Ridley Scott Planning Prometheus Sequel

9th February 2012

Ridley Scott is already planning a 'Prometheus' sequel.The filmmaker has begun thinking about ideas for a follow-up to the 'Alien' prequel - starring Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron - which comes out in...

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Visual Effects Mastermind To Be Honoured With Technical Oscar

11th January 2012

Douglas Trumbull, the visual effects pioneer who helped give 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Blade Runner, and Tree Of Life their other-worldly looks is to be honoured with the Gordon...

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No Ford For New Blade Runner Film

7th November 2011

Sir Ridley Scott has confirmed his new Blade Runner movie will go ahead without original star Harrison Ford.The Indiana Jones actor took on the lead role in the cult 1982 film, based on a Philip...

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Harrison Ford To Reprise 'Blade Runner' Role?

19th August 2011

Harrison Ford could reprise his role in a new 'Blade Runner' film.Ridley Scott, director of the original 1982 dystopian sci-fi film - loosely based on the book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' by Philip...

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Ridley Scott Directing New Blade Runner

19th August 2011

Ridley Scott will direct the new 'Blade Runner' movie.The 'Alien' director has signed up for the project - which he will make with Alcon Entertainment - although it is not clear whether he intends to...

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Ridley Scott Signs On For New Blade Runner Movie

18th August 2011

Ridley Scott is set to revisit the sci-fi world of Blade Runner.The moviemaker directed Harrison Ford in the cult 1982 film and now reports he has signed on to direct and produce a new...

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Young, Lohan And Adler Set For Celebrity Rehab

8th June 2011

Blade Runner actress Sean Young, Lindsay Lohan's father Michael and former Guns 'N Roses rocker Steven Adler are among the stars checking into the next series of Celebrity Rehab.Joining the trio on the reality TV...

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Douglas Trumbull To Produce First Showscan Feature

11th April 2011

Relegated to the novelty of "ride films" synchronized with motion simulator seats, Showscan, Douglas Trumbull's crystal-clear 60-frame-per-second process that studios long ago rejected as too expensive, may finally be employed for a feature film production....

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Cameron To Adapt Showscan Process For Avatar Sequels

31st March 2011

James Cameron appeared to be forecasting Wednesday that Douglas Trumbull's widescreen Showscan Process will at last be accepted by Hollywood -- in digital form. While he made no mention of Trumbull in an appearance before...

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Blade Runner Heading Back To The Big Screen

3rd March 2011

Sci-fi classic Blade Runner is heading back to the big screen in a major new movie deal which will see the film expanded into a franchise.Harrison Ford starred as a detective forced out of retirement...

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Hannah Lost Movie Roles Over Surgery Speculation

30th June 2010

BLADE RUNNER star DARYL HANNAH insists incorrect media speculation about her alleged cosmetic surgery procedures has cost her big movie roles.The Splash star was angry when she discovered snaps of her at a beach had...

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Young To Star In Soap Opera

27th April 2010

BLADE RUNNER star SEAN YOUNG is making the transition to daytime TV - she's landed a role on U.S. soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.The actress is set to follow in the footsteps of...

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Blade Runner Named Top Sci-fi Movie

5th August 2009

BLADE RUNNER has been named the greatest sci-fi film of all time in a new online poll of 100 iconic movies.The futuristic picture, starring Harrison Ford, went on to become a cult classic despite a...

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Daryl Hannah Arrested

24th June 2009

BLADE RUNNER star DARYL HANNAH has been arrested in West Virginia - for stopping traffic.The actress, 48, was among activists protesting mountain mining, who refused to move on when police arrived at a coal processing...

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Badgley Eyes Blade Runner Sequel

5th June 2009

GOSSIP GIRL star PENN BADGLEY is hoping to follow in the FOOTLOOSE footsteps of his co-star CHACE CRAWFORD - he's eyeing his own Hollywood remake with HARRISON FORD's BLADE RUNNER.Crawford signed on to star in...

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Ford's Blade Runner Gun And Frankenstein Poster Sell For $200,000

9th May 2009

The recession has yet to hit the Hollywood memorabilia market - HARRISON FORD's blaster gun from BLADE RUNNER and an original FRANKENSTEIN movie poster have just sold at auction for more than $200,000 (GBP133,300) each. Ford's...

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Blade Runner Named Best Sci-fi Movie Ever

4th December 2008

BLADE RUNNER has been named the best sci-fi movie of all time in a new online poll. The futuristic film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer, tops a list compiled...

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Fascinating Fact 5238

29th April 2008

DURAN DURAN's stage set on their current world tour was inspired by cult sci-fi movie BLADE RUNNER. The band's name comes from another cult film, BARBARELLA....

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