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Downey Jr And 'The Judge' Set To Open Toronto Film Festival

By Michael West | 3rd September 2014

David Dobkin, the filmmaker best known for his classic comedy Wedding Crashers, brings an altogether different film to the Toronto Film Festival this week. His legal drama The Judge, starring Robert Downey Jr and Robert...

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'Fargo' Upping Sticks To Sioux Falls For Season 2 - But You Knew That Already?

By Michael West | 23rd July 2014

The second season of FX's critically acclaimed series Fargo will feature a new setting and new cast, it's executive producer Noah Hawley has announced. The series starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton is a...

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Fargo Season 2 Takes Tips From True Detective

By Hannah Woodhead | 22nd July 2014

John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks, announced at the TCA Awards that the next season of the acclaimed television series based on the Coen Brothers' 1996 film of the same name will feature an all-new...

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Introducing 'Fargo', Your New 'Breaking Bad', 'True Detective', Etc, Etc

By Michael West | 22nd April 2014

Fargo regularly finds itself on the top rung of movie buffs' top lists, so when a TV adaptation was announced last year, there was obvious scepticism. Writer and showrunner Noah Hawley is the man behind...

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'Fargo' Proves A Pleasantly Dark Surprise For UK Audiences

By Stephanie Chase | 21st April 2014

Last night UK viewers got their first look at ‘Fargo’ on the small screen as the series debuted on Channel 4. Based on the Coen brothers' 1996 movie of the same name, many didn't know...

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The Next 'Breaking Bad'? 'Fargo' Ep. 1 Is A Must-see [Video]

By Lauren James | 16th April 2014

New television series Fargo premiered last night on FX, giving American audiences a first taste of the adaptation of the Coen Brothers famed 1996 dark comedy. Starring Martin Freeman ('The Hobbit') and Billy Bob Thornton...

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What Can We Expect From Fx's 'Fargo' Tonight?

By Stephanie Chase | 16th April 2014

Tonight marks the premiere of FX’s new mini series ‘Fargo’, based on the Coen Brothers movie of the same name. Whilst the film has become more than worthy of the cult classic title, what exactly...

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Is Fx's 'Fargo' Tv Series The Next Big Thing?

By Michael West | 15th April 2014

The TV series adaptation of the Coen brothers Oscar-winning movie Fargo has received strong reviews ahead of its premiere on FX tonight. The show stars Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Larvo, who arrives in a...

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Bob Odenkirk On The "Intense Evil And Darkness" Of Fargo

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th April 2014

Bob Odenkirk isn’t a stranger to dark themes being explored on TV, especially having played the much loved and key character of Saul Goodman – lawyer to both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman – on...

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'Fargo' Tv Series Will Reach Your Eyes, And Ears, Via Channel 4

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th March 2014

Channel 4 is the lucky winner of 'Fargo', the new TV series based on The Coen Brothers’ famous film. We say lucky because loads of people are going to watch it, but there’s also scant...

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Martin Freeman Cast In Lead Role For Tv-version Of 'Fargo'

By Joe Wilde | 28th September 2013

Martin Freeman will take on the central role in the upcoming TV adaption of the Coen Brothers 1996 Oscar-nominated film Fargo. The Hobbit star has been handed the role of Lester Nygaard, who was originally...

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Jane Mansfield's Car Sees The Directorial Return Of Billy Bob Thornton

By Nick Hill | 12th September 2013

Billy Bob Thornton makes his return behind the camera in new drama 'Jane Mansfield's Car' - his first since 2001's 'Daddy and Them'.The film, set in Alabama 1969, depicts the story of a family of...

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Billy Bob Thornton On His Return To Filmmaking: "If You Hold Back, People Aren't Going To Believe You."

By Lauren James | 12th September 2013

You may not have heard from actor Billy Bob Thornton for a while; he featured heavily in the press who documented his marriage to Angelina Jolie at the turn of the millennium but now is...

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Zac Efron's 'Parkland,' A Drama Or Documentary?

By Michael West | 2nd September 2013

'Parkland' is an upcoming American drama film that attempts to recount the tragedy that occurred in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd 1963, the day in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The film in...

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Parkland Offers Fresh Perspective On Jfk's Shooting - [Trailer + Poster]

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th August 2013

As we approach the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s fatal shooting, commemorative programming is inevitable. Parkland tells the story of Abraham Zapruder – the amateur photographer who inadvertently caught the day’s tragic events on...

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The Coen Brothers Lining Up 'Fargo' Tv Series For Fx

By Joe Wilde | 3rd August 2013

Joel and Ethan Coen will be reviving their much-acclaimed 1996 dark crime caper Fargo for a television audience, Reuters reported, with plans for a Fargo TV series being announced earlier this week. On Friday (2...

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Billy Bob Thornton Comes On Board For Fx's "Fargo" Project

By Victoria Pavlova | 2nd August 2013

Billy Bob Thornton, aka That Guy From Armageddon, has been cast in an upcoming FX series – Fargo. According to Deadline, the true crime series will be executive produced by none other than the Coen...

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Top Twenty Classic Holiday Season Christmas Films

By Holly Williams | 4th December 2012

Little has caused more contention in the contactmusic office than our recent discussion about the Christmas films list! Obviously, everyone has their own favourite, and to them that will always be the top of the...

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