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Tom Sizemore Staged Daring Escape From Rehab

10th April 2013

Black Hawk Down star Tom Sizemore went into acting mode when he checked into rehab in the mid 1990s, so counsellors didn't know he was using.The actor admits he started planning his escape as soon...

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Robert De Niro Tried To Force Tom Sizemore Into Rehab

9th April 2013

Robert De Niro confronted Tom Sizemore at his therapist's office as part of an intervention to get the Black Hawk Down star to enter rehab.The actor has struggled with addictions to cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines...

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Josh Hartnett Dating Tamsin Egerton

1st August 2012

Josh Hartnett is dating Tamsin Egerton.The 'Black Hawk Down' star has reportedly fallen for his 'Singularity' co-star after splitting from 'Mamma Mia' actress Amanda Seyfried.Josh, 34, is so smitten with the 23-year-old British actress that...

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Amanda Seyfried Dating Hartnett?

7th March 2012

Actress Amanda Seyfried has found love with Black Hawk Down star Josh Hartnett, according to a U.S. report.The Mamma Mia! star was introduced to Hartnett by a mutual friend back in January (12) and the...

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Tom Sizemore Heading To Hawaii For New Tv Role

29th June 2011

Black Hawk Down star Tom Sizemore has been given a career boost following a string of drug issues and well-publicised personal problems - he'll play a cop on the second season of the revamped Hawaii...

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No More Transformers For Shia Labeouf

9th June 2011

Shia LaBeouf will not participate in any more 'Transformers' movies. The 24-year-old actor - who has played Sam Witwicky in all three instalments of the sci-fi action franchise - knows he will not take part...

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Ron Eldard Packs On The Pounds To Play Rotund Roadie

27th April 2011

Black Hawk Down star Ron Eldard packed on 20 pounds (nine kilograms) in just two weeks to play a roadie in his latest movie.The film star packed on a total of 38 pounds (17 kilograms)...

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Black Hawk Down Star Fichtner Wins Toyota Grand Prix Pro-celebrity Race

18th April 2011

Black Hawk Down star William Fichtner beat actor-turned-racer Frankie Muniz and Brian Austin Green to finish first in Saturday's (16Apr11) Pro-Celebrity Race at the Long Beach Grand Prix in California.Fichtner, driving a Scion tC, finished...

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Movie Reviews Battle Los Angeles

11th March 2011

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times lets loose a verbal barrage against Battle Los Angeles that is far more unsparing than any digital-effects weapon the U.S. Marines employ against the alien invaders in the actual...

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Polish Epic To Be Shot In 3d

5th July 2010

A Polish film about the epic battle of Warsaw against the Soviet Union in 1920 is being shot in 3D, the country's first use of the technology, the producers said today (Monday). The Battle of...

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Sienna Miller Sets Sights On Hartnett

16th September 2009

Sienna Miller has been spotted flirting with Josh Hartnett.The 27-year-old actress was celebrating the start of New York Fashion Week at the DeLeon Tequila party at Rose Bar last week when she was seen approaching...

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'Hopeless Romantic' Eric Bana

10th August 2009

Eric Bana was a "hopeless romantic" when he was younger.'The Time Traveler's Wife' star confessed that as well as a lifelong love of cars, he was a ladies' man in his teenage years, but not...

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Hartnett Under Observation For Stomach Pains At La Hospital

31st March 2009

Actor Josh Hartnett remained in hospital last night after he was rushed into a Los Angeles clinic with gastrointestinal problems early yesterday morning. The Pearl Harbour star, who spent several months last year in the...

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The Things They Say 9671

29th September 2008

"He asked me to do BLACK HAWK DOWN but I had just done a movie where there was a helicopter in the background (Proof of Life) and I wasn't interested. Then he wanted me to...

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Bloom 'Sober' In La Crash

13th October 2007

Orlando Bloom was not under the influence when he drove his Toyota Matrix into two parked cars yesterday morning, police have confirmed.The Pirates of the Caribbean star was at the wheel when his car was...

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Gyllenhaal Goes To The Moon

9th October 2007

Brokeback Mountain star Jake Gyllenhaal has signed up to follow in Neil Armstrong's footsteps by joining the cast of DreamWorks' 'Untitled Moon Project'. Gyllenhaal will go lunar with director Doug Liman in the upcoming movie,...

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Madonna Meeting Goes Bottoms-up

31st August 2007

Actor Tom Hardy has spoken of how he got the shock of his life when he recently met pop queen Madonna.The 29-year-old star of Black Hawk Down and Layer Cake told the Mirror he got...

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Bbc Gets Damages

15th August 2007

The BBC has acquired the rights to show the highly-rated US drama Damages on BBC1 next year.Starring five-time academy award-nominated actress Glenn Close, Damages is a highly successful drama which blends a legal thriller with...

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Sizemore In Drug Arrest

9th May 2007

Hollywood star Tom Sizemore has been arrested in California on suspicion of drug possession.The actor, who has appeared in films including the war movies Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, was said by police...

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Bana Dives Into Dark Roles

6th March 2007

TROY star ERIC BANA embraces darker roles because he wants to experience the intense feelings his characters have. The actor has had a variety of intense roles in films including CHOPPER, MUNICH and BLACK HAWK...

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Gazza To Star In Alien Movie

22nd February 2007

England football legend PAUL GASCOIGNE has reportedly signed up to star in an alien horror movie alongside RAY WINSTONE's daughter LOIS WINSTONE.The project, titled FINAL RUN, is due to be produced by London-based company SjB...

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Make-up Artist Hedgcock Jailed For Conspiring To Rape Teenage Sisters

6th February 2007

Leading British film make-up artist ALAN HEDGCOCK was sentenced to at least eight years in prison yesterday (5FEB07) after being convicted of conspiring to rape two young sisters. Hedgcock, who has worked on a series...

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Sizemore Thriller Is The Flop Of 2006

7th January 2007

The New Year hasn't started well for troubled actor TOM SIZEMORE - his latest movie ZYZZYX ROAD has just been hailed the biggest flop of 2006. In the final box office figures for the past...

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Sizemore Turns Heroin Home Videos Into Reality Show

5th January 2007

Troubled movie star TOM SIZEMORE has turned the grainy home videos he took of himself at the height of his heroin addiction last year (06) into a new reality TV series. The BLACK HAWK DOWN...

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Click To Debut On New High-capacity Hi-def Dvd

11th October 2006

Sony's Click, starring Adam Sandler, will become the first movie to be released on the new 50GB Blu-ray discs, Sony's double-capacity high-definition DVDs. The company said that the movie will become available in retail locations...

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Ridley Researching Another Black Hawk Down

30th September 2006

Movie-maker RIDLEY SCOTT is planning another BLACK HAWK DOWN-style war film and he's heading to the war-torn Middle East to research it. The British director received great acclaim for his 2001 movie, set in Somalia,...

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Stone Accuses Hollywood Of Exploiting War

4th September 2006

Director Oliver Stone, who steered clear of controversy during interviews promoting his World Trade Center in the U.S. last month, returned to the thick of things over the weekend as he accused Hollywood of exploiting...

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Stone Accuses Hollywood Of Promoting War

1st September 2006

Filmmaker OLIVER STONE has hit out at the US movie industry, accusing Hollywood of promoting war. Stone claims movies PEARL HARBOR and BLACK HAWK DOWN "worshipped the machinery of war" and glamourised conflicts involving America....

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Sizemore Gets Own Reality Show

31st August 2006

Troubled BLACK HAWK DOWN star TOM SIZEMORE will star in his own reality show on US cable channel VH1. The actor will attempt to repair his damaged reputation after several years of bad publicity that...

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Kill Bill Star Madsen Blasts Troubled Pal Sizemore

5th August 2006

KILL BILL star MICHAEL MADSEN has severed ties to his troubled former pal TOM SIZEMORE because the former drug abuser has become "too big for his britches". Madsen has been a constant supporter of the...

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